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  2. slf

    New pub

    Golf.a game for blokes with little balls.
  3. That’s a pity .must have been all that excitement seeing the dug out being dug out.
  4. I wonder if we will be able to field a team. Two out on loan. Another 2 lined up for loan & probably more.
  5. The Bunker Golf Lounge & Bar. Noticed that signs are up for The Bunker at 222 South St., formerly Bank premises.
  6. HOODLUM65

    The Loft

    Bellabird said it was a bit pricey, so that's how you would know about it. It would have been out of my price range , that's how I never gave it a second (or even) first look.
  7. Some folk have noted that a lot of the most dodgy decisions have been going the way of the teams “supposed to win”.
  8. And I take it “Cover Rangers” play like favourite old Sevco sides from the sixties? They’ll be more than a few stalwart Labour/SNP types boycotting this. Tunnocks are huge Tory donors and popular hate figures on the margins of both parties.
  9. Nope just went to the ticket office so never saw any difference at turnstiles
  10. Come on Hoodlum it only closed recently so your short term memory must be getting worse
  11. Well I did end up typing cults so I guess it will be FCU!
  12. Surely it is important to update the dugouts to modern standards. This will look very smart if they are like those even Hamilton have. Looking forward to seeing them. Cannot understand the negative comments.
  13. And who will these colts be? Those youngsters that haven't been loaned out?
  14. On the topic of dug outs mainstand when you seen them digging out the dug outs.Did you have a look at the turnstiles ? i was wondering if you or anyone else had spotted a difference seeing as we are going all technological .thanks in excitement.
  15. I purchased mine a while back and my order number was 24xx so guessing they’ve just been processing the online orders now
  16. Just think SLF you willbe able to give them even more abuse now if tehy are closer to you.
  17. given that last season the man of the match got a bottle of irn bru will they be getting a single caramel log this year.
  18. The St Johnstone cults have been drawn at home to Cover Rangers for the 1st round with the winner going on to face Brora Rangers or Aberdeen Colts. Yes that is the actual name of the cup.
  19. Contract news - ""A hell of a lot of money" will be needed to prise defender Jason Kerr away from Scottish Premiership club St Johnstone, says manager Tommy Wright. Wright is also hopeful goalkeeper Zander Clark will accept the Perth outfit's "great offer" of a new deal."
  20. slf

    Season Tickets

    Where’s ma fuqing season card
  21. If it is, then another 400+ folk have bought since you did. I got an email by accident today confirming a west stand ticket purchase......... mine is for the East Stand and not the same order number.
  22. Looking for the bit where someone done a dump or farted on to go home with
  23. I remember the muirton Park turf remover free with Wendy who. i wonder if some saddoe has been up with a hammer and chisel to get a bit of the dug out.
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