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  2. Run in for Europe

    We will take the difficult route to qualify. It's the Saints way. However, I expect we will qualify in our last match.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Have the latter two played for the Arabs?
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Nobody cares about him joining Hibs. It's the fact hes strung the manager along for months, forcing us to hold back some of the budget next season in hope he re-signs (apparently Mannus has signed a PCA with Motherwell, arguably Swanson mucking us about has led to Mannus' wage being considered "cuttable"), forcing us to hold off approaching targets for next season and he's made the manager look foolish. If he'd said from the beginning that Hibs were his first choice then nobody could complain, instead he's been in the paper, and telling the manager, that we were his first choice. It's now being rumoured he actually agreed a deal with them in February but it wouldn't be signed until they got promoted, which means he's been stringing us along with no intention of signing for us unless Hibs failed to get promoted. It's shite behaviour, especially toward a manager who's twice saved him from sitting in a stand.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    He was released from Coventry and did us the courtesy of speaking to us first. Before signing for Hearts.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Ah yes. Was thinking we'd had him on a short contract after he left Coventry for some reason. The Arab chap is obviously just trolling now.
  7. Run in for Europe

    Aye, because we never qualify for Europe.....
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    You do understand we are talking about Danny Swanson here, and not Kezia Dugdale?
  9. Today
  10. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    A very 60s/70s coffee parlour, started with a K. Kardomahs???
  11. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    George Street looking down to old Conservative Club, that became a gym.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Mixed feelings on Danny going. He was good to November. That was it. Clearly good skillful player, good to watch, but more often than not doesn't track back or loses the ball. Loads of goals, many this season from the spot, take them away and since November he's been distinctly average... He only turns up v Hearts and County, rarely winning a man of the match award hone or away on here Frustratingly hides in games when I feel he needs to shine.. His new employer (fans) won't tolerate that as much as we did.. However never his biggest admirer during both spells with us he will be regarded as a success in my eyes.. But certainly not a great player that some blue tinted specs make out. Aw the best lad... Can't wait for Foster v Swanson battles next season. If Danny isn't simply a bench player.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Lets get this sign him on a deal till the end of the season, after impressing on a loan spell, and now he is leaving at the end of the season. Whats the problem exactly? Oh, he should stay till the end of next season? or the season after? Dear oh dear some of you are somewhat naive, and ignorant of the laws that govern employment contracts. This is like sailors complaining about the sea! All told this has been a good deal for Saints, he put a lot of points on the board and royally entertained whilst here, he owes Saints **** all but customary thanks and a handshake, fans and players just don't think the same way, you will be forever disappointed if you think players care the way fans do. ....if you wanted him to stay........Mr Brown should have signed him on a different know one that was longer than till the end of the season. I think the chairman did well to get him, and have no doubt he and TW will get another.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    No problem with him signing a pre contract but it's the way he's gone about it -says it all about Swanson
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    We didn't sign him before he went to Hearts -he was here on loan. It's hard to believe we didn't extend his contract earlier but there must have been a reason. Sad to see him go, but no player is bigger than Saints.
  16. Celtic (A) May 6th

    Just to remind everyone that free travel is available for this one from Perth. Buses leave McD at 1230, bar open in the Muirton suite from 11.00. I can't make it myself cos I'm working, but if anyone fancies it and can get down to Perth in time, let me know. We've had a kind offer from within the club to make tickets available for us.
  17. Run in for Europe

    Think some of us are getting a bit ahead of ourselves here it is saints we are talking about
  18. Player Contracts + Transfers

    How ridiculous. We signed him on a short contract. He left us for Hearts. We signed him on a longer contract and he's off to Hibs. Maybe we should have given him a 10 year deal just to be safe. Your little darling of a player is just a shyster.
  19. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Twice he's had an opportunity to get his career back on track at Saints and twice he's bolted at the first opportunity to do so. At the very least he could have respected TW enough to tell him his plans. On the same day that this story broke TW was in the media discussing him signing on with us again. He's a shitebag.
  20. Run in for Europe

    Nice are currently sitting third in the French league, following a one-all draw with Toulouse, so may be in the CL, or will enter the Europa League long after we're knocked out. You need to be more realistic, I think.
  21. Round 43 - Celtic (A), 6/5/17

    Them 0-1 Saints 41298 Ando.
  22. Round 42 - Aberdeen (A), 29/4/17

    Dons 0-1 Saints 12000 Craig
  23. Testimonial for Dave

    I cannae go, it's a Monday and I am working.
  24. Player Contracts + Transfers

    United had this situation with Chris Erskine last season, he signed a pre contract with Plastic Whistle in January.....he never earned his wage from that moment on, not entirely his fault.....the manager hardly played him......the fans turned on waste of a wage, when we needed creative players on the park earning their salary. Its hardly a perfect system, but this is all part of the post Bosman legal framework. I would argue, for Saints its better to have a high earner being professional ( ) and contributing on the park each week, rather than the side show of his next move..... as I said before if Saints wanted him longer they should have signed him longer, its the law of the land!
  25. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It's only a rod if you want to sign for someone else. Others managed to commit themselves with half a season to play but they obviously wanted to be here. He's waited, strung Saints along then committed himself to Hibs as soon as they were promoted and that was obviously his number one intention all along.
  26. Player Contracts + Transfers

    We have been lucky the last few seasons that we have had a quick attacking winger in our side that brings assists and goals (O'Halloran and Swanson). Be interesting to see who is brought in during the summer as I imagine Tommy will want a similar type of player. The quicker we qualify for Europe, the easier it might be to get somebody signed up before other clubs start showing interest.
  27. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I get that Scott, but he is entitled to weigh up his options.....probably better to wait, than commit with half a season to play, that would really make a rod for your own back.
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