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    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    all too scared to play the form team. even celtic made an excuse by having a cup final on the sunday to avoid playing us!
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    Kerr was brilliant today. He always seemed to be in the right place with plenty of time to do what he had to do
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    Sportscene discussed Boyd's flop but no mention of Boyd's assault on Kane in the box.
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    Scottish cup

    Ha ha. For some the venue is McD.
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    dave mc

    Scottish cup

    I’m not fussy for romance, I want to win the cup, and whilst we could’ve got a better draw, home against a beatable team, will do me,
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    I thought they were the better team and were just one final pass away from creating some good chances. Shaded the midfield where Power and Dicker edged it over Craig and Muzz. Like other posters have said, I thought Willie Miller's summary was miles off and I think most fans would have left feeling that is was a fairly open entertaining game. Kerr and Tanser were the standouts for me.
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    Kane incident, looked blatant to me at the time, looks worse on the highlights. No surprise Sportscene ignore it.
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    Agree with all of that except I would not want McMillan up front as a lone striker as we have tried that a couple of times but it is strange that probably per minutes on park he is our best striker in premiership games. As for Boyd ,if he wasn't there Killie would have won… As for his 2 attempts to flop for a penalty it was like an old man getting into bed.
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    Tanser has never been erratic, one bad game against an unstoppable Celtic, but he’s far more consistent than Ando ever was,at 23, in fact at 32,
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    Scottish cup

    No really. .lets hire a bus tae Crieff ,get pished then head to the game.create an atmosphere by treating it like an away match. dinnae go back tae the Crieff after the match unless 1/ ye live there or 2/ yer mad .have a sesh in the perth toon efter.
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    Willie Miller just described the game as poor, what an idiot, that was a very competitive game with two teams in form cancelling each other out. Quite enjoyed it and a draw probably fair. I thought Jason Kerr was fantastic today. Best game I've seen from him in a saints shirt. Didn't once put a foot wrong and made several good challenges, blocks and interceptions. Tanser also impressed. Another clean sheet and a team battling for the manager once again.
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    Ibrox latest...

    Have to stop calling them Sevco & now Loan Rangers.
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