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    Pre Season

    Bring yer marching shoes .
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    I think our resources might be wafer thin for this competition.
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    Havana Saint

    Pre Season

    Looking like good beer garden weather in Ireland next weekend...magic...bring it on! COYS
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    Will that make a difference? Is this not the competition where if you phone up to ask when the match starts they ask "when can you come"?
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    Ginger Bakers rebel army

    Season Tickets

    Time for a £10 FCU season ticket, give them their own standing area, get some atmosphere back in the place and pray for a big take up or face another lost generation of supporters.
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    Thanks Gary, no real sarcasm to be honest, I just generally lose track of theses things.
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    All together now.."When the Saints, go up, to lift the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Challange Cup, we'll be there,we'll be there "
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    And I take it “Cover Rangers” play like favourite old Sevco sides from the sixties? They’ll be more than a few stalwart Labour/SNP types boycotting this. Tunnocks are huge Tory donors and popular hate figures on the margins of both parties.
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    Bev Callard

    Pre Season

    I'll have four carveries and four pints of cider please barman.