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  2. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    'as much' seems to be materialising as 'not at all' (even when needed)
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  4. Richard Foster

    Richard Foster is a d***.
  5. Round 10 - Hamilton (H), 23/9/17

    St Johnstone 2 v 1 Hamilton Maclean 3257
  6. Richard Foster

    That could be the difference in this case, it was the referee door so it could be looked as showing aggressive behaviour towards the referee I remember in my playing days one of our lads got a long ban for punching/kicking in the referee door, he did confront the ref and tore up his note book. ps it turned out the door was not locked and he could have just opened it and walked in that went against him as he used excessive force to gain entry to confront the Referee .
  7. Richard Foster

    Not the first player to take his frustrations out on a part of the Dens park infrastructure, seem to remember it was a dressing room window the last time. he does seem to be an angry angry man however.
  8. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    LEGENDS LINING-UP FOR DAVE'S BIG NIGHT FORMER colleagues and other ex-Saints players have signed-up for the testimonial match on October 6 supported by Booker and Kilmac. While managers Tommy Wright and Neil McCann will be taking the derby clash seriously for more than an hour, they have agreed to let St Johnstone and Dundee legends turn back the clock in the closing stages. Joining Cuptie for a trip down memory lane will be former skipper Jody Morris (now the successful U18 coach with Chelsea), Danny Griffin, Scottish Cup winner Frazer Wright, Darren Dods, John O’Neil, Martin Hardie, Allan Preston, Nathan Lowndes and Perth fans’ player of the decade Paul Sheerin. Dens management duo Neil McCann and Graham Gartland will stepping out of the technical area and joining former players including keeper Rab Douglas, Barry Smith and Gary Harkins, with one-time Saints and Dundee strikers Steven Milne and Peter MacDonald enjoying credentials to play for both teams. Testimonial committee chairman Scott Findlay said: “We are grateful to managers Tommy Wright and Neil McCann for their help and co-operation with staging the match for Cuptie. “They have agreed to allow the legends to play in the closing stages and there has been a fantastic response from ex-players, with Jody taking advantage of a free weekend with Chelsea to travel from London to honour the man who took over the captain’s armband when he left the club.” Admission to the game, will be £15 and £5 concessions (U16s and seniors). A limited number of hospitality packages are available at £55 a head, including three course meal, souvenir programme and half-time tea and biscuits. To book hospitality packages and match programme adverts, contact committee members or *ST Johnstone season tickets are not valid for this match. The East and West stands will be open at McDiarmid and the game kicks-off at 7.45pm on October 6. Dundee fans will be accommodated in the north section of the main stand. Supporters should note the Muirton Suite has a previous booking and will not be accessible on the evening.
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  10. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    i doubt he'd be on the bench if there was a fall out. he explained on superscore board last week that TW took him aside an told him he didnt see him being involved as much this year, Midge said he gutted to hear it but appreciates TWs honesty but is determined to prove he can still get in the team
  11. Richard Foster

    Pretty sure he's on a final warning from the club. Dunno if this is enough to let him go.
  12. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Perhaps they've fallen out as Millar keeps insisting he's fit. With Muzz out I'd like to see him at least getting 60 mins. Craig often backs off & Spoony disappeared on Saturday.
  13. Richard Foster

    Do you mean after the Swanson carry on? I didn't think eh SFA took any further action against them. Just suspended for 2 games following sending off.
  14. Richard Foster

    Was RF not on a suspended sentence type punishment already with the club/SFA? Mabey one boot to far,
  15. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    Bollan sacked by Forfar. Got them promoted last season but a league higher too much for him.
  16. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    I wear protective boots everyday at work doesn't stop me
  17. Richard Foster

    Good one s.i. I've often wondered why the Bryson Doctrine only applied when the old RFC were fielding inelligible players but doesn't apply when they swing punches and miss. (Although imperfect it should surely be elligible due to the intention to land it). I fear the B.D. will be applied in this case. (even though the door never came aff its hinges).
  18. Richard Foster

    I'm not sure how it works after the game, tbh, sometimes refs seem to just report players instead of carding them as it opens up a harsher penalty than a red card would bring.
  19. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    Unofficial twitter showing O'Halloran still in a protective boot. Chance I'd reckon that means he might struggle to start on Saturday. Would be interesting to see whether we'd return to the 4-2-3-1 with Thomson replacing MOH in that set up, or whether Scougall will come into a four and we'll play Cummins/Johnstone beside MacLean
  20. Richard Foster

    BBC say the referee saw Foster "damage" the door and has included the incident in his report. Perhaps Ricardo was aiming at the ref and missed!
  21. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Unofficial Twitter has a photo of him taken today, he's wearing a protective boot. Would suggest he'd be a doubt for Saturday as he won't be training
  22. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Anyone heard anything about MOH's injury. Took a sore one on Saturday just before half time and was not himself before being subbed early in second half.
  23. A Lackluster Murray Davidson

    Is it anything like the West Lothian one?
  24. Richard Foster

    Angry lad
  25. Richard Foster

    If that was the case then the ref would deal with it there and then and put it in as a red card.
  26. Richard Foster

    Depends. If the referee includes it in his report then Fosters ****ed. If the ref had completed his report and sent it in before he done it he might get away with it. Pure speculation but I'd suggest he done it straight after the match in the way back to the dressing room, so he'll be in the report
  27. Goalies in the SPFL

    I thought he should have clutched that shot from Boyle in the Hibs game instead of palming it over the bar and there was the one at killie when the boy must have been at least 6 feet away why palm it away why not catch it. I think of all the games I've seen this season that is the only goal you could definitely blame Mannus. So all this talk of dropping him is insane.
  28. Round 10 - Hamilton (H), 23/9/17

    Saints 3 Accies 0 MOH 3012
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