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  1. Cagey

    Dundee At It Again?

    I am sure I read this morning they were wanting someone to assist him,Jeffries I think. I assume he was too proud to accept so was sacked. I wonder if Tommy will be on the phone to offer his condolences.
  2. Cagey

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    That will be frozen out.
  3. Cagey

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Going to be worse getting beat from Portugal reserves. Robertson looking a bit nervous at line ups.
  4. Cagey

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    No word from Saints yet on the injury but that would mean communicating with the fans. Not a thing associated with Saints. Oh wait ,they are on a well deserved holiday again I think.
  5. Cagey

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Thing is we won't learn anything in that game about formations or players as we will get gubbed 6-0.
  6. Cagey

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Away ahead of myself . I meant September. Maybe we could loan to Jeanfield now that they are in another league.
  7. Cagey

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I didn't think you could loan to any clubs after end of October.
  8. Cagey

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    That was embarrassing. It was like watching Saints. Tearney has been poor this season & he is not a central defender. McDonald is just poor. Robertson a shadow of his Liverpool form & never put a decent cross in all night.
  9. Cagey

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Griffith withdraws from Scotland squad to work on his fitness. It makes it even more annoying that we lost 6 goals to a team whose centre forward wasn't even noticed in the game.
  10. Cagey

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    The fact that this guy was refereeing a Saints-Killie game a few days after attending a booze up on behalf of his dad was ridiculous. I don't suppose Saints even complained,especially after his obvious bias in that game.
  11. Cagey

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    In his position he was just in front of us in East & never noticed him getting injured. You would think they would have had the trainer on to releave the pressure.
  12. Cagey

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Good 3-0 win today against St Mirren. A few first team players in team. Scougall played for 60 mins so he is still with us. Wonder who played left back.
  13. Cagey

    Taxi for Tommy?

    I think it would only be fair to let him go whilst there are loads of jobs out there.
  14. Cagey

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    I think it was tactical to shore up the central defence but taking off Foster instead of Joe was a strange one. If he was unhappy with Foster it was a strange time to sub him right on the half time whistle. In fact it was a strange time to make any sub even if it was an injury.
  15. Cagey

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    As much as I think Tanser was poor, Swanson gave him no help in first half. Assume Wright told him at half time to do more so he took the legs from the winger. Some were having a go at Kennedy for not tracking back but I don't see it. Kennedy has a couple of games to make the position his own unless of course Tommy plays Spoony there.