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    Anne Webber ,wow. Most Braw .have ye any pictures of her or Fiona Niven ? Ha ha
  3. Thanks SLF for replying, much appreciated. No idea of your name though. last few names for you or anyone else: jimmy law brain cavellini kevin payne david purdie mark kaylor elaine rundle valeriie rice anne Webber fiona niven wayne stirling andy douglas mel mudie Scott Miller RIP cheers scott
  4. Did anyone read about the Italian manager that's looking for a job? His team won 23-0 and he was fired for showing a lack of respect to the opposition!
  5. Billy McKinley just been appointed assistant at Stoke. I was hoping it would be Tommy.
  6. Hoping the £10 million man McKenna is fit for this as he could be the perfect partner for Stevie May.
  7. George Hunter wins " goal of the 2nd round" of the Scottish Cup.
  8. You're not doing much to dispel the farmers tag we all get lumbered with Saline.
  9. Apparently Tommy has had a look at Prince Andrew, after hearing he could score in a brothel.
  10. Last week
  11. Using Enckelman as an endorsement to sign Ambrose is a worse idea than Prince Andrew deciding to give the BBC an interview. Enckelman had so many clangers with us.
  12. If he had dived he would have saved that.
  13. Yeah yeah, you’re right, that would be CRAZY to assume that Enckelman was mistake prone after seeing that one mistake.. totally!!
  14. £8m a year for a has-been who has won nothing much in years and, when the going gets tough, starts to lose it.
  15. Take the tractor doon the Carse on Saturday then up to McD on Sunday.....should make it for 3pm kick off!!!
  16. Carse of Gowrie ploughing match Saturday,or Saints v Aberdeen Sunday, guess I’ll be firing up the John Deere.That Hibs game was hard to bare.
  17. Cant help feel that yet another free week is going to hamper us. Scottish football season schedule is a joke.
  18. Spurs sack Potchetino and appoint the special one. Spurs are a run o the mill side who have had one or two good years and another club who think they have a right to success.
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