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    It was Alan Hercher who scored the penalty. I will be honest I had to check the video The end that 3 of the 4 goals were scored at is now a Lidl.
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    Wendy Saints

    Michael O'Halloran

    I think he was on fire until that thug O’Dea at Dundee injured him, deliberately imo... he did enough to get a pay day at Castle Greyskull.. shouldn’t have underestimated the sectarian bile he was likely to get, but can’t blame him for trying to make the most of a short career. After that experience he probably thought the further away he got the better.. unfortunate he had a hamstring injury. I think he’s worth the chance, has pace something you can never have too much of! As for the Swanson comment, once he’s fully fit he can still do a turn for us.. 2 flare players .. what’s not to like about that! :-)
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    They must have plenty money & a death wish if they are making Macnamara a consultant.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    They mention the team that want to sign him did it the right way. That tends to point to Saints.
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    sixties saintee

    Saints exiles Flag

    Agree we should take england out, but leave Canada in under tuk, but Cleveland is in the states, most people will think its in England ??should we put Cleveland Usa ???.
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    St Johnstone F.c. Hall Of Fame

    I agree, I think. I think it's important people are inducted before they're "forgotten". Ormond clearly deserves to be there, but many won't have been alive when he was doing his stuff, I, for instance, feel detached a bit when people talk about his achievements as it's just a story to me. It wouldn't feel right to me if it was a room full of people of my generation celebrating his achievements, there needs to be people who experienced it. Brown, as you've used as an example, deserves a night dedicated to him, so he can be reminded how the fans feel about him, while surrounded by people who were there with him, and everyone can have a good time talking about those times. I think that's what these events should be all about. I don't know what to think about Campbell, I feel he'd be more suited to getting a honorary induction from the club and getting a piece about him put up by the club for fans to learn what he all done for Saints.