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    Oh no it's not
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    Player contracts and transfers

    We have been waiting all summer & all we have is 2 backup keepers ,a discarded Celtic youth & a useless centre back and an omnishambles. Difficult to keep the faith.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Why? We're already out a cup and the last window shut 7 months ago, they've had plenty time to sort out deals. Its now been a month since the club agreed a deal with May, since then hes ****ed about and ruined it, come back and said he'd take it, and the clubs responded by putting in a reduced offer and now a loan offer. A loan offer one month after being told Aberdeen want him gone and will let him go for nothing, we put in a loan offer. Just a week after we lost out on Hemmings, who wanted to leave his club and was allowed to leave for nothing, because we put in a loan offer. Its amateur, and pulling something out the bag (most likely we'll now finally return to the initial offer for May) doesn't excuse the absolute ****ing mess they've made over this.
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    Instead of all the negative comments and constant moans, how about waiting until the transfer window closes to see who we have signed.
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    Ask Brown a question

    Why are you such a brass necked, cheapskate c*nt?
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    Pat McGroin

    Hibs v Saints 24 August 2019

    Pretty sure Gordon is fit again
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    Johnny B

    Season Tickets

    Anything is possible, season tickets in the Championship are cheaper so more may buy them
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    More recently also known as “a Grayling”.
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    glenrothes saintee

    Season Tickets

    Mike, admit it, it was you not your ST that was rejected