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    Abernethy Saint

    Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Say no to drugs.
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    First Round of Games - Poll #2

    What a shite stupid poll
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    First Round of Games - Poll #2

    That's the spirit, let's have a "degrees of sh1tness" poll. To be truthful "We Are Perth" has probably disappointed me most over the last few weeks.
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    Putting my 100% record on the line starting this thread against our bogie team but feeling quietly confident at the moment despite the last few games.
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    First Round of Games - Poll #2

    The person who set the poll up - first The person who set the poll up - second The person who set the poll up - third
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    Jimmy Wallace

    Saints v Ross County

    Attendances were pish even when we were second in the league!
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    dave mc


    Verging on 0.01%
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    Tommy for Rangers

    Anyone who holds a 1970 phone the wrong way deserves the bullet.
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    Have you heard that the public have referendum fatigue?
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    Tommy for Rangers

    No way Tommy will get the Rangers job. He's not the world superstar their right wing supremacist scum of a fan base will accept.
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    Ibrox latest...

    How are they going to turn getting a penalty in the last minute, missing it then losing a late equaliser into an anti-Rangers conspiracy??
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    Templar Saint


    Maybe Random was consulted!!
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    St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    I think it's ****ed more if people feel they are not allowed to put a constructive opinion/ criticism of the side. You're right, our achievements the last few years have been excellent, and it's probably the most successful sustained period in our history. But I still think if some posters feel we are not defending well, or could create more chances, or didn't play well, or whatever.. then they should feel free to say so. If others disagree then they should say so and explain why. Isn't that how it's meant to work?!!