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    This is the guy who has regularly been voicing opinion on what Rangers should and shouldn't do
  3. What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    I remember Roddy Grants testimonial from maybe about 19 years ago. Got strachans autograph and mcalisteter called me a dafty cause I asked for his armband when he got subbed but of course he'd swapped it. I did feel like a dafty even at about 12/13 years old. Also remember the west ham friendly with rio and a Middlesbrough friendly with nick barmby. Anyone remember if there were any other big names in the Middlesbrough game?
  4. Other games on the go

  5. Nah, Best never played at Muirton. I'm sure Hibs were in the Premier for the bulk of his games while we were in the First. I saw him play once at Old Trafford. He played at Dens in the same Hibs side as John Connolly and I remember being tempted to go to see this dream pairing but decided not to. Having seen them both in their heyday I didn't want to remember seeing them as shadows of their former selves.
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  7. I watched Best play for Hibs at Pittodrie. Pretty likely he played at Muirton that half season. Total car crash, turned out later he was pissed as a fart and turned up 5 minutes before the game, clutching a bottle. He got booked during the game, and then got sent off after the final whistle ( in those days there were no cards and you had to read it in the paper the next day). He doubled the normal crowd, a complete legend. Sadly though, a broken man. But what pleasure he gave those of us of a certain age.
  8. Other games on the go

    Jam Tarts losing...
  9. Other games on the go

    and Liam Caddis
  11. Best did however play for Scone Thistle.
  12. Other games on the go

    Peaso for Stirling and Doris for Arbroath on the scoresheet.
  13. Dave Mackay Testimonial Dinner

    The number of tickets sold to date is approaching 200. If you have not already done so, please consider buying a ticket for the dinner to show your support for our most successful club captain, or consider donating an auction or raffle prize to boost his Testimonial fund.
  14. Best maybe never I was assuming he might of during his spell at hubs not old enough to know u see.
  15. Other games on the go

    MISSED PENALTY - Hibernian Posted at 20:10 Danny Swanson spurns the opportunity to double Hibernian's lead, blazing his spot kick high over the bar. The ball is still travelling, apparently. "A terrible, terrible penalty," bemoans Sportsound anchor Richard Gordon. oops. Did he ever miss a penalty for us?
  16. What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    Remember playing Aston Villa in 1988. Think we lost 1-2. Tony Daley was playing on the wing and was fastest player I have ever seen.
  17. When did Best and Rush play at Muirton?
  18. Fergie wasn't famous at the time though.
  19. Most famous must be George best or Alex ferguson
  20. Ibrox latest...

    Must have seen it coming 6 years ago,transferring the house & directorships to his wife. Hope she leaves him. Must have a good accountant as he is too thick.
  21. Player Contracts + Transfers

    They cut back or they die.
  22. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Billy McKay. That is Ross county for the Drop then, Kind of glad these guys are being snapped up to be honest, if Sammon and Graham could get fixed up also that would be good we are signing Jewels remember we are in for 3 or4 of them .
  23. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Some of GS Brown Constructions accounts are avaliable online... Have a nosy at those. I don't claim to know much about financial accounts but it looks to me like they're absolutely loaded. Although saying that the club itself should live within its own means. What happens to County when he passes away?
  24. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Hope not. Then again, Connor Sammon is..
  25. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Wondering if Scott McDonald and/or Billy Mackay were on Tommys wish list ?
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