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    sixties saintee

    Saints exiles Flag

    His name is on the flag Templar.
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    sixties saintee

    Saints exiles Flag

    We are The Exiles and proud.
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    Havana Saint

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    The run has been exceptional, great team effort. Looking forward to this one. Drey is an obvious loss, but we have players that can come in. Hearts on the other hand are on a dire run and can't score goals. Their defence looked pretty poor against Sevco today. Let's get out on Wednesday back our fantastic team and roar them on to three points and further advancement up the table. Onwards....Come on Ye Saints!
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    Always wanting to put your oar in.
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    Saints exiles Flag

    If anyone wants to change the name they need to speak with Singapore Saint. If he says it's ok then come back
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    Dobbie scores again to win game. Partick will be regretting getting rid of Archibald. Stirling come back from 2 down to win 5-2.
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    Keith Watson scores only goal of the game for Ross Co. in 90+1 min.
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    Templar Saint

    Saints exiles Flag

    Not an exile but think it would look good if your flag had the founder members name and date formed on your flag.
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    Drey Wright

    Naw. Knee apparently.