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    Templar Saint

    Saints v Saints 16/3/2019

    Nae diddies means more West Coast crap. Give the Scumdee points to keep them up and at least gives a half decent crowd for games next year and 9 points towards again being the top team in tayside. In fact hope the arabs come back up so we can hump them again and again
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    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Is there only a choice between the two? I'd still choose Kane. Feruz is 23, has five starts in his entire career, and lasted a month at Hibs before giving up because the training was too intense.
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    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

    It's what would previously have been called a transitional spell/season. Nowadays it's a disaster and someone must pay. I'm no psychologist but to me it suggests their confidence is shot to pieces. They start off as if they're going to end the run then as soon as they lose a goal it's 'oh God, here we go again'. I read Thistle and Motherwell fans saying the same thing happened to them after having to play at least one of the Old Firm numerous times in a very short period and getting stuffed so it's not a unique situation. Ours has just gone on longer. We'll recover and we'll be fine.