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  2. Wonderful , wonderful Copenhagen. C.o.y.s.
  3. slf

    Im steaming

    Sit back relax and talk drivel. am on it. Wahey
  4. slf

    Wage Bill

    When was the last time rugby park had a capacity crowd? cannae even get half full for Celtic or rangers most of the time. mind you it was almost capacity when we went there with a monster away support when we finished third.thats the year we got Europe beating Dundee in the largest crowd at mcd to date. football watching has changed.i blame live telly mainly .
  5. Was hoping for extra time to tire them out. Some extreme naivety from them after equalizing, For some of their players and fans, this will be a massive psychological scar. If we play like we can, we can do this. Let's get right behind the boys from the first whistle. Your treble is on a shaky peg Celtic! Come on ye Saints!
  6. I think we saw tonight how shit their defence was so Tommy please play May & Henry up front. That defence is never put under pressure in Scotland because they are allowed to play most of the games in the opposition half.
  7. Oh dear. Someone is going to be very angry on Sunday.
  8. Wouldn't that be nice... hopefully Brown is shafted for Sunday. Well done Copenhagen.
  9. Celtic out of 2 Cup competitions in 4 days.
  10. Not sure it's about the stadium being too big. Rugby park is 18,000 odd. Must cost them a fortune to run/maintain. It's a combination of factors already listed. Cost of entry, entertainment factor and marketing to me. Cost and entertainment are really difficult for any club to manage as they are often linked. And you can't guarantee entertainment just by paying for better players. To me marketing is a major flaw. It's a shambles at best, ad-hoc and unprofessional. If there was a league table for engagement with fans and "fan experience " we'd be in the 1st div, probably fighting to avoid relegation. And not helped by our chairman. A mess.
  11. Which Aberdeen striker has been? LAUGH OUT LOUD. Never believed that we were going bust, all SB said was it wasn't sustainable...which is pretty much the same for any have to make more than you pay... I was more worried about someone else getting the reins.... like I said though, I still think they will ensure that the next owner will be right for the club. Storm in a teacup with bad timing this week....that's all.
  12. Agreed in most cases it's to large however, Stadium size does also allows for challenge cup finals and woman's, under 21 games etc. Along with concerts etc which all add a bit of extra income
  13. MySpazz

    Wage Bill

    Tend to agree with this about stadium size, but then we'd be ruing it when there are potentially 4 OF and 4 Dundee games to be had. A smaller stadium would have lost us a heap of cash over the years. It's not about having it full on regular games, it's about having the spare capacity for the big games. I think McD is what you make it. I like it, I like the walk up there.
  14. Aye. No new signings until the second week in August, and the new strip not released until a month after either. They let the hype die out entirely.
  15. From memory, it took them 6/7 weeks. I was ready to buy a season ticket on the 18th of May but I was so sickened by their inaction, I didn’t. I bought my first one in a long time this year.
  16. When though? I don't think season tickets went on sale until 2/3 months after the Final. FWIW I've never received a single email from St Johnstone, despite signing up through Saints TV and Online tickets to get them.
  17. McDiarmid is a pretty depressing place when it is only 25% full and 2 empty stands behind each goal . To make watching football enjoyable you need a decent game plus a good atmosphere. At the time of the relocation most people thought 10,000 was the correct size ( some actually wanted a higher capacity ) but these days McDiarmid is far to big for the majority of our matches. Their is no easy solution to this problem but the lack of atmosphere may be another reason some people are not going to our games these days . £25.00 to sit in a cold empty stadium is not appealing .
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