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  1. Miracles? A few more attempts on goal would be good.
  2. No as auld as you anyway Royston.
  3. Absolutely hilarious that a Saints fan would dare shout such a thing during an insipid first half. Tommy did need to get it sorted and should have made a decision to change something at Half Time. Instead he waited another 15 minutes. Had we done it earlier we might have had enough to win the game, hope it's a lesson learned.
  4. To my mind he's definitely an attacking midfielder who needs a wee bit of leeway to roam behind the strikers. I fear the reason he's not involved is simply the risk involved in losing a wee bit of solidity in midfield but if he can create more opportunities for us and nick a few as well it has to be worth that gamble. I'm sure we all know by now that Tommy is Pragmatist-in-Chief though and he's unlikely to leave what he'll perceive as holes in his midfield.
  5. Thought he might have at least dived but it was a strange shot from that angle on the foot you wouldn't expect. I also wonder if it took a nick on the way?
  6. In terms of sheer ability I wouldn't doubt Dylan Easton is probably on a similar level but for whatever reason can't get near our squad. I refuse to speculate as to why but I'll be more than a little disappointed if he doesn't get an opportunity at some point. Thomson has looked decent in Under 20 games as well and I'd happily see him involved as well. Don't know if it's directly related or otherwise but the first team are in training today, perhaps a reflection on yesterday's performance?
  7. Really turgid stuff today. Far too many wayward passes and negative play. Lucky to get a point.
  8. Good highlights. Can only hope at least one or two of those boys will push on and become a big part of the first team in years to come.
  9. Brown not afraid to look forward as well, even if it doesn't come off. Cummins goal on Sunday came from Brown at least attempting a shot from distance.
  10. Partick at Firhill tonight at 6. Does anyone go to the away games?
  11. Better asking Postie to be honest, he's the bus convener.
  12. It'll either be a snorefest or we'll pump them. I can't decide which. Clearly we need to continue the attacking we did at Tynecastle but sort out the defending though I do think it's easier to sort that out than it is to magic up a goalscoring formula. Either way one swallow does not make a summer and all that and while I can't see us defending quite as poorly it remains to be seen whether we look to shitfest games 1-0 or try and encourage the players to repeat the scoring and creating exploits of yesterday.
  13. Absolutely and thank fook.
  14. I'm not at all suggesting that they are, someone else further back alluded to it.
  15. We really need to look at ways of keeping the bus going. Personally I'm for trying to bargain with the bus companies and trying to get smaller and perhaps cheaper buses if possible. The biggest problem with Dundee that it's so close and cheap on the train that the bus just isn't everybody's bag.
  16. If St. Johnstone wanted to manipulate gate receipts there could be 500 free Under 12s in the ground but they could claim there was 700 or whatever. Who's checking?
  17. Will come down to cost. Only 18 on it last season - no sustainable.
  18. Just as an aside the Hearts fans go to The Championship for a year and return as Dundee United fans. Clueless bunch today.
  19. Thought Scott Brown did quite well when he came on.