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  2. He’s away hiding in a corner somewhere before the season ticket holders meeting
  3. Watch and see if Mr Brown is on holiday until after the window closes. Wtf is he doing taking a holiday in the football season anyway?
  4. Why would SSE pay £2k a week for that? I doubt they give a shite where their staff park as long as they get there, and I'm fairly sure the run those initiatives to force people to car share/cycle. I'd also doubt staff would be happy to park there, then get a "5 minute bus journey" to work, instead of just continuing to park where they do. The "angry residents" are probably away to work themselves when its at its worst, and the council would rather moan about what shops are opening than try and figure anything out.
  5. Makes sense, so it will never happen obviously. Also complicated by the fact that SSE are trying to offload their supply business so a fair chunk of those cars could be part of another company altogether in the near future.
  6. Install solar panels on the main stand roof , which will power the stadium and the floor lights and sell the excess electricity back to SSE
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  8. Steve gets a bang on the head on site and wakes up the next morning with a new vision where he wants to be ultra inclusive and asks saints fans to come up with ways to create new incone streams to increase the turnover so he can increase Tommy's budget. The new income can be one off events or dripping roasts. All ideas welcome. Anything from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands. He probably won't want to spend big on massive projects but is open to all money making suggestions. Will kick this off with the McD Park main car park. It lies unused for all but about 100 hours per year during home matches. Just down the road is the Perth SSE which has a gigantic staff parking issue. There are hundreds of cars parked off site in every nook and cranny within half a mile or so of the Inveralmond site. It's not ideal for the SSE staff. Will be a pain in the arse for local residents and surely a matter of time before Perth Council do something about it. Up pops Stevie (Knight in shining armour) Brown. A call to SSE, we have the solution to your parking problem. £2.000 per week and you can lease the McD main car park, it's only 5 mins by bus through Tulloch, you can set up a park and ride for your staff. 104 grand a year for saints and a problem for SSE solved. Would need some bays marked out and probably some lighting the cost of which could be negotiated with SSE. With a great new relationship built with SSE this could be developed at some point into a major shirt sponsorship deal. With shirt and car park revenue to saints from SSE could be 250,000 per annum. Saints also agree to purchase gas and electric from SSE. Giving SSE marketing team a belter of an advertising slogan, "SSE the power behind the saints" So what ideas can we come up with to help generate new income for saints.
  9. 11:55 we’ll still be waiting to see if we’re signing anyone
  10. here we go again
  11. And so the final week of the transfer window begins... Window shuts on Monday the 2nd, at midnight.
  12. He would bring the average age of the squad up a bit. but seriously no thanks
  13. Macca not in Hearts squad today. Maybe he is coming back.
  14. Don't think its available for UK viewers until after a certain time (6 rings a bell).
  15. Apparently he's on astronomical wages. We couldn't pay these and neither could any team outside the top 4 or so.
  16. Highlights anyone? Tommy's reaction to the 2 goal is priceless. Enjoy
  17. Score, 1st Scorer & Crowd please.
  18. Brilliant day out, and a really entertaining match. We were the better team. Another comeback point, especially equalising so late, can only build the self-belief and confidence of the players. The lack of fight previously was a huge worry, but the recent spirit gives a lot of hope. Fairly even first half with Hibs having the better chances, but second half was excellent from Saints. Great spirit and a lot of good football, mostly through the midfield, which was a revelation compared to the Livi match. Tanser was as good as he's been, the centre halves did well overall; the two of them look like quite a natural partnership. Duffy made some errors and looked a bit unsure in possession on occasions, but overall he did well, didn't look out of place at all, and you feel he'd benefit massively from a run of games. Ali McCann looks like he's as close to the type of possession-keeping midfielder we've been crying out for since Millar left. In the first half he dwelled on the ball a wee bit long a couple of times, butover the 90 minutes he looked brilliant. Sitting in front of the back 4 looks to be his best position so let's keep him there. Michael O'Halloran was tremendous. Watching him run at players is a great sight, and his finish was top drawer. As we've all been saying for a while, with a couple of key new players in we could be really good to follow this season.
  19. Score, 1st Scorer & Crowd please.
  20. Score, 1st Scorer & Crowd please.
  21. Score, 1st Scorer & Crowd please.
  22. Score, 1st Scorer & Crowd please.
  23. Score, 1st Scorer & Crowd please.
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