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    Bring back the lamb??its never left ..It's slap bang in the centre of the crest
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    Listened this week for the first time. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done guys.
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    R.B.B:- Adz

    Michael Doyle

    Will we ever get to see the very likeable Michael Doyle before the end of the season if Fisher is definitely not signing.. "Saints sixth did come, through John Sutton, converting yet another Doyle cross – the February signing from Alloa’s glistening performance had wreaked havoc all night." A glowing report considering 5 other first team players also played including Cummins
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    Abernethy Saint

    Ibrox latest...

    Bit like your spellchecker then.
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    Bring back the lamb!
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    Fair Maid

    War Dead

    Both my gt grandfathers fought at the battle of the Somme and thankfully came back. One gt gt Uncle died at the battle of Arras. His body was never found. I find that upsetting - that he is somewhere unidentified. Just a name on a plaque. Funny how you can feel that way over some one you've never met.
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    Fair Maid

    Tax havens

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    Player Contracts + Transfers

    At least we can all sleep easy every night, knowing how unlikely we are to end up in a financial mess, such as, The Rangers, Dundee, Dunfermline, Hearts............ the list goes on. It is the most frustrating thing about chairman is his lack of spending on squad, but the money is there, when really required. Further investment in Youth has to be acknowledged, bring more players like May, Kane, Clark and Thomson into the team and just let them develop around the experienced players while they are there.
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    Papa Jack

    Tommy's weekly E-mail

    At the start of any season, our first target is to remain in the league. Our second target is to get into the top six and we achieved that on Saturday. For that, I am so proud of the players and staff for their efforts in what has been a long, hard season. They’ve dealt with everything that’s been thrown at them on the pitch, they’ve dealt with the injuries which have badly hit us throughout the season and have still achieved top six. We have done this not by help from others or through luck or ‘by the back door’. We’ve done it because we are the 5th best team after 33 games of the season. Having now achieved this five seasons in a row I can honestly say that every season that the players manage it I take even more pleasure because it is getting harder and harder to do. Every season is full of ifs and buts but that’s the beauty of football and over the past five seasons I think we could have done better in each of them - that is us striving to be the very best. So yes, at this stage we may have done better but it is still job accomplished, top six achieved and the possibility of European competition again and I thank the Chairman and Board for their continued backing. So, all Saints fans can be proud of their team again and we have five matches remaining to see where it takes us. Finally, thank you for your continued support. We are a team and you are very much part of it.
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    Good effort again,but bet they'll be even better next home game.our friends from Utd .hope the FCU give it tight to the Perth arabs