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  1. The polis dinnae ken where it is.
  2. Has anyone heard of this and if so do they know where it is? Apparently there's a couple of other places that share the name (out past Scone Palace and also near Leven in Fife) but this is somewhere around Perth. Thought it may have been somewhere up the back of Craigie or Moncrieffe or maybe up Necessity Brae way. Any ideas?
  3. Fs it seems I've had my hair cut by a filer going by that site.
  5. Did he ever really go away?
  6. Think he's just the type that gets into a 'zone' (mind Ken Shamrock?) and just shows absolutely no emotion. Assume it helps in such a situation. He looked perfectly chuffed after the whistle went.
  7. Tommy was about to Tombstone the boy before being calmed down.
  8. Old man is stuck offshore so have 1 extra adult ticket for the North. Row L. £26. Can deliver locally if required.
  9. Was at the office 20 mins ago. Only a handful of seats right in the front rows of East and Main stands. Got 4 purchased for the North.
  10. Tins of thon yellow stuff from the Coop was the sensible drinker's choice. 1.65 a can. Assuming it's their equivalent of Tennent's but is actually quite a nice beer.
  11. Wondered what that was about. Just saw someone scarper with the flag and a couple of our lot in pursuit.
  12. Absolutely. Just like Pogs, Tamagochis, Pokemon etc, there will soon be a new craze making it obsolete.
  13. Indeed. Perhaps the rest of them haven't quite honed their promo skills yet so rely on someone else as a mouthpiece. Like the wrestling back in the day when they had someone who was moich but shite with a microphone so had a manager to talk for them.
  14. Stop drinking beer, stop taking cocaine. Start taking magic mushrooms and LSD instead.
  15. i pure wear my reni hat like a moich ged ken? colours r for chaits #casual4lyf
  16. Why do they still wear Stone Island gear? Don't see the fun in cutting about like a shan 80s throwback. All look the same. Drones.
  17. Big Rab always seemed fairly sound at banter with fans. Getting Bomber telt was a braw laugh too. Seems odd he took the huff tonight.
  18. How narrow minded. I rather enjoy my organic cous cous and braised tofu at the start of the second half.
  19. Try using one of those programs that change your ip address so it looks like you're in the UK.
  20. Inflammable material planted in my head... Doss
  21. Mind the hobby horse in thon shoe shop in St. Johns Street
  22. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Ken?