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  1. Dylan-Saints

    Europa League 2017 - 18

    Flying Glasgow-Vilnius via London Luton on way there and Belfast on way back for 225 altogether. 6 of us have booked a 6 bed dorm in a rather rough looking hostel about 15 mins walk from the Old Town
  2. Dylan-Saints


    i see your point but think its the fact they want to be noticed on tv, closer to away fans etc, maybe once numbers are bigger then this might be the case
  3. Dylan-Saints

    New League Cup Format

    http://spfl.co.uk/news/article/new-league-cup-format-announced/ Finally doing something to try and improve Scottish Football it seems, hope it works...
  4. Dylan-Saints

    Half scarves and tops - what do you think

    There ridiculous, Saints/ESES ones don't get me started on them too
  5. Dylan-Saints

    Morton v Saints. LC QF Tue 27th OCT

    Cracking win last night after being 1-0 down, roll on the Semis
  6. Dylan-Saints

    Alashkert V Saints. Europa League Q1.. 1St Leg, Thurs 2Nd July

    Dont know if its been confirmed already but what times kick off and anyone know of any pubs showing it?
  7. Dylan-Saints

    Billy Carle

    Had the crack with Billy in the Roadhouse the morning of Luzern game and saw him about two weeks ago where he seemed fine, RIP
  8. Dylan-Saints

    George Hunter

    Seems like a done deal for young Spartans striker George Hunter who has 33 goals in 13 apperances, anybody know much else of him?
  9. Dylan-Saints

    Whats The Atmosphere Like.....

  10. Dylan-Saints

    Whats The Atmosphere Like.....

    Everythings my fault
  11. Dylan-Saints

    Whats The Atmosphere Like.....

    Im on the verge of not going back out of choice, since they've been banned the atmosphere has got worse and worse every game not to help with poor performances on the pitch for the majority of the season makes me wonder why i bother wasting £11 every game after how good the atmosphere was the majority of last season, and this seasons european games it really is a sad state of affairs
  12. Dylan-Saints

    Wi-Fi Hotspots

    Public Buildings in Perth such as the AK Bell Library and Perth Museum & Art Gallery are to become Wi-FI Hotspots http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-29835412
  13. Dylan-Saints

    Rangers Tickets

    Anyone know if these can be purcahsed over the weekend, going to struggle any other time due to work
  14. Dylan-Saints

    Asda/muirton Park

    Was just reading an article about lost football grounds and it just got me thinking where certain parts of Muirton Park would be in relation to Asda eg Penalty Spot, Centre Circle, Corner Flags and the Tunnel
  15. Dylan-Saints

    Yes Or Naw?

    Saw a tweet earlier suggesting Kilmarnock are the most Pro Independence team whilst St Johnstone are most in favour of the Union..... VOTE YES