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    Happy for a number of the players last night. Clark was inspired and really hope he kicks on from that performance which should fill him with confidence. Wotherspoon likewise should take a big boost from his best showing of the season. Alston, who I don't think unfairly had been written off a bit, is showing signs of growing into his new role. Having a central midfielder who registers shots on goal in every match is a new dimension for Saints. Shaughnessy and Kerr hopefully demonstrated that Sunday was a blip. I think any defence can look poor if left exposed, which is why it was important that we shored up last night. Always believe everyone is entitled to their views on how the game should be played but can't shake the feeling there is naivety in this idea we could have just gone toe-to-toe with Celtic; thought TW got it spot on tactically. You have to stay in the game. Think the players should be going to Tynecastle in good spirits.
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    It's easy to sit at home and criticise but, at the ground, I saw a team working their bollocks off to compete with an opponent that really stepped it up after half-time. The manager could have selected different players that might have addressed a bit of a lack of composure/quality in the final third but then when you are going to be asked to defend a lot, you need to have guys you can trust doing those jobs. Playing lots of attacking players or what is perceived to be an "attacking formation" doesn't mean you will be able to just attack at will, especially against a team like Celtic. Far more positives than Sunday but in cup football you only want the result and we didn't get that. I understand that disappointment but won't be critical of the players and find it hard to be of the manager on this occasion.
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    Sitting in London, watching it on my phone. Sorry, but that was an awful game of football. Played for pens, but didnt get there. No embarrassing scoreline, but embarrassing ultra defence. We had pace in Wright, but rarely used it. Swanson comes on and never gets the ball. Thought Kane was much better than Watt, who didnt look match fit. And to think that was for a semi final spot...
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    If you would of asked me before the game if I would of walked away happy from a game with the negative tactics we used, I would of said no and yet I was very impressed by our lads tonight. The players were fantastic in closing space, shutting down superior players and putting their bodies on the line for my club. I thought the middle three in particular worked their socks off. I was a little annoyed to see Spoony get a start and yet he was very, very good at doing his defensive duties. Sure I'd like to see us go guns blazing against Celtic, but I think Tommy's plan to steal a result tonight was more realistic. Onwards and Upwards, with the players we have we will get to see plenty of attacking football and goals. Glad to see Kane get some playing time (I prefer him to McMillan in the supporting striker role if we are to accept Scougalls time here is done). Joe and Kerr looked solid. Fosters good form continued. Callaghan looks a good addition. Times are good.
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    Watt being out may be a blessing. Kane and Mac up front please.
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    Sevco 2012 v St Johnstone 23/09/18

    Not a huge fan of stats but this to me does reflect the Rangers game. We had great chances but they took every one that came there way. A freak result if ever there was one.
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    Cagey at the Second Coming of Christ - “I wouldn’t have worn that shirt”.
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    Lets face it Cagey would have been unhappy if we had only won one nil we should have gone for the jugular and won two nil
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    Dundee At It Again?

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    Everyone played well tonight and did there jobs an fought well . Wright for me looked dangerous every time he got the ball . zander was good . Joe foster and spoony were great and impressed with Callaghan
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    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    Knew it. Despicable.
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    Missed that gary, Too early in the morning
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    I'd rather sit in a low Saints crowd than have it packed with Celtic fans, they'd have no issue all finding a bit to congregate in the home and end and singing their songs there.
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    haha jeeezo you seem a bit sensitive. The wink was there for a reason - it was sarcasm.
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    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    I was disappointed with how we set up last night to be honest. Wright seems to be in a habit of picking favourites over form - Wotherspoon shouldn't have started on the basis that his form hasn't been great recently - he was good which will hopefully help build his confidence back up again, but surely when we have a squad the size we do it needs to be both a meritocracy and horses for courses. Wotherspoon is probably that in a game against the likes of Rangers and Celtic, but he's the only one of the 4 'wingers' who started and saw out both games. I thought we imposed ourselves more as an attacking threat with the introduction of McMillan and I'm disappointed he only got 6 minutes in the two games over the last few days. I don't agree with but understand the starting 11 and sticking with it for an hour or so, but we had our own attacking players who could have given us a bit more in an attacking sense against a tiring and poor by Celtic's standards defence. You don't get a point for a draw in a knock out cup match after all, and Kilmarnock showed the damage that can be done if you have ambition to play on the attack against this Celtic team. We're probably not as good as they are but we do have players that have the ability to hurt them. In terms of the game itself, we played well but ultimately we didn't really deserve anything other than a defeat. Celtic (Griffiths in particular) missed several chances that they would normally have put away. Clark was superb and it started to look like he just wouldn't be beaten on the day, but realistically anything other than a Celtic win would've been a bit of a smash and grab. I thought there were some excellent individual performers - I can't really fault the back 4 who were under almost constant pressure. They gave up some chances, but that will inevitably happen when we let Celtic come onto us so far up the park without much pressure. Alston was the stand out in midfield again, although I thought Callachan did well and Wright continues to show how good a player he is, particularly in the first half. He does the defensive side of the game very well but I'm looking forward to seeing him unleashed in an attacking sense again after the last couple of games. The aforementioned Wotherspoon kept Tierney quiet and supported Foster well. Watt was completely isolated and didn't really get into the game before his half time sub - hope he's alright for Saturday. Having said all that, there's more to be positive about after last night's game than there was on Sunday.
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    Wow that's a lot of effort to put in just to cover your true allegiance.You are some Bhoy Mainstand
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    usual crap from the usual suspects. Yeah of course iam a massive celtic fan that is why I follow Saints for 50 years, go every week home and away oh and also watch training whenever I can and run a team with saints in their name. GET A LIFE!!!!
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    A decent effort from us defensively. Although having said that, Celtic really should have scored more than the one goal. Clark had a very good game. I can understand why Tommy went with the defensive tactics, but came away disappointed we didn't have more of a 'go' at them and see what happens. Ok we might lose 0-4, 1-5 whatever, but we are still out regardless. I didn't see us scoring last night, Watt was isolated in the first half, Wright looked our best attacking option in the second...and came off. No doubt we will go with the same tactics in the league in a couple of weeks time and I have no problem with that given goal difference might come into play. Just feel last night we could have gone into it with a little more belief in our own attacking potential.
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    I think Tommy had to adopt those tactics last night on the back of the drubbing from Sevco. I thought the players worked their socks off and were very close to getting the win. Delighted for Wotherspoon who has had an indifferent start to the season and has taken some very unfair stick on here from the usual suspects who always need to have a whipping boy. It's not him who picks the team, but if he's in the starting line-up he should receive the same support as the rest of the players. He played well last night and will have a part to play this season.
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    Cagey you do love your moan!! To sit there and say we lost the match due to tactics is absolute bollocks. We lost cause we were against a team of players who are and were better than us. Yes we could have gone out there and went with a 3 in midfield and 3 up front, and let Celtic dominate the midfield. Then you would be the first person on here moaning about the tactics and the fact that we were short in midfield lost us the game. As for celtic missing 4 or 5 easy chances we were obviously watching a different game as I saw Saints denying celtic some clear chances through good defending and goalkeeping there is a big difference.
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    I thought we did ok there. Defended very well under heavy pressure. Going forward we lacked a bit of quality but created 4 or 5 good shooting opportunities from distance. Hard to disagree with the way Tommy lined up. It's easy to say put attacking players in but good sides can punish you if you open up too much (like Sunday). Foster and Spoony were excellent. Kerr did well. Clark was inspired. Alston and Callachan pushed well in middle and Wright was excellent in bursts. Some positives for sure.
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    Great tactics. They got us beat. I can't get excited by a 1_0 defeat when aside from 4or 5 good saves by Zander Celtic missed at least 4 easy chances so it could have been worse than the Ibrox defeat.
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    Not a bad game tonight and a performance with far more positives than negatives. Yes we set our stall out to deny them space and to stifle the game. Anyone that watched the Celtic matches on tv in recent weeks will have expected that. Those that want and think saints should have went at Celtic and tried to play them at their own game are naive to say the least. Maybe just maybe some of the usual culprits will give the management team a wee bit of credit for getting their tactics right. Onwards to Saturday.
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    Have to say I thought the Saints support in the East Stand was really good tonight. Not in terms of numbers, but in the way everyone stuck behind the team and were really encouraging when we were up against it, quite a bit of vocal support as well. On a night when many of us probably expected a bit of a doing, the easy option would be to save money and sit in the house to watch it. So fair play to everyone that made the effort.
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    Saints players put everything into that, but there was a real inevitability about it, we were under so much pressure in the second half. Its a tough one; be more attacking and go for it, but risk being wide open and they destroy you, or play the way we did and hope you can hold out and nick a goal. We did the latter, but to be honest they just wasted a lot of chances. They were low in confidence, but by sitting back we allowed them to have plenty of the ball and get into their stride. Against a team who were possibly vulnerable in a cup match at home, I'd like to have seen us go for it more. When we did get on the ball we were often careless and gave them it back far too easily. They're still a strong side though regardless of recent form. Don't want to be too critical of the players, a lot of decent performances. Clark, Foster, Shaughnessy, Alston, Wotherspoon, Callaghan and Drey Wright all did well. Wright is looking like an excellent signing. Keeping it to 0-1 after Ibrox is probably fine for Tommy. A second humping in a few days might have been a sore one for morale. Just hope we take the effort and commitment from tonight and add more quality in possession and ambition for the game at a Tynecastle on Saturday, and really have a go at Hearts.
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    No doubt be mocked but not too unhappy with that. We were thumped 5-1 just a few days ago when we went expansive. so sitting tight was always the best option in hindsight. Goal looked completely avoidable, looked like Clark could've safely caught it if Tanser didn't decide to stand right in front of him. Tanser then ****ed up the clearance and let Griffith take his chance. Is Tanser to blame? Or should Clark have been screaming at him? Probably never know. A bit more quality with the final finish and could've snatched it, had a couple of wee half chances that weren't too far away, did feel inevitable for the first seventy or so minutes that Celtic were building to a goal. Surprised at how negative the reaction is in here though, did folk not watch the game on Sunday where we "went for the win", "attacked Rangers" and "played attacking players"? We looked far more likely to win today than then.
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    Some would say you would have been happy no matter which team won