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    Must win for a happy HSF household.
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    Did it? Difference to have I watched
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    Comfortable. Good worked goal. Might have had another 1 but never threatened much more. Bit of a walk in the park second half with little action at both ends. A win is a win. Thats us through to the next round. Positive all round performance, hopefully no real injury worries after being fouled and kicked about. How there were no bookings is a head scratcher, just seems the ref was playing the 'friendly' rules.
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    Liam Gordon . feckin awesome. I am biased as I have been shouting for him to be played all last season. As my guest said Ando is a bombscare..
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    Youth Academy News

    Defeated Glentoran 3-0
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    Take it from me, the best approach when we older folk talk sh ite is to simply nod approvingly and change the subject. That won’t work, but we appreciate the effort and you may keep your inheritance.
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    He actually mentioned that the website would still be getting updated along with social media - obviously not up to speed yet! Anyway can always try this 'website' in future https://twitter.com/St_Johnstone_FC
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    its great that its on twitter but its a bit embarrassing that the day before our game the prices cant be found on the O,S