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    Player contracts and transfers

    As she has seen fit to spout out despite a supposed confidentiality clause I suppose I can do the same from the “Peebles pubs” angle and what I heard was that Ricky stuck the head on Tommy after getting a bollicking at training. Although overall as a decent player for us his temper was always possibly going to let him down. He has seriously fallen out with someone at every club he has been at. In the long run I think we are better off without him.
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    Sevco.....The Saints are coming!!
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    Saints exiles Flag

    Don’t think the flag got in , it was pished
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    Jeez call the paramedics, Hoodlum on top few years since he did that.
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    At least 10 hooligan element standing behind seats at the back disgraceful job by Stewards, some of them were even singing at points. Bring back the sterile seats and steps
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    Dave Ferg

    Aberdeen v St Johnstone 14/08/19

    A hint of general disappointment to leave Aberdeen with only a point? I'll take that as a good sign.
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    Aberdeen v St Johnstone 14/08/19

    A good display today, liked Holt and Ralston, although Ralston was a bit shaky at the start he did work into the game. May looked sharp as did MOH. Overall a lot of positives to take out of today, a wee result next week please, Cagey didn't read all of the randowmguy/Cagey spat but from what I did see. First half we were playing the long ball and were wasting it more than anything else. Second half we started to keep the ball on the deck and got it moving about. Can only hope that the new Aberdeen stadium will have a better view for visiting fans that Pittodrie, not helped by 3 saints fans that were determined to impersonate a brick wall for most of the second half instead of sitting on their bahookies. Thanks guys for sitting when asked though.
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    Aberdeen v St Johnstone 14/08/19

    Off course you can. You just need confidence & skill.