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    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    Happy new year.
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    Been trying to not comment on this, but I think the poor guy is suffering really badly at present with his known medical condition. I hope that Tommy and co are giving him all the support he needs as there is still a superb player waiting to burst back on the scene.
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    sixties saintee

    Lifted over the Turnstiles

    Anyone else get this book for Xmas Lifted over the turnstiles, Scotlands Football grounds in Black and White Era. By Steve Finan. Saints get 6 pages o photos o Muirton and text, good to look back at the auld grounds we went to, The guy is looking for more photos o auld grounds if anyone has his email address is sfinan@dcmedia.co.uk.
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    Saints Tv

    Sixties Saint would certainly agree with you. Sixties Saint complains even when they are free.
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    Lifted over the Turnstiles

    Looks amazing..... https://www.dcthomsonshop.co.uk/lifted-over-the-turnstiles
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    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    We have got our mojo back. most Braw . happy new fuqin year ya bass. we are perth
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    A return for Cillian Sheridan ? https://www.balls.ie/football/cillian-sheridan-leaves-jagiellonii-bialystok-403708
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    dave mc

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    Maybe if you’d had your best mate murdered outside your dads pub at this time of year,you’d not be in the best frame of mind,assuming you’ve got mates
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    -49 with windchill last week, all the best for the New Year