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    bankfoot saint

    Player contracts and transfers

    There’s that word hopefully again, we should get it on the club crest
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    Steve Brown - doing a good job?

    Not sure a flag matters that much.
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    Jeanfield in the Scottish Cup

    There is no way all 3 papers could be wrong. Oh wait it would be the same reporter giving info to all 3 papers or maybe even staff of home team.
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    Johnny B

    Player contracts and transfers

    Only came due to a run from our defence by Danny. Clutching at straws here. I think there are lot more factors in our goal other than Danny running from defence. You could say it came about by a good clearance from their free kick by Tanser You could say it was Kennedy's flick on that contributed to the goal You could say it was Danny losing the ball was a factor in the goal. You could say the defenders pass back caused the goal You could say O'Halloran's interception and pass to Kennedy was the reason we scored Or our first goal came about by Kennedy putting the ball in the back of the net Do you still think "Our first goal on Saturday only came about due to the run from our defence by Danny." You are entitled to your opinion but I disagree