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  2. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Qpr springs to mind, Saints 60s strip all blue, white round collar braw.
  3. Exiles Potys

    Great idea Rik, do the rest of the Exiles agree.
  4. Our New Council

    Thats tories for you run roughshod over the electorate, just looking to make money for there mates, and a few more brown envelopes.
  5. Exiles Potys

    Name the award after him. RIP Panama Saint.
  6. Exiles Potys

    Time is going in and we need our Poty, can you put your vote below, need to put a time limit on it as I need to get it engraved Vote will close Thursday 03.05.18. As a tribute to John (Panama) can we get as many Exiles as possible to attend on the night, have provisionally booked 5 places with the provision for more if required.
  7. Our New Council

    Got email today stating that after considering all the objections , P.K.C. have approved the building of 700 new homes in Scone by A. & J. Stephen. Talk of putting the cart before the horse! The Cross Tay link road ( new bridge North of Scone ) should have been in place prior to any new developments.
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  9. Chris Millar Testimonial

    I think the fact that the event was sold out even prior to it being announced is where the problem stems from. I'm certain there would've been lots people interested in going to an event with the off the ball presenters - they're big names in the context of Scottish football -but didn't know about it because they didn't know the right people. The fact you could have had educated guesses at a lot of the attendees doesn't help the jolly for pals perception either. How are people supposed to ask about an event if only the pals of those on the committee or who are in the business club or who attend hospitality (Which I'm assuming happened as that's where a lot of the business club will be on match days) are the only ones actually being told about it? The perception here is similar to the secret seven from a few years ago. I'm sure it's not meant, but I think it's something that needs to be worked on as it clearly does make a lot of supporters feel alienated.
  10. Development Squad News 2017/18

    Prior to Thursday's match Saints take on Dundee United TONIGHT at McDiarmid k.o. 1800. C.o.y.s.
  11. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Met John over 15 years ago, in London, and Perth, and Athens nearly came off too. And you know I was thinking about him, might have been yesterday. Cos I've not been on here as much, and with recent posts I'd thought, "John's not chipped in", now this. Gutted. Just so so sorry to read this, I'll really miss him on here. ****. This sucks. Joss - I'm sorry mate. My Dad is the other side of the world, and I dread this sort of news coming in. Thanks for posting the photo, it's one for the ages now. Sending you love. John - RIP ...... you made this place ...SHINE BRIGHT <3
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  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'd be stunned if that were true. He was very highly thought of before his injury, to the point there was apparently Championship interest. Him joining us on loan would make zero sense.
  14. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Very sad news indeed, we had some laughs growing up and some great days out watching Saints, treasured memories I won’t forget . RIP John
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    A 29 year old being sent to Scotland to aid his recovery? Why not a local league one club? I know he’s from Aberdeen but given the contrasting styles between our league and the English championship, that seems a pretty duff plan.... unless they think he’s finished and he’s trying to get a decent club up here to sign for permanently
  16. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    RIP John .sleep tight mate
  17. Our PSJ end of season awards night is confirmed in the Muirton Suite at McDiarmid park for Saturday 9th June, 7pm start. This is open to all PSJ players past and present and you can bring along as many friends, family and partners as you like. It would be great to see some old faces as well as this seasons squad!! It will be £7 per person which will cover the cost of food for the buffet and expenses for the award trophies and some prizes. There will be a small raffle on the night and so far prizes include a signed Saints top and football and match tickets for next season. (If you know anyone who would like to donate a prize then please let me know). Amongst other things there will be 10 awards handed out. Can everyone please send me their nominations as a private FB message for awards 1 to 7 ASAP? 1. Most dramatic moment 2. Comedy moment of the year 3. Most improved player 4. Goal of the season 5. Save of the season 6. Biggest Moaner 7. Longest in the Shower 8. PSJ player of the season (based on motm awards) 9. Opposition Man of the Match award (based on oppo motm awards) 10. Top goalscorer Once I have everyone's nominations in, I will list the top 3 finalists in the week before the awards night and everyone can vote for the winner of each category. If you’ve not already sent in your team mates video, then please do so ASAP.
  18. SCOTTISH CUP FINAL Arranging the final is proving a bit of a headache trying agree dates with Alloa. We are looking at the morning of Saturday 9th June (before the POTY awards, get yer team mates videos done). Venue to be confirmed, Falkirk stadium and Ochilview have been discussed (not excelsior) Again, the playing squad will be restricted to 18 players to make it manageable on the day. Who can make this date?
  19. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    All blue, but with this collar
  20. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Paul Coutts, midfielder at Sheffield United, out injured with a broken leg since November, has been told that, to aid his recovery, he will go back to Scotland next season on a season long loan. According to my Blades mate that is. Certainly would bring something to our midfield.........apart from his broken leg that is.
  21. Chris Millar Testimonial

    Any word of when the game is & if Neil McCann will be providing the opposition again or will it be Morton.
  22. Let me assure anyone who weren't at the game yesterday that Saints were excellent and missed out having a dominating forward. Our support was brilliant and we were unlucky not to get a win never mind a draw. I was with colleagues from work after the game- big Dee fans and the relief was palpable. I liked Willock a lot and hope we can negotiate him staying for another year which would be a great deal for us and him.
  23. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Yip as with you and cagey. Definitely not convinced with Joe at centre half or even at right back. Not a great defender, not strong or tough enough and definitely not a captain and leader. If we lose macca, ando, millar & muzz them spine out of the team and think we will be saft as. Quite worried for next year, as will he hard to replace. And not a great job been done in Replacing McKay or Fraz. But will see who we bring in. Interesting times indeed.
  24. Chris Millar Testimonial

    What goes on at the event, stays at the event. You should be aware of the rules.. if you didnt have a ticket you are not in with the right friends. Kind Regards... Perf Pack
  25. Chris Millar Testimonial

    how did the evening go ? was any tickets left? was it a good night ?
  26. Round 40 - Partick (H), 28/04/18

    SJFC 3 PTFC 1 Stevie MacLean 3456
  27. Just thought Mannus should have been kept in goal as the man in form. Wrong game for Zander to start.
  28. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Worth noting that despite being the form winger of the league and proving he's a star at this level, and then getting one minute of football in four months since his return, Rangers fans are still on social media slating O'Halloran for "looking like he doesn't give a ****"
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