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  2. Won't cost us other than whatever he negotiates for signing on bonus. Aberdeen want shot of him because he is a big earner, and likely to sit on the bench with McInnes not fanciing him to do the job for them...........................which begs the question: what will he do for us? I think....not alot! I bet someone on here that Watt wouldn't score more than 10 league goals and they told me i was daft. SO, same again: May won't score 10 league goals in a campaign. Happy to bet for charity....
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  4. If the Aberdeen contract was simply torn-up without Saints paying a fee or Aberdeen paying May, Saints might have got him here by paying a large signing-on fee. Aberdeen cut their losses, May gets some of his Aberdeen dosh back and a chance to play football, Saints get May and “Proper Club” still gets a cut.
  5. Not so much complex, just seems to drag out.
  6. Surely not that complex when people can make signings so late into transfer windows?
  7. I suspect we’ll have “bought him out of his contract” which is basically the same as paying a fee. Dress it up however!
  8. If that is indeed the same system that they use when a youth player transfers to another team, I can well believe that it will be a less than rapid process. Would have thought they could fast-track premiership moves mind.
  9. It is computerised. They now have youth teams on the same SFA registration system.
  10. Jeez Random you had him signing for Dundee killie Utd and fwiw saints paid a contribution/ fee for him
  12. I just noticed that Algeria won the African nations cup. Mehdi was part of the squad though I'm not sure he had much game time.
  13. McInnes confirms May has stayed in Scotland to "sort out some stuff" while the rest of their squad fly into Europe. Anyone fancy helping him move house?
  14. Appears he was holding the paperwork in the wrong hand, which completely flummoxed the SFA.
  15. Another court case Sevco V Mike Ashley goes in Ashley's favour.
  16. Who are 'they?'. All newspaper/media talk so far.
  17. And what's your favorite present Abernethy
  18. It’s my birthday. Mixed bag of presents - Stevie May, a cardigan, and Boris Johnson.
  19. Stevie May’s St Johnstone 4 Brechin 0 Stevie May, Stevie May, Stevie May (pen), Stevie May. 1,050 + Stevie May’s Dad, and Stevie May’s bird, = 1,052. Ref: Stevie May Sent off: Stevie May Local pipe band will play at half time (soloist: Stevie May) Match sponsor: Stephen May Inc. Half-time bucket collection in aid of Geoff Brown’s Bank Balance (organiser: S May)
  20. Oh yes it is that simple if you are signing for one of the Old firm
  21. Nothings ever simple with the SFA.
  22. If all the talk is to believed, he can cancel his registration with one piece of paper in his right hand and then hand over his St Johnstone registration with his left hand. Simple if all the talk of him being released and signed a 3 year contract is to be believed. I am one doubting Thomas
  23. I doubt it now, but thats just guesswork. I assume, since its not a transfer, May will have to be released by Aberdeen, with all the paperwork sent to the SFA to make him a free agent, and then when thats processed all the paperwork for him signing has to be sent through and processed. Aberdeen named him their Europa squad yesterday aswell, so that maybe adds another complication as they'll now have to de-register him.
  24. Hope they get it done in time for him to play some part tomorrow night.
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