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  1. Pre-season word association Part V

    T im.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    A season too late though. I didn't think we needed to sign Watson.
  3. Ibrox latest...

    Barry Ferguson declared bankrupt owing 1.4 million. Most to taxman. They teach them well at Ibrox. I see they have him listed as a pundit. How do these failed OF players get these jobs.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I see Marcus Haber seems to be out of favour at Dundee. Strange as he was their top scorer last season.
  5. Rory Donnelly

    I am old enough to remember that a tranny was a portable radio.
  6. Friendlies

    Hope it is more entertaining than Saturday when the most entertaining thing to happen was the ref waiting for the groundsman to sow seed in the goalmouth.
  7. Pre-season word association Part V

  8. Rory Donnelly

    FFS Tommy,that will be a bit of a drag on the resources.
  9. Pre-season word association Part V

  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Yeah,What he says & what he does are 2 entirely different things. He says on audioboom that Comrie was best player on pitch at right back & left back yet he still brings in Watson & Tanser. Comrie will end up being loaned out again & become dissolutioned & slip out of football.
  11. Hartlepool

    Team as dull as their strips. Lacking flair and unlikely to trouble many defences but strong & won't lose too many goals. Not sure how to compare with other Scottish teams ,think probably Championship level. Best of luck in your effects to return to national leagues & sad to see your drop down the leagues.
  12. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Car park is a disgrace. I thought the reason we couldn't spend money on the team a couple of years ago was we had to spend it on the car park & infrastructure. How does anyone know what their bay is as most of the numbers are missing.
  13. Pre-season word association Part V

  14. Friendlies

    Yeah, played OK first half & made a lot of runs with nobody picking him out. Second half disappeared a bit & got a knock on the foot as he was being subbed. See now why Tommy wanted another look at him. A lot of skill but not sure how he would cope with our winter grounds. Not easy for Tommy. Would not be upset no matter what decision Tommy makes. Ll e
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Only time I noticed Dow was when he got subbed. Good to see that Ambrose is still a bombs care. How many times will Lennon get sent to the stand this season. , l