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  1. Macca not in Hearts squad today. Maybe he is coming back.
  2. What position does Denham play ?. McMillan & Ando can't get on bench ahead of youth so looks like no future at Saints but we be able to offload them. Callaghan on the bench so he might be getting kept which I wouldn't be unhappy with. He has had a few good games & not had a decent run in team & I think he would be cover if we get down to bare bones. He could probably cover right back if Foster away & we don't get replacement.
  3. No one would. Expect to get live games foc but interviews etc are mainly to promote the game so should be foc.
  4. Not a starting like yourself. Just a perception after watching every home game,a few televised games & BBC stats. If you can show me that we constantly had more than 1 shot on target in most games I will be happy to rethink.
  5. Probably just as well goalie didn't get sent off. Things didn't go well last time against Hibs. Sure the stats against 10 men aren't great .
  6. Great what a 94th minute goal can do for your weekend & your perception of a game. Poor first half & commanding second half. Tommy must have stayed in the dugout at halftime again!. Tommy had a long animated discussion with ref in centre circle at the end of the game. I assume it was about the goalie.
  7. Don't worry about us scoring first & Tommy will park the bus regardless. Its what he does hence 1 shot on target most games.
  8. This word hopefully gets used quite a bit at McDiarmid.
  9. 100%. In his interview Wright says Hibs are not Celtic. Hopefully he doesn't play 9 across the back like he does away from home & rely on one breakaway like he does against the BIG teams. Hibs are attacking & their defence is the weak link. If we sit in our own half we won't test them.
  10. Maybe Roddy is left in charge. He could be our saviour .
  11. What about the £1000s invested in coaching etc by the club. Especially when over 90% will never give any return on the investment.
  12. Like it but it won't happen. Too much like 4_4_2 for negative Tommy.