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    sixties saintee

    Saints exiles Flag

    The flag will have St Johnstone exiles 2005, which is as near to the date Saintees met in London, also ties in with Wap starting, Captain John Marnoch along the bottom, Lamb badge in middle, also name of place exiles reside
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    Player Contracts + Transfers

    MOH missing from the City squad that played newcastle yesterday and rumoured via Twitter to have left Melbourne City and be heading back to Scotland. Wonder if that could be the player we are after.
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    dave mc

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Face like a pizza, great player not to have been capped, but auld Craigy Broon fell out with him at youth level
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    Box striker , what about 51 year old Paul Wright ....... still looking like a fresh 70 year old
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    Havana Saint

    Ibrox latest...

    No action against Morelos completely destroys any lingering grams of hope in the SFA being a just and balanced organisation. If Morelos played for Saints, he would be serving a ban until Easter probably.
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    sixties saintee

    St Johnstone F.c. Hall Of Fame

    Should be Sam McKenna memory got mixed up .
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    Interesting thread this. Think there is a consensus that priority is signing up our top performers on longer deals and to rapidly exit Scougall etc. I reckon if there is funds available after all of this a cheeky wee loan bid for Scott Allan or someone similar would give us another dimension.