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    Hi everyone. Found out the news about my dad on Friday. It was very sudden but as none of his family were in Panama at the time details are few and far between at the minute. Expecting a call from the Embassy in the next couple of days and will know more then. He was a great Dad and loved nothing more than telling me on a Saturday morning who he’d been winding up on WAP over the last few days and who he was beating in the predictor! Being away from Perth for many years meant this place gave him an outlet for all things St Johnstone and enabled him to have debates and conversations, which many of us get in the pub on a Saturday afternoon, with all of you. Thanks to anyone who berated him, nibbled at his bait or rised to him any time he put up a nonsense post as he thrived on it and, while he often came across as abrasive on here, it was always in jest with a tongue firmly in cheek and his way of still being involved with saints from a far. My brother Saul and I (Joss) would like to pass on our thanks to everyone for their kind words and for humouring him over the past few years
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    Really? Why would any Saints fan want this? The options to replace him are tragically poor and would likely lead us into the wilderness for years to come. He's simply the best manager that we've ever had and has led us to successes that we could scarcely imagine. The lack of respect shown to him by too many fans is embarrassing. Be very careful what you wish for imo.
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    Are you serious? We played well, had one sloppy moment where we conceded amongst two wonder saves and us hitting the bar. We dominated to the point it wasn't even clear we were a man down. I've had a lot of issues with our performances lately, but I'm struggling to believe anyone can criticise that one.
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    Lack of Ambition or Direction

    My tuppence worth - too long? Don't read. I'm as frustrated with the current situation as everyone else on here seems to be but I don't think there's an easy answer. We don't have endless funds to plough into the team and I saw in the global sports salary analysis that our first team are on an average wage of less than £1k per week. It's hardly rock star stuff. Notably, Motherwell (who pumped us on Tuesday) and Hamilton are the only two teams in the top flight with lower wages. Given the state of attendances, not just this season but also during our recent "glory" years, we can't afford to go and splash the cash to "invest for the future" as a few people seem to be suggesting. Our average gate this season so far is higher than 2 years ago and only 500 less than when we'd just won the Scottish Cup and were on the way to a fourth place finish and another European spot. This is likely down to the fact that we have relatively successful Hearts, Hibs, TFOE, TFOD and Aberdeen teams visiting regularly again but that has the counter-effect of reducing our chances of competing, given their relative means. I don't feel that Tommy has helped himself this season with some of his outbursts in the media and the constant links to NI and The Rangers but I'm not sure that there really is a better man out there for the job. Yes, changing the manager can sometimes get you a bit of a bump in results but when we got rid of Totten for McClelland it was a spectacular failure that we took years to come back from. Similarly, dumping Sandy Clark for Billy Stark set us up for 3 years of painful football before Owen then Del brought us back to the top flight. Careful what you wish for. In terms of the Browns, who else has put themselves forward to back Saints over the last 30 years? Who wants to invest in a club that can only drum up 4.5k fans when they're having the best run in their history? They've kept us stable, not put the club at risk and have generally looked out for what's best for St Johnstone. There's little thanks for what Geoff and Steve have done but given where we are I don't really see too much to complain about. They have stuck steadfastly to keeping the club solvent, like you would a business. Do we want to model ourselves on Dundee, Dunfermline, Airdrie, Motherwell, Livingston, Gretna who tried to speculate to accumulate before crashing and burning in spectacular fashion? I love Saints. I've been going to games for over 30 years and had a season ticket for most of that time (except when I was a poor student in Edinburgh and even then I made at least 10 games a season). Yes, I want our results to improve. I agree that our football has been poor over the last few months. But I am still proud to be a Saintee and put faith in the guys who have brought us so much success over the last few years.
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    Lack of Ambition or Direction

    Hard not to agree with this. I know this argument has been done to death but it still rankles me that if you go back to the summer of 2014 we did nothing to build on the momentum, excitement and goodwill generated by the Cup win. We let go of key players (Cregg, Hasselbaink) who the manager apparently thought he'd be able to replace, then ended up not being able to sign anyone - and we had all that nonsense with claiming we were trying to sign David Goodwillie only to go back on it and say he was never a target. Looking back, I'd say that was the start of the increasingly regular public spats between TW and SB. On top of that, criminally, was the complete inability to target the potential new fans from the Cup final and the open-top bus parade and get season ticket info to them quickly. I know the club's approach is to treat survival as the number one priority, but there have been big opportunities to kick on and grow the support and attract better players and right now it feels like those opportunities were allowed to simply slip away. In fact I'm not convinced that Steve Brown would even acknowledge that those opportunities existed - his attitude just seems so backward and old fashioned at times. I remain confident we'll stay up this season, but after a season like this one attracting good players and attracting more supporters is only going to get harder.
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    Popped over to Cliftonhill to help clear the snow earlier. Unfortunately there was too much snow for 50 folk to clear but it was great to see folk digging in to help their local club. Not often you'll see the manager and the chairman digging snow for 3 hours to get a game on. Great folk who love their club. Few Saints fans turned up as well which was nice to see. The grass under the snow was nice and soft and the lads there reckon the drainage at Cliftonhill is excellent. We've cleared about 30% of the snow and targeted the worst draining areas so hopefully should be fine for Tuesday with the thaw.
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    Met John over 15 years ago, in London, and Perth, and Athens nearly came off too. And you know I was thinking about him, might have been yesterday. Cos I've not been on here as much, and with recent posts I'd thought, "John's not chipped in", now this. Gutted. Just so so sorry to read this, I'll really miss him on here. ****. This sucks. Joss - I'm sorry mate. My Dad is the other side of the world, and I dread this sort of news coming in. Thanks for posting the photo, it's one for the ages now. Sending you love. John - RIP ...... you made this place ...SHINE BRIGHT <3
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    Chris Millar Testimonial

    Unfortunately I think this post says a lot about why people are annoyed in the first place - there's a real feeling of this being a tickets-for-yer-mates scenario and the fact that you managed to get five tickets for something that most people didn't even know about, and that you're clearly on good/friendly terms with one of the committee, doesn't really come across very well. Rightly or wrongly, I think there's a real impression with a lot of these off-the-field events that you need to be in an "in crowd", or be mates with the right people, in order to be involved or attend. That's a real shame when you consider how popular a player Chris Millar is for us and I think a lot of Saints fans would like to feel that they at least have the same fair chance of getting tickets for events that everyone else does, even if the venue is small. I know how much unpaid and thankless work goes into organising stuff like this and I'm not taking a pop at anyone - and I know fans will always have a moan regardless of what happens - but at the same time I think there have to be lessons learned from things like this.
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    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Had we had a better season and been clear of relegation sooner I suspect we'd have more players tied up by now and Macca would probably have been one of them. As it is, it seems the delay has hurt us as our rivals have been able to start planning earlier than us. We all knew Macca was coming to the end of his career and probably wouldn't play as much next season, but I worry that losing him completely from the dressing room and the training pitch is going to be a huge blow. He's clearly not going to be a first choice pick at Hearts but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him popping up with some important goals for them. If we end up losing Macca, Mannus, Millar and Davidson (and possibly Ando?) all in the same summer... individually it's perhaps not a worry, but losing several is a massive concern as that's the heart of our most successful ever squad all gone. That really hammers home the need to up our game in terms of recruitment - but with a lower league placing and less money coming in, will Steve Brown see it that way? We need to find new blood from new places and one thing I don't want is yet another dragged-out transfer window of talking about O'Halloran and Swanson. One thing that speaks volumes about Macca is that even though he's leaving us for one of our nearest rivals in terms of league placings, I haven't heard a single word said against him from any Saints fan for making that decision. I truly believe that in years to come, when we're talking about all-time Saints legends, he'll be right up there in the top 5.
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    Alex Rennie

    Alex Rennie one of the all time greats. A player who could play in any position and never let us down. He arrived at Muirton in late October 1967 from Stirling Albion in a swap deal for Bruce Munro (ex Kinnoull Juniors). Munro I think on his debut for Albion scored 2 goals against Rangers. We at the time thought what has Ormond done but as we were to learn he didn’t make bad signings. To begin with Alex was mainly in the reserves but you could tell he was a talented player. I don’t think that Willie Ormond knew what his best position was and I remember him playing centre forward against Keith in a Dewar Shield match and scoring a hat trick. In a match against Morton in late 68 Saints were 3-0 down and put Rennie up front and he scored 2 goals but unfortunately that was not enough. This was a time that you could see Saints were beginning to click and soon went on winning run with a settled team which didn’t include him but he was in the 13 or 14 man squad, there was only one substitute then, no Saints fan was ever disappointed if he was playing. It wasn’t until the end of season 70-71 that he became an automatic choice and played in the 2-0 win against Rangers at Ibrox to clinch third place. He also was in the team against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu His winning goal against Rangers will never be forgotten by the Saints supporters who witnessed it. Interestingly enough at that time if both teams strips were the same colour the home team changed, something that annoyed my father no end. On a lighter note does anybody else remember the Alex Rennie song. Which was a take off of the Piglets Johnny Reggae, Here comes Alex Rennie, Alex Alex Rennie, Alex Rennie score a goal. I don’t know if there were any more lines to the song. As for his time as manager after getting promoted to the Premier League it was always an uphill struggle with a part time team and little money for players. If only Saints had held out in the Scottish Cup match against Rangers. We did beat Celtic at Muirton and Hibs at Easter Road in the League Cup and beating Hearts in the race for First Division Championship being some of the highlights. Remembering You Alex Alex Rennie. Thanks
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    Alex Rennie

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    Hope he does us proud on Sunday, I’m sure he’ll try his best,all I expect, some of our so called supporters should probably stop pretending they’re supporters,as theyre almost wishing defeats on us,so they can say I told you so! I’m going,and will suppport my team to the hilt,,come what may, WAP is a shadow of what it was,because of opinionated arseholes that think they know football,and have never played the game at any level,before someone asks my level,I lost a cup final to a team that won a European trophy,but even Radford won’t be able to identify me. COYS
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    Alan Mannus

    Club confirm that Alan Mannus leaving Saints at end of season to go back to Ireland. He has been a fantastic player for us and was another of our cup heroes and played his part in our European adventures. He is a nice guy and was such a good mentor for Zander and the younger goalies. Great role model for young players. I will really miss him but so glad he played for Saints and did such a good job. Wish you well Alan as you return home.
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    Youth Academy News

    A wee trip to Dundee after a night out is never a good idea ,specially after 4 hours sleep ,but this time it was well worth it . the sun was out the wind was gusty and the long johns were on ,the game started of at some pace with saints playing some very good football ,the opening goal after about ten minutes came out of nothing ,with my lad winning the ball in midfield ,with his back to the goal he played it over the midfielders head and turned him brought the ball under control beat another player and struck the ball from about 22 yards into the bottom corner ,one of the best hes scored ,the game was still going at some pace but saints were comfortable until out the blue Dundee played a long ball forward which got caught in the wind and the saints defender was caught underneath it ,the Dundee striker was quicker to react and scored . a facial injury to deastie meant he was forced off and had to go to hospital for stitches ,but soon after saints were 2 1 up ,when the lad won the ball and put it on to his left foot with an inch perfect cross to young Jordan northcott who timed his run perfect and for a wee man he cant half jump ,rose and scored with the header . then disaster saints down to ten men when Ross the keeper was sent off for handling outside the box ,Kyle woolly was the man to take his place in goal and saved the resulting free kick ,half time 2 1 second half so saints play against the wind and with ten men so we had an idea Dundee would attack a lot and we would hit them on the counter ,saints defended so well but Dundee leveled with about ten minutes to go ,i did think the heads would go down but did they hell saints managed to get further up the park and the lad picked up the ball and lifted the head to play a superb ball to Jordan northcott who was running in on the angle and his first touch and control was brilliant enough to give him the right angle to shot and score to make it 3 2. and thats how the game finished an outstanding display from each member of the team from front to back they all worked so hard for each other . the younger lads also won winning 4 2 ,so a good day for the saints youth in the derby games .
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    St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    The grin on Chris Millar’s face after he’s flicked the ball over his head and beaten two men was glorious. Right in front of us, it was glorious to see and if the players are back enjoying football then that’s the best thing for the team.
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    Radford 72

    Heart's v St Johnstone 03/02/18

    I understand that for 80% of our fans, they only get to see the team at home and performances and results haven't been good enough but in terms of picking a battle, going off on one following yesterday will seem odd timing to the fans who were at Tynecastle. Saints have been very good on the road for the past year (10 wins and 2 draws from 19 games I believe) and there is little in our away performances that needs altered. And we know exactly what needs to change at home, we need to stop conceding early first goals that put us under pressure. I agree it's past the stage of making excuses for it and needs rectified but yesterday's performance didn't merit the reaction its received in some quarters.
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    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Quotes from Millar about what happened at the start of the season.. “It’s been a funny season! Obviously I was told I could leave the club which is never something you want to hear as player. It was never a case of being forced out of the door though – the gaffer was open and honest, and he just told me that he didn’t envisage me playing as much and that if I wanted to be a regular at this point in my career I could look elsewhere. It came as a bit of a surprise I’m not going to lie because I featured in the European games in the summer but that’s football. You can take these things two ways; you can take the hump and sulk, becoming a negative influence on the squad, or you can get your head down and work hard. I chose the latter and I’m really happy that I’ve managed to get back into the first-team. “I never doubted myself and I always felt I had the ability to force myself back into the reckoning. I want to be here at St. Johnstone – playing and contributing to the squad – and I still feel I’ve got plenty to offer the team. I’m feeling as sharp as ever and just want to keep on performing whenever I get the chance to pull on the jersey.”
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    dont spoil a good day with this endless bitterness please saints fans passion displays in different ways and guises....people care and get worried
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    Don't normally engage in these debates but yesterday was just shocking on a number of fronts and raise many questions. TW - one of his key traits is loyalty. Has worked in the past when we have gone through sticky patches and eventually come good but I think it's fairly clear that by sticking with a number of these players will see us in ever deeper difficulties. Sadly Macca, Anderson, Craig, Millar and Wotherspoon of that team yesterday were miles off the pace and technically bereft - times up for all of them. Watson was clearly either unfit or simply has no pace yet he is played against Storey who clearly was fit and has pace in abundance. Surprise surprise three goals conceded from our right side and it could have been more = ? TW decision making / tactics. We all had a bit of a joke a while back at Sammons expense - on yesterday's display he was miles ahead of either of our two starting forwards. For me Comrie is a shoe in for right back and did commendably at left back but surely should have been chosen for right back. Not for the first time a player makes himself available and breaks down before the game starts or shortly thereafter - Tanser should be shot if TW comments re his absence are correct. TW talks about "throwing in" younger guys. No - the likes of Kerr and Gordon deserve a run and he should show confidence in them to do so just as he did with Comrie til his injury. Anyone who watched PT against Celtic the other night would have realised this team was going to cause us all sorts of problems if we did not have basic structure and determination from the get go - yet both were missing. Why ffs? understand and accept Browns approach to financial management but there is now a clear need for short term investment at least in this window to freshen up the team - particularly in midfield and out wide. We are in a dogfight and without some change and inspiration trouble is ahead I fear. Simply cannot understand why Kane and McMillan did not start yesterday - the two who did were abysmal (again) and I would have pulled at least one of them before half. TW didn't want to go into the dressing room at full time ??!! At half time he should have ripped into them and changed personnel and structure. hope he has them all in at 0800 this morning to watch what we had to witness and put them through a good hard session focusing on basic structure and skills. sorry for the ramble - feel a bit better now!
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    Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    So sad news.a true saintee and a mate from our teenage years. so many memories . condolences to his sons.
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    That is one of the worst teams I've ever seen in the top flight. County are going down. Owen Coyle instructing his team not to give the ball back has paid him with karma. Ha! Red card. I could see similarity in our performances a few games ago to County today - no purpose, no tactics, no determination. That was a very good performance by us today and hit the bar and Craigs lob in injury time could have had it at 4 easily. Good to see some spirit back and players playing with a smile once again. Fans in the whole were patient and supportive, good to see. Some will still look for faults, but we'e just had the best home performance of the season and I can see further improvements happening. We got some purpose once again and know how to get results. Next game can't come quick enough! Well played lads. Cheers Tommy for playing 2 up front!
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    To start with I think one of the Moderators need to change the headline to this thread; TW has not been sacked and it's pretty sad and misleading that anyone purporting to be a Saints fan would start something like this without any foundation. How about- Tommy Wright's position - to start the thread? Not as sensationalism but more accurate. Mods need to take things more serious on this site or it really is going to loss all credibility.
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    Havana Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Faith in too many players who have performed in the past but have underperformed this season. As has been outlined by numerous others, (I agree with them) something like 7 of the starting XI in the cup final team are still at the club and really are in the twilight of their careers - that's being tactful. It is sad to see the demise of players of high calibre historically. I read with interest the prevous posts surrounding the end of Dasovic's career, a quite exceptional talent who played for the club. "Love is blindness" as the song goes.. You are only as good as your last game. Monday night was extremely encuraging on many levels. Our future is what we want it to be, not grasping to previous glories. It starts with the nucleus of the team on Monday.....onwards...
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    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Tommy loves an ageing target man so it's probably John Toshak.
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    When you consider on Saturday it took an average of around 35 people 3.5 hours to clear 30% of the pitch plus get the surrounding areas gritted then you can see how long it takes to clear a full pitch. Those 35 people were like burst balls by then - most of them over the age of 45. No way they could carry on for the full day. I'm reasonably fit and my back was killing me by half eleven. You have to remember that the snow you dig out in the middle of pitch has to be dragged 50 yards to the side and dumped on top of an ever growing mountain of snow. And it's heavy. And it's slow. So all the volunteers left on Sat and they had absolute blizzards on Sunday - another 4 or 5 inches of snow laying. Nothing you can do about that and no clearing could go on. Even if they covered the areas that were previously cleared you still need to dig that out again. On Monday they got landscape gardening company to come on (for free) to clear the pitch as best they could. Remember everyone is at work - not easy to get volunteers. By that point the thaw starts and the ground starts to get a bit soggy. Then today, it's absolutely pissed it down the full day on an already soggy pitch. I'm not sure what else they could have done? Sometimes in Scotland the weather is just shite.