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    Radford 72

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Has ANYONE claimed that loans generally aren't better than reserves? Tommy Wright wanted McCann out on loan in January 2018 and in the summer but couldn't find a taker. Without the reserves, he'd have been playing no football at all for a year. THAT is the issue.
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    3-1 win. From what I can make out the bottom 3 go down and Eses are now 10 points above 3rd bottom with only 3 games left.
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    One of the Dundee teams then?
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    Radford 72

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Another super decision when they moved to the reserves from the U20s, they moved back to allowing teams to play at training grounds, like the old U19s league. A great environment to develop players and prepare them for the first team.
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    We’ve just given O’Halloran and Wotherspoon 2 year deals not a chance they’ll be punted. Both are absolutely fine at this level, in fact an O’Halloran who finds some form (which will only come from games) is electric at times. Wotherspoon did nothing wrong on Saturday, actually looked for the ball and didn’t give it away yet you’re still criticising him, what chance does the guy have when fans are on his back even if he didn’t do anything wrong? As for the comment about Gordon being better than Kerr, that’s laughable. Ones played approaching 50 games for saints in a season and a half and is arguably our best player. The other whilst a good player, definitely isn’t being talked about for 7 figure moves. I’m also happy to have Swanson in the squad. The last few games he’s actually shown a willingness to get involved and try and do something. Bringing him on 1-0 up and defending a slim lead is never going to highlight his quality.
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    I am of the opposite opinion I can see him being a first team regular with a good pre season behind him Thats what I think Tommy will be thinking as well.
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    Reserve League News 2018/19

    As we will not be the only team going down this route, is there the demand there for all these lads to go out on loan. With little Reserve football surely all the teams will be looking to get young lads out on loan, why is Stenhousemuir for example going to take a Saints young lad rather than a lad from Motherwell/Dundee/Hibs etc ? No doubt some players benefit hugely from being out on loan but I m far from convinced there will be enough teams for them all to go to.
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    St Johnstone Womens FC

    Just away to post, bit of story of the season, United took their two chances and the defending on them could have been better. Saints created more but failed to make the most of it.
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    1 Yes Crewe v Forest Green(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 4/5 Won 2 Yes Mansfield v Stevenage(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 1/1 Won 3 Yes Northampton v Yeovil(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 4/5 Won 4 Yes Sunderland v Portsmouth(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 4/5 Won 5 Yes Burton Albion v Luton(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 3/4 Won 6 Yes Barnsley v Blackpool(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 21/20 Won 7 Yes Norwich v Blackburn(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 5/6 Won 8 Yes West Brom v Rotherham(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 4/6 Won 9 Yes Annan Athletic v Cowdenbeath(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 4/6 Won 10 Yes Alloa v Inverness CT(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 8/11 Won 11 Yes St Mirren v St Johnstone(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 19/20 Won 12 Yes Southampton v Bournemouth(Both Teams to Score) 27/04/2019 None 4/6 Won Multiples Bet Type No.of Bets Unit Stake Total Stake To Return Return 12 Folds 1 30.00 30.00 1,242.86
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    Tommy quoted on BBC gossip Joe dropped because he is preparing for next season without him
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    Debate not slag off

    Youth Academy News

    Saints 6 Fife elite 0 what a performance honestly the best I've seen all season, last time we played them saints got pumped 7 0. From back to front they out performed Fife, who are a good side, some of the goals were like watching man City, the link up play and movement from olly Hamilton, Kyle green and Jordan Northcott was amazing, the younger ones were very good as well, and they played in the new strip for only the second time this season, must admit I do like the away strip