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  2. Sun says Kennedy a doubt for Morton game due to knock earlier in the week. Looks like Clelland didn't know then. Also says they have made 2 offers which Saints turned down.
  3. If we let him go in January I hope we hold out for a decent fee. We will never know though as it will be an undisclosed fee.
  4. Talk of running out of time to play Rangers replay midweek if they progress in Europe. No available weeks before the split or something.
  5. Celtic fans saying they should have signed Kennedy. Wish they had said that a couple of weeks ago. Have felt since we heard Kennedy had signed a pre contract that he would not be playing tomorrow. Even if Saints & Dons agree terms for early release I think Saints wouldn't want him cup tied so that they have time to thrash out fee.
  6. Celtic allocation apparently sold out.
  7. Use the money to get Hendry and Wright signed up, bring in an experienced centre half and right back I'd be happy with the squad
  8. Happens all the time,your Livingston's Dundee's, Gretna's spend far to much go into adminstration while saints remain a well run team with a chairman who knows that, thankful I for one are very grateful, when I started watching saints we were in the bottom division almost bottom most of the time,now we are established premier League side,top six most seasons,I bet a few of the bigger clubs like caley, and United will go into administration in the near future.once investors leave or promotion is not won
  9. Explain yourself man. Tester for the bus? Tester for the price? Tester for week? Tester for ???????? Your New Year resolution, "time that you stopped annoying Donna".
  10. Obviously, one is dead the other is alive. Doesn't matter how rich he is, the same result will come of it if he walks away.
  11. It's a completely different level though. Our wage bill will be around £3m a year, Dundee last reported one was £3.5m for reference. Aberdeens is above £11m. To put us towards the top of the division regularly you're needing someone yo invest around £10m every single year. At League Two level you can likely outspend everyone in the decision by chucking £2m at it. Steve Brown could invest more than Coves owner, yet you wouldnt see any benefit.
  12. Found this when this was talked about before...
  13. I'm interested to see if Matt Kennedy gets a start tomorrow; I think as much as TW would like to see him stay and keep in good form he knows he still has some manouverability if we keep him available for Aberdeen for the cup; we could still end up getting something out of this deal.
  14. This is another veiled dig at Steve Brown from you at it's becoming tiresome. Let's see where Cove are in twenty years.
  15. The guy who owns them is a multi millionare businessman made his fortune in Oil & Gas and could buy & sell the Broons 20 times over, pay off the **** ridiculous debts and still comfortably do what he is doing at Cove. Your opinion to call it what you like I call it having a plan and clear strategy and the courage to implement it
  16. It’s called madmen splashing the cash and living out with the clubs income (Rangers, Gretna etc, etc).
  17. That's what I was wondering. How does this rule apply with countries who run a summer season, and so are just starting a new season. The deal might be for a whole year, without an option to send him back anyway. If so, a short-sighted decision by the club. Callachan leaving will hopefully free up some funds. I don't think we're likely to get anyone in unless Swanson can move on too though. At the moment, the most likely signing is Berra on loan, but it might be that another club beats us to it.
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