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  1. Don't have a Hibs ST.Are you on the right forum or are you our groundsman?.
  2. Why would they do that . To save £762 million, Unless there is a huge drop in deaths there is no way the government would allow it anyway but EPL are desperate.
  3. EPL want to restart season first week in May'will need government approval' behind closed doors with TV. Apparently they have to refund Sky/BT £762 million if season is not completed by 12 July.
  4. Making the season null & void would be the worst of all the possible scenarios.
  5. SPFL Advance Payments. Celtic ,Rangers & Motherwell £395,000. 2nd Division teams £1,350. FFS could they not have evened it out a bit & adjust at the end of season. What is £1,350 going to do for these clubs.
  6. Good article in the courier. My thoughts exactly,in fact I might have written it.
  7. I see Dumbarton have raised £10,500 with crowdfunding. That must be £200 per fan. I wonder what Saints could raise ?.
  8. I didn't see anything about his affection for the club. Article was mainly Liam's recollections. Was expecting a wee comment from Jody on how St Johnstone saved his career.
  9. To be fair they were gambles as well. Can't remember if they were late signings or not.
  10. Just watched a few old Saints games on SPFL you tube so it would be great to have them available on this site. Good luck Jamie. Watching some of these games reminded me that May was a great player. If Spoony could deliver in more than a couple of games a season then he could have gone to the top. Reminded that we had some really good players. Macca, Cuptie,Mannus Hasslebank & Mikey in his prime & Midge,Muzz. Off course can't miss Ando & Fraz.
  11. They appear to have ruled out null & void.
  12. This thing is not going to be over or under control until July at the earliest so SPFL should draw a line under this season. Complete it as of now. Work out a method of deciding what would have been the result of the outstanding game & distribute the cash accordingly. Sky & BT could settle up less 10% or if the money was paid at start of season then SPFL refund 10%. Get the clubs their money. Then maybe league reconstruction next season. Scottish cup to be completed at start of next season & SFA get their TV money.
  13. I see Levien & McPhee have agreed to 50% reduction on wages. That's big of them as their contact is up in a couple of months. Why are they still there anyway .They are both inept & if Budge had balls they would have been toast months ago. Was going to post this on the Anne Budge thread but it has been locked for some reason. I