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  1. They have still lost 4 goals in the 2 games that he has missed. It could be that Brechin defence is as bad as ours & I think they started the season without a full squad. But yeah it's a bit of a concern with the amount of goals he has lost as I had high hopes for him & was sure he would be our back up goalie next season.
  2. Pity they got a new manager in. There will probably be a better crowd for the new manager & they will be up for it. Same team as Killie game but Muzz in for Holt.
  3. Noticed on the BBC that Brechin goalie scores from 90 yards, It wasn't Sinclair so is his loan as much a waste of time as Johnston's ?. Maybe he is injured.
  4. Lawless pulling the strings for Livi & scored 7 goals from midfield. Wish Tommy would listen to me. I think if we had also gone for Dykes after we beat QoS after extra time we probably would have had a chance of getting him.
  5. If they can't beat a Celtic playing like that then they never will. Moreles is a nasty piece of work. How he never got booked I will never know.
  6. Saints signing policy = agent texts Tommy ,I hear you need a defender. I have one on my books that I can't get signed. You can have him but I will need my percentage.
  7. Cagey

    Killie v Saints

    A bit more highlights on SPFL YouTube but you would think Killie dominated. We still looked like.we struggled with balls in the box.
  8. Cagey

    Free week

    Another free week . Will have to be content with watching the results come in & hope that there are wins for Aberdeen,Killie, Motherwell & draw between Hamilton & St Mirren.
  9. Cagey

    Killie v Saints

    Aberdeen couldn't get the best out of May. I think Tommy was hoping a return to McDiarmid would see a miraculous return to goal scoring but I think his horrendous injury has restricted him.
  10. I thought they got a trophy .
  11. Good news. Would we not have got compo' for him at his age anyway.
  12. All 6 pointers. These results win define our season,
  13. Cagey

    Killie v Saints

    Would have gone with that team. Good to see Craig sitting in front of back 4 & getting MoM. I would have liked to see Callahan instead of Holt but looks like Tommy has written him off like he did with Midge. Probably would have played Parish instead of Zander but it didn't matter as he only had one save to make.
  14. Cagey

    Killie v Saints

    Turned out to be Madden. McLean would definitely have given Killie the pen they claimed.
  15. Cagey

    Killie v Saints

    Good to get a point at plastic Killie & clean sheet. Stats look to say we were better team. Great to see Gordon back. Happy to see Booth in team. Happy to see Kane up front & May on bench.