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  1. Dallas ref again. We have no chance. He probably comes up in Rangers coach.
  2. Hopefully Tommy will give them his halftime talk before the game.
  3. Wonder if Mr & Mrs Foster will be there or are County playing on Sunday.
  4. Cagey

    Monaco remembered

    We will never see the likes again. If we manage to qualify again it will be against another third world country in the back of beyond. Shame,it was unbelievable.
  5. Should be decent cover until January. Assume if both parties happy then may be extended. Either that or Booth just wanting a wage & keep fit til someone needs a left back in January.
  6. Unfortunately Kennedy will get a reputation for diving. Danny used to dive on any contact but I think he now tries to stay on his feet but I think he sometimes doesn't get free kicks.
  7. Its in a newsfeed. Also the Scotsman.
  8. Amy McDonald wading into Tommy for being a hothead in Sun. Her husband is not ?. Can't do a link but very interesting article.
  9. Just watching Man City high press Norwich who are playing the ball out of defence & scoring 2 goals.
  10. BBC giving Muzz MoM. Hopefully he has found in Holt his Midge.
  11. I was responding to Robs observations in first half & my impression of what in general we have seen the past few seasons.
  12. Never said anything about doing it all the time. Obviously in the course of a game you have to go long. Its just seems to the first instinct to punt. It will be as much fear of losing the ball & thinking the ball is better at the other end of the park.
  13. Even Willie Miller said we dominated second half. Seems to have been the case that we have been the best team in the second half of most games we played. We have usually been poor in first half. Tommy has to get it sorted. Anyway I thought we would get a result today .
  14. Off course you can. You just need confidence & skill.
  15. Don't know why they persist in punting up to average size one up front. Is it Tommy's instructions or are the players not listening.
  16. Craig the only injury but Kane not even in the squad v Aberdeen.
  17. With Holt ,Ralston & May now on board & Drey back I think we should get a result here. All depends on tactics ,tempo & attitude though.
  18. Still need a left back. Is there any still unattached ?.
  19. £200 to sponsor players boots. How much for the pants ?.
  20. I would go with that. See if Kane can do the Mecca job as I don't think May is a lone striker. 4_4_2 doesn't always mean 2 up front. Most teams have the 2 front men helping out in midfield or defence when under pressure. Very rarely are they up front together. Before you start I know Kane is not a Macca but I think we need to see if they can work together. It may be & probably is the fact that Henry may be better in that role.
  21. Cagey


    A bit better tonight but didn't keep the back door shut. I think if we played like that against Russia which is the one we needed to win,we would have won. We were never going to beat one of the best teams in the world. The best manager in the world couldn't do much with the players we have & there is no sign of Scotland having a system of bringing players through. Most of the decent young players in Scotland end up with OF & disappear into oblivion.
  22. A discount on £6 BH .What do you suggest ?.
  23. To be fair I admit to handing out a bit of stick over the years. Nick Dasovic,John Davies & Spoony to name a few. Some rate players & others don't see it. Not sure the difference between stick & abuse. Neither is nice or big but frustration is a big factor.