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  2. I remember a bad start to the season in the 1980s when we went 10+ games without a win and the sequence was broken with a win against St Mirren in Paisley. Hope history repeats itself. COYS
  3. Our best chance so far this season to pick up a win. My head says 0-0, my heart says 1-0 Saints.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Ex Saints manager Billy Stark leads Scotland under 19s to a 1-0 a well deserved win against Germany
  6. Scotland u21 1-0 Germany u21. Scots top the group.
  7. Cagey


    Respect to the guy for knowing when he is past it. Playing wide right didn't help him.
  8. Firstly, I am 100% behind Tommy and don’t condone any of the inerudite imbeciles calling for his head... but this is the only thread that fits the bill to shoehorn this post: Excellent interview! I did chuckle at the line, "Somebody said to me, 'To be a successful manager, you need three things: a top-quality centre-half, a loyal dog and an understanding wife, but not necessarily in that order'." Tommy has certainly got 2 out of 3.
  9. Hope not, they are Scotland’s most likely opponents in the play-offs for that weird Euros qualifier thing no one can remember the name of. Them, San Marino and Dundee are the only teams we can beat.
  10. Do you expect them not to have a bench? Someone has to sit on it. I don't really see why, as a new player in their set-up, you'd expect him to jump ahead of the queue and immediately get a game.
  11. Bulgaria's likely to be needing a new manager soon.
  12. Great to hear you made it out to the County game. Hope Fraser is doing well too.
  13. Last week
  14. If it had stayed 3-0 then I think we wouldve seen him. They really needed to win a game, and especially, after being three up, so they went with players they trusted.
  15. Today's game in Prague was a friendly and NI were three nil up at half time. They made three changes soon after so yeah, it would've been nice to see Matty get a run out. But managers are not there to keep people happy. It finished 2-3, so maybe the boss knew what he was doing.
  16. To get him used to being in the squad and the whole situation of training around travelling/playing in a different country. It's not a great situation for us but I dont see why theyd care, and if we force Kennedy to miss out on caps, then he'll simply walk away in the Summer after a season of being unhappy.
  17. What is the point in calling up Matty Kennedy and him sitting on the bench when he could be resting training for our very important match on Saturday. Complete insult to us and him. Next time tell them where to go.
  18. I know it was only Sam Marino, but the big difference last night was every player gave their all in atrocious conditions.
  19. I had the privilege of seeing the video, it was very emotional believe me. It was a brilliant gesture by the club at a time when Hannah was very ill and Im sure it cheered her up. Stay strong Blanchie.
  20. HSF, I noticed after the Ross County game your post and was curiuos that I hadn't seen you posting for some time. I am sorry to hear of poor health and like veryone here you wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing and be aware that we are pulling for you.
  21. According the beeb Big Eck is sifting through all the job offers from England and abroad before he picks his next one.
  22. When they take an interest in Saints players then I will take an interest in the team they select #sameauldshitepicked.
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