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    You don't understand free speech mate, sorry. There is a massive difference between offensive and threatening language and the ability to argue a point. You will find that the dividing line comes usually when speech is discriminatory or incites violence. Oh and the distinction between 'physical' harm and verbal abuse is nonsense. A wee look at history will give you a clue how one leads to the other, and I'm sick of reading about young adults killing themselves at record rates because of verbal bullying. Who gets to decide? Yes, the state. That's because the state embodies the legislature that creates the laws and codes that allow a civil and safe society to function. In theory we elect representatives to create such laws and appoint trained legal and enforcement bodies to ensure that the laws are enacted. This is society ensure people can go about their business without having to be harassed, harangued and vilified based on whatever spurious reason I or anyone else feels like. In exactly the same way (and for the avoidance of doubt it is EXACTLY the same) I could not walk up to someone in the street and call them an offensive name based on their skin colour. Or paint 'no blacks' on someone's front door, as recently happened in Manchester. TL:DR 'Free speech' is not the right to say whatever the hell you like, to whoever you like, in any context without any sanction, and protecting people is not 'the nanny state'. Daily Mail for that pish. If you are genuinely advocating allowing (encouraging?) an atmosphere where children can attend a football match, and if you cannot honestly see the difference between someone being racially abused in front of their kids and 'arguing against bad ideas or concepts' then you've lost the plot and are, frankly, an enabler of racism. You also seem confused about China and seem to conflate a repressive state wishing to suppress anti-authority activities with a moron abusing someone at a football game.
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    Dreadful quality game from both sides, but Aberdeen looked far more dangerous in attack and deserved their win. Wotherspoon and Foster's laurel and hardy routine was funny for a while, but thought to keep it going for most of the match was a bit of overkill. Foster was brutal, one of those games, but Wotherspoon contributed zero. Players on the bench must sit wondering what's the ****ing point when he stays on the park for 71 minutes playing like that. Liam Craig was also murder. Playing excellent centre midfield upto the break but shuffling things around hasn't helped him. When we went 2 up front he should have been hooked. Lacking in creative/ attacking threat in the line up, with only Kennedy offering much going forward. Careless touch by Kennedy for the first goal, and again by Swanson for the second. Swanson had given the ball away each time he'd had it beforehand the goal, so Aberdeen should have been expecting it. Wee Danny looks very unfit and a shadow of his former self. Thought Murray Davidson was immense today, if the rest of the team gave a f**k like he did it might have been a different story. Kerr got better as the game went on and was excellent, thought Tanser also had a mostly good game. Kane back to his usual running and falling over and offering very little goal threat. We look a disjointed rabble in possession at times, and too many players below par. Not sure what the answer is, and sadly neither does Tommy Wright.
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    Coming Home

    I know 2 or 3 people that moved back to Scotland Perth included I even helped the Perth lad pack up for his trip back then a while later he was back here. Its called the $15,000 mistake over here as that what it used to cost to find out you had made a mistake. But personally I think it depends on how long you've been gone and what your expectations are when you go back i.e. do you end up wie your auld mates same area same work opportunities. I got a call from Perth a few years ago to give a young couple from Perth a call who were over here and were homesick and were thinking of going back to Perrth the girl told she missed the Railway club on a Saturday night they missed the lifestyle they went back. Ill be honest we had been in Ontario a few years and my ex was homesick and wanted to go back I sent her and the kids home but I could not sell our house here and she had to come back with the kids. Must have been fate Im still here 53 years later sorry for the ramble.
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    True but points make prizes so lets stuff the sheep and then the hibees to go 6 points clear of them.
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    BLK don’t do jogging away.
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    Coming Home

    I know a lot of people on here started out in Perth and have ended up moving to different places all over the world. Just curious to know, are there many among us who have successfully returned to Perth after time away? I've lived in England for the last 13 years and would love to move back to Perth but it seems quite a difficult thing to do (in particular with regard to finding a suitable job - from looking at various job sites, it seems there's not much that is regularly available unless you're a teacher, social worker, driver or retail assistant). Would love to hear people's experiences of doing this (or attempting to).
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    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    30 years since moving to McD - time to bring the lamb badge back for a season?
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    Youth Academy News

    Its that time of year again where i give an update on what has been going on at youth level ,with my lad now at u18 level i was hoping i would not need to continue to do this ,the reason why is when you go onto other teams websites or twitter feeds they have a dedicated page or twitter account for their u18s ,before i continue though as always any negative comments i make are my own ,they are no way connected to my lad (he loves it at saints ) or any other player or parent . As most off you know this season saw a new under 18s league (great success)being formed and the re appearance of the reserve league (total disaster ),these were formed as a way to bridge the gap between the 17s and formerly the under 20s and first team ,but this has had the total opposite affect and now the gap is even bigger . lets start with the 18s . 8 players from the the u17s signed their first full time contracts at a professional club,thats one down from the previous year ,a great feeling for these players and for the club who should look at this as prove they have an academy that is working ,difference is though these players didn't get the same coverage as the previous 9 from the season before , no press coverage no hospitality .also now the season is under way there is no match reports ,player profiles ,interviews etc on any official saints site or their tv channel .it would be good i think for the club to really showcase the 18s in the same way other clubs do . the set up of the 18s sees them playing all the elite clubs first then the performance clubs ,their is also a cup competition as well,they also have lineman at every game and all games are recorded so that they can analyse player performance .results have been a mixed bag this season some very good ones but also some bad ones ,the last two game against hibs and hearts both very good games saw saints draw with hibs 3 - 3 and after being 2 0 down against hearts saints came back and won 3- 2 their next game is at home to rangers on march 1st ,the coaching staff for the 18s are very good and this is starting to show with a few of the boys also playing for the reserves . john Robertson -striker olly Hamilton -striker Jordan northcott -left midfield Kyle green - midfield ,to me they are the stand outs this season on a consistent basis ,they also have a very good couple of 16 year old on the bench ,so thats a wee bit about the 18s as per usual id encourage you all to come along and give your support as these boys may be your future first team players . ill give my thought on the reserve team set up in Scotland at a later date and why i think its a disaster for young players . enjoy your Sunday,i am off to the exy to watch the football and the band Ricky and the breakers ,wee plug for them as the lead singer is my gfs dad
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    Scotland's shame

    Scottish clubs voted against introducing strict liability back in 2013, claiming it was a step too far (docking points, closing stands etc). Time to have another vote I reckon.
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    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    Why does the fact that it's a football match make it OK? Here's an alternative suggestion: maybe the person who shouldn't be going to football matches is the guy who can't go to them without randomly shrieking abuse at people? Honestly, some of the behaviour you see from grown men at football matches, under the bizarre excuse of "it's a football match", is just downright odd.
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    Templar Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    His hold up play and bringing others into the game. Goal scoring - although going through a lean spell at moment. Not acting like a prima donna but working for the team. All round better than other options we currently have. and finally because I am of the opinion whilst we have been good for him he has been good for us and I would not like him to go elsewhere.
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    Goals....remember them?

    this happens. Remember, three of those matches were against Celtic, one against Rangers. On the balance of probability, no goals would have been the likely outcome. We've gone through spells like this lots of times before. It'll come. Somebody will get a thrashing from us soon.
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    Saints loanees

    Saints 3 loanees at BSC Glasgow were in action against Gretna2008 in a 3-0 victory. O 'Reilly , making his debut, opened the scoring in the 1st half before 2 players were carded for fouls on him. Gretna got another yellow card for a foul on Cammy Ballantyne. BSC went 2up before Cammy Ballantyne added the 3rd & Final goal . A foul on Euan O'Reilly and a 2nd yellow card for the offender reduced Gretna to 10 men. Ben Quigley came on for his debut with 10 minutes left. At least someone's scoring.
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    Another shop bites the dust...

    Bright House on the High Street to close in March. Feel sorry for those losing their jobs although I question the ethics of that company.
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    Mark Donald

    Signed st johnstone top

    Hi danny swanson kindly donated this signed st johnstone top (signatures include bell, wotherspoon, swanson, gordon, davidson, keown, shaughnessy and a few more) to raise funds for my sister in laws charity (make 2nds count) my sister in law has incurable breast cancer and has found the strength to be the founder of the charity make 2nds count the aim is to raise money to hopefully one day find a cure for secondary breast cancer Anyone wishing to bid on the top please feel free to reply or drop me a pm Charity can be found www.make2ndscount.co.uk Also on facebook and twitter Charity number is SC048268
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    The worst sign for me on Saturday was our body language. Even in the warm up it doesn't look as happy a group players as it did before the break. It's also plain that we haven't played as well since Liam was shunted left (where he is exposed for pace). He was a rock playing in front of the back 4. No disputing Goss is a good player but I'd have Liam back in the holding role. One result going our way will reinvigorate our season and what better time for that than against Hibs this week. Can someone hide the groundsman's green and white socks before this game please?
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    Johnny B

    Saints Tv

    Second bottle opened we did not deserve that
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    Havana Saint

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Time to get Umbro back
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    Am goin will be in the Barossa as well
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    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    What about everyone else's right to attend a football match, or any other event, and not be subjected to abuse? Why is that not important? If someone in a football crowd spends the full 90 minutes yelling racist abuse at a player, should we not do anything about it? Personally I think that arguing against bad (or even good) ideas or concepts is fine; being abusive to others is not.
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    Coming Home

    i moved back to Perth in 2013 after 30 yrs in London,but being mortgage free means any job will do, although its recommended moving back.
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    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    You sound like you will be at the front of the queue to burn books and turn in your family and neighbours! Don't bring kids to a football match? That seems a bit backward, fits in well with the rest of your rant though.
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    Saints Tv

    SportsMediaGB teams: Saints, Aberdeen, Celtic, Dundee, Hearts, Hibs, Kilmarnock, Motherwell. Rangers and St Mirren do their own thing and AFAIK aren't going to be included in the reciprocal agreements. Livi and Hamilton don't have a streaming service yet.
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    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Your wish is my command - ages were right at the start of the season. 1. Zander Clark (26) -2020 12. Cammy Bell (32) - 2019 (on loan from Partick Thistle) 30. Mark Hurst (22) - 2019 Defenders 19. Richard Foster (32) - 2020 5. Joe Shaughnessy (25) - 2019 6. Steven Anderson (32) - 2020 (on loan at Partick Thistle until May 2019) 24. Brian Easton (30) - 2019 3. Scott Tanser (23) - 2021 23. Liam Gordon (22) - 2021 14. Aaron Comrie (21) - 2019 15. Jason Kerr (21) - 2022 31. Niall Keown (23) - 2019 (on loan from Partick Thistle) Midfielders 7. Drey Wright (23) - 2020 10. David Wotherspoon (28) - 2021 4. Blair Alston (26) - 2019 + 1 8. Murray Davidson (30) - 2020 + 1 28. Ross Callachan (24) - 2020 26. Liam Craig (31) - 2020 27. Sean Goss (23) - 2019 (on loan from Queens Park Rangers) 20. Kyle McClean (19) - 2019 - (on loan at Linfield until May 2019) 18. Ali McCann (18) - 2019 (on loan at Stranraer until May 2019) 33. Matty Kennedy (23) - 2020 11. Danny Swanson (31) - 2020 Strikers 16. David McMillan (29) - 2020 (on loan at Hamilton Accies until May 2019) 9. Chris Kane (23) - 2020 32. Tony Watt (24) - 2019 17. Michael O'Halloran (28) - 2021 22. Callum Hendry (20) - 2020
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    St Johnstone Womens FC

    Yeah, the original womens team that competed as Jeanfield became St Johnstone WFC after playing for a couple of seasons on the McDiarmid astro. Last year with a number of girls over 17, but no Under 19s league, and not likely to get a place with the Saints team, Jeanfield decided to form a womens team that would play in the Scottish Womens Football Division 2. The team features a mix of youth players as well as those as who have played football before but taken a break and want back into the game, or step back from SWPL level. The pathway with the youth set up at Jeanfield is for the younger girls to progress into the womens teams. Of the 20 strong Saints squad at present, 8 of them are players who have been with the club since at least Under 17 level, one of them has been with the club since Under 11.