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  2. I agree, last time I was there they also wanted £10 for parking.
  3. No Cash gates. This is a pain in the ass - the ticket office is on the opposite side of the stadium where the away fans are. Might seem a wee thing but just another obsticle that puts fans off going to games.
  4. What’s striking about those stats is the amount of shots Kennedy has compared to anyone else in the team. Suggests to me that the likes of May and probably Wotherspoon and Wright need to start shooting a bit more. We don’t test the keepers enough.
  5. This is from the BBC which covers league games. As we aren't prolific scorers I imagine those three assists and three goals equal a good percentage of our points.
  6. I agree it's not a great inducement at £25. I will go however, ony becasue of the importance of the game and becasue it's one of these grounds like Fir Park where you can get in and get out of easily.
  7. My point was with Davidson suspended, and Tommy will reverting to his 1 up front, Holt and Craig along side McCann are his only options. Therefore it was more important to give those two game time rather than 2 full backs who have no chance of starting. This will also be a big test for Kerr and Gordon.
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  9. £25 to watch Livi v Saints on a cold winters midweek game. I dont think many will.
  10. Tell Ricky and brad don’t take the train .
  11. The little dudes are gone, so it’s all academic. i just never got the hatred and negativity towards a young group that created a great crack going to games for young fans. thats unless your jealous as fuq of folk enjoying themselves.
  12. You know everything do you ? Privy too everything are you ? why so negative, are you jealous ?
  13. Indeed it is, *sevco* could well end up in top spot this season. Uh! Oh, I'll get ma coat.
  14. Is Matty not leading both goals and assists?! I’d suggest we very much need his input unless we’re getting £200k and a player out of the deal
  15. SCOTTISH CUP 5TH ROUND We have a visit to Somerset Park in Ayr on the 8th Feb for our next Scottish Cup game. Let's get behind the boys and have a great day out. #COYS! #ROUTETOHAMPDEN #SCOTTISHCUP! We will be booking into a club pre match and our bus will be picking up at Kinnears at 9.45 am and then at Barossa Street at 10 am. Bus prices - adults £10, 12 to 16 are £7 and under 12's are £3. Please call 01738 628391 to book your seat. Alternatively you can private message this page to book. The club opening times are: Sunday closed Mon/Tues/wed/Thur 6pm till 11pm Fri/sat normal 11am till 12 ( Midnight)
  16. Only if we sign an experienced defender though, I think. He was pretty clear that "the clubs focus is more on getting players out than getting them in"
  17. Tommy confirmed today that Vihmann will leave the club this window
  18. It makes it more exciting watching Sky at 11 pm on 31st to see who we have signed that no one else has picked up.
  19. While Matty is a good player we dont have a shortage in his area. Our survival wont rely on a single good player but with players playing their heart out for the club.
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