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  1. St Mirren looking for a new manager. Leaving by mutual consent.
  2. Just noticed their first 4 games & my instant thoughts were that's tough. Never looked too deeply into it or compared other teams fixtures who may have it tougher.
  3. I think St Mirren have a worse start than us.
  4. Bell, Durnan & now Mikey Doyle signed for Falkirk. Must need Tam Scobbie now.
  5. Didn't like last season's away strip. Like both this season's strips but don't like socks. Looks like someone has gone down to Markies & got a couple of pairs off the shelf. Don't look long enough to go up to Liam Craig's thighs.
  6. Away to Hamilton on Boxing day & home to county on 29th Dec. Exciting or what ?.
  7. Difficult opening set of fixtures.
  8. Agreed. Back up but think he would do a job if Zander moves on. Rather him than Bell.
  9. No title is Contracts & Transfers. Its good to talk .
  10. Maybe Clelland or the Irish guy is leaving.
  11. Can't see where we have a post senior enough for Dave . Maybe to replace the ex Saint(can't remember name) that moved on recently. Steevs Stoves or something.
  12. Fixtures out tomorrow. Hope we get a better run of fixtures this season. First game,Rangers or Hearts away probably.
  13. Aberdeen sign Craig Bryson. Great signing IMHO.
  14. Never got the breaks but only themselves to blame for losing a 3 goal lead.