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    Zander Clark

    So you need to play well against Celtic to get noticed - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47109888 "At the time, McLeish's assistant, Peter Grant, irritated St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright by saying people were "crucifying the goalkeeper" after Celtic won 6-0 in Perth a few weeks earlier. And Wright was again prickly when asked whether Clark's performance would have caught McLeish's eye. "I've got absolutely no interest in talking about Scotland," he said. "When you have somebody like Peter Grant saying what he said about him the last time, which was totally disrespectful, Scotland can do what they want. If they want to pick him, they know where he is.""
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    1.3 million views for a 10 minute video about how to put your socks on
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    Not anymore. Amy must have been at the game.
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    Abernethy Saint

    Super saints 10 year of success

    You obviously get better hospitality packages than the rest of us....
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    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Would say it was more the best offer provided by the suppliers which has turned out not to be the best. FWIW I heard they were throwing money at the club's as they were trying to break into the football market.
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    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    All the above basically. The kit issues have been since the season started - having to use plain socks in the first game against East Fife - and have continued on since. Another example of this is there has been no kids training wear this season at all, hence why the ball boys and girls are still in Joma tracksuits. Mind you, similar issues have also plagued Hartlepool and Port Vale as has been said already.
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    MOTM Game 31: Saints 0 v 2 Celtic

    Slf must have been on the voddy when he tried to hit the Zander button & missed.
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    If you meant that it is absolute genius. It might trigger @Melbourne Saint though.
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    Dave H

    Saints v Celtic, Sunday 3 Feb, league game.

    Not unless it was a back hander.. As for Danny, completely disagree with all negative comments. He put one hell of a right back shift in today. Completely on the back foot, gee him a break. His qualities are going forward but given the pressure and kicking Celtic where giving he literraly had no time on the ball. I was pleased he got an hour into his legs, that was one heck of a work out.
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    When we get chances like we did, we need to put them away. We've got a more attacking side than we've had in a long time so should be getting goals. Doesn't have to be anything amazing just need to stick it in the back of the net. You don't get many chances against Celtic so need to make them count.
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    OK a few thoughts on the game. Defence was generally ok despite a backs to the wall approach at times. Zander outstanding again although I'm not too keen on his distribution to Joe/Jason putting them under pressure. He was also bloody lucky not to be hit by that flare - when are we going to see stewards/police take some action (ditto nicking the match ball). Jason and Joe both played well. Tanser made one costly mistake but he won more of his battles with Forrest and co than before which is only a good thing. Foster was solid if caught up the park a few times - unfortunately he wasn't being well supported by Swanson (compare it to the cover Drey gave him earlier in the season). Midfield seemed to struggle to work out who they were marking or to get forward quickly enough to support the front men. Goss had a decent game and played some clever passes. Muzz's first touch was poor but did ok. I thought Callachan had a pretty good game given how he tried to hold the play up for a good pass rather than panic - unfortunately it also meant he got closed down too often. Matty had a good game and Watt did well given he was on his own but Tony has to start putting away some of these chances. As for Danny I'm losing patience with him - he looks woefully slow and far too often was either disinterested and not chasing down the ball. He is a decent player but as it stands there are a lot more midfielders pushing to start games (Alston would I think have given us more down the right today) and he has to start delivering before he turns into another Scougall.
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    sixties saintee

    Celtic away, Sunday 10th Feb

    Have asked Dan Shek to book me on bus, will the bar be open ??