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    Saturday’s result at Firhill certainly wasn’t the one we had hoped for but when you don’t start a game well it makes it very difficult. We had enough possession during the game but I feel we didn’t get enough early crosses in and on one of the few occasions that we did, it created a good chance for Michael O’Halloran which unfortunately he couldn’t take. Ultimately, we defended three set plays very poorly and that cost us the chance of taking anything from the game. To be fair to the boys, it’s not like us to lose those sorts of goals so we have to hope that it was a blip on Saturday and we move on. Points-wise, before Celtic and Partick Thistle we were on 38 points and I think most of us would have settled for 41 after these two game but after the success at Parkhead, there’s inevitably a bit of disappointment. However, this is no time for negativity to creep in. We have a home game coming up against St Mirren and it will be a massive three points on Saturday so please come along and give the boys your backing, the way you have throughout the campaign. Thank you for your support Tommy Wright Manager St Johnstone FC
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    Stevie May

    I run this forum. I'm keeping this in Saints Chat. I'm not going over the reasons again. Move on.
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    George Hunter scores for U20s versus Inverness 17/3/15: https://youtu.be/DfuycaMYF78 great finish
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    Aye your well trained as well.
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    Abernethy Saint

    Stevie May

    Big, big balls beatson.
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    dave mc

    Ibrox latest...

    Alloa unbeaten at Ibroke in the league since 1923
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    What's everyone doing right now?

    Just finished vacuuming and steam cleaning the floors while the wife's at work, jeez I'm a nice guy no many off me in a pound
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    Saints Development League Thread

    We now have a main sponsor for the match. Match ball and programme sponsorship/adverts available. Thanks
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    What did it say.
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    Stevie May

    Seeing as he's the site owner and pays the running costs for this site, it kind of is his ball.
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    Ibrox latest...

    Since McCall said that part of the reason he left Motherwell was that the problems at Motherwell meant he couldn't sleep at night. God knows when he's going to sleep now!
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    Stevie May

    Sounds like the polis.
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    Abernethy Saint

    Diddy Cup Final

    You'll probably want to edit that. Really quite soon.
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    Penalty Kicks

    That word CONTACT being used again! Just because contact occurs, doesn't automatically make it a foul. Unless you are playing basketball of course.
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    Was that not Stefano's? They certainly had a sweetie shop round the corner from Scott St. Used to grudge giving you 3d back on an empty lemonade bottle unless you could prove you bought it full from them. There was a chippie further along South St going towards Methven St opposite a furniture shop. I think that was also Stefano's and it became famous for being turned into Perth's first Chinese. There was another chippie in South St opposite the entrance to King Edward St. Not sure who owned that one. Ring any bells?
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    Enjoy Betting Responsibly

    Cant see it, i've not been greatly impressed with them this season. Fabianos fallen out of favour and im a bit surprised no one came in for him in January and Kanoutes been off form. FT 1-1