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    good on you! I'd help, but in Australia. we have 3 games vs Celtic (2 away)... its tough, because Celtic fans buy tickets in the "home end"- the East Stand. best bet is the SLO... prove you're not Celtic. i hate these games... and don't be "neutral". become a Saints Exile!
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Saints are not going to pay money for a guy we don't need to see us out the season.
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    Me too, if only to chauffeur GMac. Good news about muzz but I think Callaghan deserves to hold onto his place for now.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Peebles calling here.........haven’t a feckin clue. I can however confirm that Muzz is fit (source is his brother)
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    Stevie May’s Dad has confirmed this.
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    For the avoidance of doubt, this appears a genuine request too.
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    Admit it guys...you're really Rosenborg supporters desperate to see your big team again!
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    Player contracts and transfers

    I think Kerr would be silly to move just now if offered. He has just broke into the team and is getting regular first team football allowing him to develop. Why then move to potential be put back on the bench and move backwards in terms of development. He has seen 1st hand the outcome of all the players who have moved on from saints in recent time. May, ohalloran, swanson. Better to develop first and move when you know you are being brought in as a key player rather than a fringe player
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Can find nothing on this story.
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    Saints exiles Flag

    Ridiculous that it would take so long for a decision on something so simple.
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    So sorry to hear about Archie Hogg Always had great laughs in his class... and he had a nickname for everyone in those less politically correct days! He used to drink in the Barossa Street Saints club and one day he was in my mum asked him if he would drop some stuff off for me at Aberdeen University! To her surprise he agreed and over the four years I was there he will do that about once a month! Always had a funny comment and a grrrrrr for me every time he saw me but clearly had a heart of gold RIP Archie
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Happens time and time again but they can't see it. The lure of supposed big bucks... Sandaza, O'Halloran, May...
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    Scottish cup

    We have played Celtic four times at Parkhead in the Scottish Cup. 1936 won 2-1 Jimmy Beattie both goals 1969 lost 3-2 Hall equalised for Saints to make it 1-1 Celtic went on to lead 3-1 Connolly scored late consolation. This is not what is reported in Manifest Destiny, as they mix it up with a league game at Muirton which Saints led 2-0 at half time and lost 2-3. Hall and Connolly scored. 1986 lost 2-0 2003 lost 3-0 Saints have only played Celtic once in Perth in the Scottish Cup, that was in 1932 losing 4-2 Jimmy Benson scoring Saints goals. Lost semi final at Hampden in 2007 2-1 Martin Hardie scored.
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    Big Noise In Perth Tonight

    I hope we never see VAR. Did you see that Southampton v Derby match the other night? Shocking. The goal had been given, no one argued, and everyone was back up the pitch ready to kick off. Someone, I presume in the VAR room, had a word with the ref and persuaded him to have look. He watched it about five times and then decided to disallow the goal for offside. Absolute disgrace of a decision and if this is supposed to help referees and football in general, then it's being used all wrong.