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  1. what about the away kit fiasco - a total joke. and as for the mediocre bit - do you honestly believe we are any better than that?
  2. its very important we stay in this cup
  3. if you read my post its not coyle i have the issue with, its the board who i feel are now suffocating this club.
  4. we have to let brown know we are not happy at progression at the club and we expect changes, we just go with the flow too often.
  5. so you are happy for us to be a mediocre first division team til the ennd of all time?
  6. we will not win promotion this year.
  7. half my rant has dissapeared!! anyway the guy from wisemans was going to put 5 million into the club but brown told him where to go. we had a chance to establish ourselves in the spl but brown chose not to pay the players who had got into europe any more and 1 by 1 they left the club, leading them to be replaced by inadequate players. we have been slipsliding for 5 years and we are not showing any signs of proggessing. i feel sorry for coyle and believe with a decent boardroom he coulkd do well. i love saints and have been a loyal fan for years but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
  8. we stood up for ourselves and let it be known that we are not happy at the way things are at saints right now. for 5 years now the club has drifted further and further away from anywhere near good enough, how long is a transitional period? we laugh at other teams for their finacial woes (livi, pars etc) but they are still in the spl and at least livi have won a national cup. something saints will NEVER do if we continue our slipslide. it is time for geoff brown to leave the club and for someone else with fresh ideas to come in, i am reliably informed that the bloke who owns wisemans dairies was willing to put
  9. dobbie is a big fat useless, cuddly bear. seroiusly hes a fat bugger and is also lazy and useless.
  10. not exactly from a good game (0-5) v hearts but a memory all the same!
  11. cup runneth 99 was good and so was easily beating livi the tubes, meadowbank cnuts.
  12. to be honest the ref was crap on saturday but we never really deserved any more than a point. we were truly awful. we have a team of experienced players who seem to have no desire, sheerin is back to his bad old self, anderson had a stinker on saturday, jason does nowhere near enough hard work etc etc.
  13. cant really st.moron keeping their run going tbh, but i am afraid we will not be good enough to capatilise anyway, we have no consistency whatsoever and there are too many players getting away with putting in inept performances week on week.
  14. when you see the fixtures at the start of the season this is one you look to for 3 points and a nice wee five goal haul, but im not so confident tbh. stanraer are no mugs, we are playing crap at the moment and it will end up a 1-1 draw.
  15. even though my name is on it, i wont be buying it, what a waste of money.
  16. It was quite good fun before on the old forum so. One day the lead singer from Alcazar was walking through a meadow in deepest perthshire when he was approached by an elderly country gent and.......
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    do you mean spurs or the goners i mean gooners?
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    oh gee, you managed to beat wigan! and that means your great again