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    Goals....remember them?

    this happens. Remember, three of those matches were against Celtic, one against Rangers. On the balance of probability, no goals would have been the likely outcome. We've gone through spells like this lots of times before. It'll come. Somebody will get a thrashing from us soon.
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    Saints loanees

    Saints 3 loanees at BSC Glasgow were in action against Gretna2008 in a 3-0 victory. O 'Reilly , making his debut, opened the scoring in the 1st half before 2 players were carded for fouls on him. Gretna got another yellow card for a foul on Cammy Ballantyne. BSC went 2up before Cammy Ballantyne added the 3rd & Final goal . A foul on Euan O'Reilly and a 2nd yellow card for the offender reduced Gretna to 10 men. Ben Quigley came on for his debut with 10 minutes left. At least someone's scoring.
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    But anyway, nice for the Celtic fans to get a reality check and see where their beloved team really is in the pecking order. Lower middle of the English Premiership...
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    In 10 years we have scored in the first 10 minutes 32 times and conceded in the first 10, 43 times. ( previously reported as 33 and 44 but on drilling down there were 2 duplicates). So what did these early goals mean. The first analysis is amazing, in the 32 games where we scored first we went on to win 21 of those games, draw 10 and only loose once. The loss was to Kilmarnock on 18/10/14 where Murray scored in 10 minutes and Magennis replied in 19 & 22. This is an incredible achievement. Where we have lost the first goal in 10 minutes we have actually won 5 of those games, drawn 10 and lost 28. Again this in incredible, whereas we have managed to turn around an early goal 5 times all other teams in the top flight have only managed to turn us around once. Games we turned it around were: 15/9/12 Celtic scored in 4 minutes, we scored in 8 and 80. 5/4/14 Killie scored in 5 mins we replied in 31 & 44. 7/11/15 Killie scored in 2 mins and we replied in 23 & 49. 7/5/16 Well scored in 4 mins and we replied in 34 & 45. 16/12/17 New Gers scored in 5 mins and we replied with 3 goals in 10, 61 & 71. This says everything about 10 fantastic years, we can turn it around when we loose an early goal but only once in 10 years have another top flight done a saints to us. Here's looking forward to our next early goal.
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    Saints loanees

    Behave! It wasn't illegal then.
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    Saints loanees

    Ha ha ha. Funny you should mention that. Don't know what was on the menu , but McDonald was kicking a ball on the street when Brown arrived. After tracking him down he took him to a nearby cafe, Pollock Snacks.
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    Scotland's shame

    I'm always fascinated by how these guys even know (or claim to know) people's religions. I have no idea what the religious beliefs are of any footballers in Scotland. Possibly because I don't care. I still remember Paddy Connolly getting booed once when coming on at Ibrox, presumably because his name is Paddy.
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    Saints loanees

    Bobby Brown signed 17 year old McDonald from Juvenile side Glasgow United after tracking him down to his Gran's house in Tradeston Glasgow.
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    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    30 years since moving to McD - time to bring the lamb badge back for a season?
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    Valentino Bolognese

    Taxi for Tommy?

    That will be why he signed a new contract just weeks ago then. Christ.