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  1. Might depend on the team or conditions set. It doesn't seem to be the case with Saints loanees as some don't get game time.
  2. What I find weird is how most teams when they are trying to turns things round they rrevert to 4-2-4. To me if you start with 4-2-4 you won't need to turn things round as you will be starting on the front foot.
  3. Apart from Kennedy he was the only one that looked interested yesterday. That said not sure if he is anywhere near the player he was a couple of seasons ago.
  4. So you don't believe the league table then ?.
  5. What's our home form like stat man ?.
  6. Tommy has said he has the best squad since he has been here. It is the formation & tactics that's the problem.
  7. Wright ****ed it up . Got a young guy from Estonia who apparently had a good game against NI. Had to go begging to Neil Lennon for a couple of reserve defenders. Had to get an out of contract left back that nobody else wanted. Tommy ****ed up in the summer transfer window by spending his time & any money they had on a 3 year contract for a striker who hadn't scored for 5 years. I think Brown has been more than fair to Tommy who has wasted £1000s over the years. Should Ando have been allowed to go given we hadn't signed any experienced defenders.
  8. With their crowds & spending power you would expect them to buy themselves out of relegation although in the past they haven't managed it. Same with Hibs so I think County,Still Kitten & Hamilton are our competition.
  9. Watched the last 20 mins of first half on Alba. Can't bear to watch anymore. Goalie pumping the ball out the other end of the park & not commanding area. Have been a Zander fan & not to confident with other 2 but it is time to try another keeper
  10. Tommy says he is letting the club down & the players are certainly letting the club down. Mainly the players then. Wright is the guy that signs the players,coaches the players & dicides formations & tactics. He said there are no leaders on the park. Well you selected the young captain & made Liam & Fozzy joint joint vice captains ,where are they now ?.
  11. We do better away from home as well. We must take at least 4 points from next two games . If not whole coaching team has to go along with goalkeeping coach.
  12. All those changes. Is Tommy trying to keep players happy ?. I know we didn't win last week but we should have so why the changes ?.
  13. I think Thomson gave him MoM because of the goal & he never knew the name of any other players. Never noticed Hunter was playing til he scored. Good scoring record though.