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  2. Arsene Wenger - Stay or Leave?

    Some might retire gracefully and not take any more sh*t after all that he has done but that might be easier said than done. Move upstarirs into the Boardroom? - Doubt it Move to France? - Non Retire? - Nah Stay for one last hurrah - Possible Become DoF - Unlikely Get on his bike and sell onions - Perhaps Become a pundit - Ha ha ha Only Wenger knows!
  3. Today
  4. New Kit launched

    And drop the red an black
  5. Pre-season word association Part V

  6. Arsene Wenger - Stay or Leave?

    Pretty sure there should be a "who gives a feck" option here....
  7. Rise of the Tories...........

    Nah Tories will still win but only just, might even be a reduced majority.
  8. Arsene Wenger - Stay or Leave?

    What should he do?
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    That's why I wouldn't sit in front of him in the East Stand, or to be honest across from him in the Main Stand
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Rumours on Twitter/fans forums, that its Aberdeen and Hearts who have joined the race for Scougall, along with us and Motherwell.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Couldn't care less about the national team or Scottish football in general. Neither give two hoots about Saints after all. However, a lot of our success over the last few years is down to a great team spirit built mainly among Scottish/Irish players. I'm not against bringing in foreign players if they are good enough and buy into the team ethos we have at Saints, but don't bring them in just for their exotic names. Not done Sevco/Hearts/United much good.
  12. Rise of the Tories...........

    May was desperately bad last night. If that's how she performs against bloody Paxman, god help us in the Brexit negotiations. Corbyn is having a much, much better election than anyone expected. Things could be about to get interesting..... What astonishes me is that there must be gazillions of ex-Labour SNP voters looking at Corbyn and thinking he's the man. And then he wanders into Scotland once a fortnight, spouts some insulting and stupid SNP Bad formulaic one-liners fed to him by Dugdale and co, and the goodwill evaporates again. Talk about missed opportunities. It's almost tragic. My feeling remains, and this is NOT a good thing, that come Election Day, middle England will still not vote for Corbyn, and will hold their noses and give May a small - medium sized majority. I think many will take the view that Corbyn is doing a cracking job polishing a turd, but it's still a turd. Basically, we're ****ed. I'd love to be wrong, because I'd give several testicals to watch May resigning live on tele after losing an unlosable election.
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  14. The Cathro Conundrum

    I've made a bet with someone at work that if Cathro is still in his job this time next year, then I will run a 10k wearing Dundee shirt. Surely not!!
  15. Bump! I miss the old mailing list way we organised games. Just a reminder this is on Saturday. Need to be at Lesser Hampden no later than 11.30. Team cost is £50
  16. Player Contracts + Transfers

    How many Saints players get called up for Scottish National Team?
  17. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Bringing in foreign players - not so good for our national team or Scottish football in general ... ( my opinion).
  18. Rise of the Tories...........

    Should this not be re-titled to The rise and fall of the Tory's as weak and wobbly May seems to be doing all in her power to lose the election and is creating massive craters within her cabinet?
  19. Play-Offs

    Roddy I think I speak for many when I say that I'd much rather DUFC were in the SPFL rather than Hamilton. Great effort, you fell at the final hurdle, but so did Hibs, I hope you make it back up next season.
  20. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Aye, but no on the back of yer neck or jacket from Ghostie.
  21. Richie Foran

    Sad for him and hope he isn't lost to the game.
  22. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    Foran gone
  23. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I would take Spittal at McD
  24. Richie Foran

    Article was written before Foran left.
  25. Richie Foran

    Article says IF.
  26. Richie Foran

    He is gone. STV had an article about Paul Sheerin being a possible replacement.
  27. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Would rather have Ali Crawford
  28. Player Contracts + Transfers

    And Stevie May.
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