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  2. The Ideal Christmas Gift

    According to info on the puzzle Mcdiarmid is in Crieff.
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  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
  5. Tommy for Rangers

    I'd wish TW well, should a move to managing his country come about. Would hope he would get the job, or at least the offer in recognition
  6. Albion Rovers away

    put my name down.
  7. Albion Rovers away

    The Saturday 20th Jan is most likely as Hoodlum says. Worst case scenario would be the Sunday 21st lunchtime kick off for TV. Still be going though.
  8. Tommy for Rangers

    NI offering O'Neil a six year contract on £1m a year, which is incredible in this modern cutthroat culture. McInnes apparently saying he's not leaving Aberdeen. Rangers apparently offered Murty a two year deal to be their next manager. Can we dare to dream that TW is staying?
  9. Albion Rovers away

    Probably 20/01/2018 .
  10. Albion Rovers away

    What's the date? I'd be up for it.
  11. Albion Rovers away

    We are six already. Come on folks, you know you want to.
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    Fair enough, I stand corrected.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Sounding positive from recent words from the club but until signed wouldn't say as good as, Swanson was meant to be signing look how that ended
  14. Tommy for Rangers

    Seriously? His entire managerial career consists of half a season in League two and he's now on the 'not far down may Championship sides wish lists'. Clubs that, say for a handful, are striving for promotion to the Premiership, are looking at a guy that's had the best part of five months experience as a manager? Stop arguing for the sake of arguing RG. I quite often agree with a lot of your posts but sometimes you have to learn to stick your hands up and say, aye, fair enough, I stand corrected.
  15. Tommy for Rangers

    Another scenario. Tommy and Callum are a good partnership and work well together. What if Tommy took him with him as his number 2 at NI. Better conditions, money and get to travel round Europe. If it was me I take the Saints job.
  16. Player Contracts + Transfers

    As good as. Should be announced soon enough.
  17. Tommy for Rangers

    I think it's because it was stated when he was appointed Assistant Manager that the plan was for Callum to take over as manager when Tommy moved on. That's Tommy, who won the League Cup in N Ireland and gave up his managers job to become Saints assistant. What a terrible career move that turned out to be.
  18. Player Contracts + Transfers

    did this happen?
  19. Tommy for Rangers

    I'd be amazed if Mackay would turn down a coaching role at Saints. Nothing to do with what he does or doesn't feel for the club - it's a big step up in terms of salary, profile and professionalism and it wouldn't do anything to lessen his chances of getting a Championship management job in the future. Pretty sure Paul Sheerin made a similar decision when he quit his Arbroath job to join the coaching staff at Aberdeen. The thing that surprises me is how completely certain everyone seems to be that Callum Davidson would be handed the Saints job if Tommy went. I'm not saying he wouldn't get it, but there would be plenty of candidates.
  20. Tommy for Rangers

    You should learn to accept that you are not always right.
  21. SFA Youth Cup

    Saints opponents will be Sevco, after they beat Partick 5-2 aet. However the game will not be this weekend when the other 4th round ties are being played. Date to be confirmed.
  22. Round 25 - Albion R. (A), 20/01/18

    The Wee Rovers 1 St Johnstone 3 Muzz 1,477
  23. Tommy for Rangers

    Definitely would appease us saintees iif Tommy is able to fulfill his managerial dream
  24. Last week
  25. Tommy for Rangers

    . If you can't think for one minute that he wouldn't come to Saints as assistant well .. i think you can tell by the response you may be disillusional
  26. Albion Rovers v Saints Scottish Cup 20/1/18

    I realise it is a bit of a detour but Coatbridge/ Airdrie is only25-30 miles from Peebles you could even stay for lunch at The Crown. I would love to see it stay at Cliftonhill but realise tickets would then be scarce. If its moved to Airdrie or Motherwell tickets would mot be a problem. Apparently from this season games can only be moved in exceptional circumstances, whatever that means......knowing the SFA that will probably mean only games involving the old squirm. Could be a decent day out.
  27. Tommy for Rangers

    What a team Callum Davidson and cuptie two best full backs I have seen at saints in the thirty odd years supporting saints, hopefully Tommy not away yet but seems to me going to be sooner rather than later
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