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  1. lethamsaintee

    MOTM Aberdeen 0 - Saints 0 - 10/12/16

    Muzz the Machine
  2. lethamsaintee

    MOTM Motherwell 1 - Saints 2 - 13/08/16

    Can only be Danny Swanson
  3. lethamsaintee


    It's usually a fiver to watch the 20s. To get some perspective it was a tenner to watch the first team yesterday.
  4. lethamsaintee


    Feel Saints have made a mistake here with pricing. Unless you have a Season Ticket it's 8 quid which seems a lot to watch the 20s against a Highland League mob.
  5. lethamsaintee

    Any body going to Elgin

    Perhaps then, clever of Saints, to include the the two group games on the Season Ticket.
  6. lethamsaintee

    Saints v Falkirk .SLC Sections 23/7/16

    Easiest 3-0 win we will ever have. Very comfortable and always in total control really. Played some decent stuff up to the area as well and our delivery from Corners is much improved thus far. Pleased with today and with the performance and result last week at Elgin.
  7. lethamsaintee

    Saints Development League Thread

    See it starts Monday(11th) for Saints with a trip to face Dundee at Gayfield, Arbroath with a 7pm KO. Anyone going?
  8. lethamsaintee

    Jeanfield Swifts v St Johnstone (Friendly)

    Saints used to appear in the Bill Bremner Memorial Cup at Jeannie back in the 90's as well.
  9. lethamsaintee

    Season Tickets

    Possibly the best thing you have ever written.
  10. lethamsaintee

    st Johnstones best moment of the season for you

    Some real highlights. Ibrox, 5-1 at Pittodrie, 3-0 at Hearts, late wins at Caley and County. All up there. Some low moments too, particularly Amy time we played Thistle and the 3-0 loss at Killie.
  11. lethamsaintee

    Motherwell v Saints. 7/5/16

    And about 600 of them were stewards ha ha
  12. lethamsaintee

    Ross County 30/4/16

    Or a phallic being 8-)
  13. lethamsaintee

    Hearts Game 19/3/16

    There seems to be a few inaccuracies here. Firstly, It was NOT arranged through Leah, she was simply the messenger. We left Perth in decent enough time but due to a mixture of an accident and the bus driver taking a route that was off the beaten track we arrived in Gorgie much later than usual. By the time we arrived there it would have been pointless going there anyway as given the distance from the ground we'd have to have left around 2.20/2.30 to ensure we arrived in time for kick off. There will be an apology made of course.
  14. lethamsaintee

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Cuptie has signed a new one year deal.
  15. lethamsaintee

    MOTM Dundee United 1 - Saints 2 - 21/11/15

  16. lethamsaintee

    Dundee Utd v Saints. 21st Nov 2015. 3pm K-O

    Unless it's change this season it does apply to away fans as well, I'd double check with United.
  17. lethamsaintee

    Dundee Utd v Saints. 21st Nov 2015. 3pm K-O

    My memory is that both were fairly close range.
  18. lethamsaintee

    Dundee Utd v Saints. 21st Nov 2015. 3pm K-O

    It was around that time i was deemed old enough to go to away games and it's probably my favourite era, always remember the excitement when I was going to a ground for the first time, and inevitably Saints had a cracking support. Luzern is probably the only away trip that comes anywhere near those Halcyon Days, though obviously the build up I'm Glasgow before the final was amazing as well.
  19. lethamsaintee

    Dundee Utd v Saints. 21st Nov 2015. 3pm K-O

    I'd love to go back to those days. Used to love trips to Tannadice, East End, Brockville and the like. This Saints team are may be achieving great things, but our fanbase are so much more conservative now than ever.
  20. lethamsaintee

    Dundee Utd v Saints. 21st Nov 2015. 3pm K-O

    Seems like many years since we sung the dynamite chant. Used to be a staple of away games. I too remember that 2-1 win in 1990. Sure both Saints goals were scored down our end. Zorro and Inglis I'm sure were the scorers but I was about 8 so might be wrong!
  21. lethamsaintee

    Dundee Utd v Saints. 21st Nov 2015. 3pm K-O

    Get yer bums on The Barossa bus for this - special £5 return for this game.
  22. lethamsaintee

    Saints Development League Thread

    Tuesdays game to be the last at McDiarmid til March. Wonder where the mystery tour will take us this year.
  23. lethamsaintee

    League Cup Draw

    Think it's only The Scottish Cup that always has the semi's at Hampden. League Cup has always been a bit more flexible though the Edinburgh grounds are used more often than not when two 'wee clubs' ate involved. I just want to avoid Celtic in the semi as a sparsely populated Hampden just doesn't appeal.
  24. lethamsaintee

    Tommy Wright

    I agree that team were beautiful. Probably from 96 til 99 in my eyes. Still have more love for the current side, and think that as a whole they are a better 'team'.
  25. lethamsaintee

    Saints v Killie 7th Nov 3pm K-O

    Is that not kinda the job of a defender. Cuptie is all but done as a full back so Joe should play. Very few of the goals we've conceded, if any, are directly down to Joe. He's a pretty mince footballer but defensively sound.