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  2. Zander & Midge in Spfl team of the week.
  3. Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Another 2 for Dobbie.
  4. Prediction League Latest 18/19

  5. Irn-Bru Cup

    Not going. Matron wouldn't allow me a late pass out.
  6. Round 7 - Queen of the South (A), 18/8/18

    QoS 2 - 4 Saints Dobbie 3229 Am going, so want a goal fest and a win...
  7. Prediction League Latest 18/19

    Aw diddums
  8. Car Park

    A soon as the A9 slip was binned with no alternative, it has been really slow. £5.00 to wait 40 mins to get out of a crowd of under 5,000 on Sunday. I'd happily wait an hour and 20 mins if Saints fans coudl fill the place though!! Stewards do need proper training I think. Some games the Police are not there, thank goodness they were on Sunday, otherwise it may have been in excess of an hour.
  9. Car Park

    Read the Facebook message, good to see Saints keeping one eye on this forum and giving some coms from the messages. As an East exit sufferer, here's my suggestion during the roadworks. 1. Traffic police controlling traffic flow on the main road / junctions. 2. Turn the traffic lights off during the roadworks. 2 sets going towards town switched off would help traffic to flow away. 3. Help motorists, tell cars where and when to go with the stewards doing lane management in the car park like they used to. 4. If traffic lights are on - why have a sequence only allowing 4 cars to pass through a set of lights before it turned red again. Couldnt believe my eyes when I saw so few cars get the green light! Control the sequence better. 5. If there is no exit to A9 via new slip road on Crieff Rd, then new temporary road signs are required that state no access to A9, only Crematorium. (If I interpreted what was going on correct) 6. Open this new shiny blue gate. Where is the common sense? Embarrassing seeing yellow jackets preventing access to those able to climb over it to get in, get fans arriving in here in the mean time. 7. Open the original A9 slip exit gate for direct getaway to A9. If possible, get some trackway plastic panels down if there is no decent road. Like the panels used at golf events, contractors building the road can assist. 8. There used to be a no right turn on the East (town) exit. Should still have this, as loads of cars were turning right (visiting fans?) also hampering cars exiting the car park and creating grid lock. 9. Warn the next clubs and fans of the roadworks, and expect delays in arriving and exit. In the whole on Sunday everyone was patient, but reckon if a team had lost, these supporters would have been up for a bit of road rage. If we'd lost and it wasnt a good performance tempers might of been on edge. (From a personal point of view) 10. Provide an exit map so can share on social media, share to opposition clubs so they can share. Eg if you are needing to find the A9, exit via the West gate. Or the old A9 slip exit gate (if this can be reopened.) Exit via East gate is only to town centre (eg no right turn) maybe some high level signs inside the car park on the grass so drivers (away fans get to the right exit) 11. Provide food ration, water and whisky packs to cars on arrival, with exit map of course, so the public are equipped to survive the after match experience.
  10. Irn-Bru Cup

    Aye ? Robin Arab basturds wouldn’t encourage the hoors.
  11. Car Park

    Some info has now been provided which may interest you
  12. Car Park

    More chance of me bagging a naughty weekend with Rita Ora than there’s is of you getting either of those things out of St Johnstone
  13. Car Park

    I would like the club to explain to the regular users of the car park what the actual end result will be. If we knew what it might end up like and in the meantime they gave us advance notice of changes before the next match it would look like they cared and people would understand the situation. What it needs is a bit of common sense and forward planning and communication.
  14. Irn-Bru Cup

    Arab at work says United can't play a weakened team because "the whole lot of them are equally crap"
  15. Irn-Bru Cup

    Tenner entry for a Youth game?
  16. Betfred Cup

    Quick heads up for anyone travelling by train.. Day return to Glasgow QS £16.20 Day return from Glasgow Central to Dumfries. £19.40 so total = £35.60 buying two separate tickets One ticket Perth to Dumfries is coming out at £52.70.. WTF Even an advance ticket ( where you must go on the train you book) is £40.40 and this gives you no leeway..
  17. Prediction League Latest 18/19

    Steve's generosity seems to have stopped at the previous game.
  18. Prediction League Latest 18/19

    Aw stop your greeting, it was a og now move on, Steve give him one o mine to shut him up, wont matter come the end o the season
  19. Car Park

    The use of a pedestrian lane is a good idea. At Perth however it seems that having the pedestrian lane in the outside is one of the problems as to get there you have to go across traffic. I am no traffic planner but from experience of other stadiums including Hampden parkhead ibrox etc. You are keep sitting until the pedestrians are clear. If saints swapped the lane for pedestrians to the inside and held all cars in the main part until it was clear this would prevent some of the issues and allow those in front of the mainstand to exit quicker
  20. Definitely an OG then. Collum is a useless fud.
  21. Hibs, the media darlings, never a bad word said about them. And dont get me started on their scroat of a manager, that the media love also. Hibs created hee haw second half, very fortunate equaliser. Hibs fans very quiet as had nothing to cheer about. They think they are brilliant but fact is they are only as good as we were for 4 years running getting into Europe. Gotta love the arogance of Hibs, who cannae beat us. Ha!
  22. Prediction League Latest 18/19

    First it was Watt, then Mallan o.g., then Porteous o.g. and finally Watt.
  23. Round 7 - Queen of the South (A), 18/8/18

    QoS 0 Saints 1 Drey Wright 2456
  24. Prediction League Latest 18/19

    I had Watt too, need a bit more.
  25. Prediction League Latest 18/19

    Tony Watt insists goal was his. Willie Collum agrees. Looking for the above points to be adjusted.
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