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  1. Can we recall any of them due to our injury woes. Noticed Northcott was on bench on Saturday but not sure there is anyone else we can use.
  2. A bit defeatest . With the players we have at our disposal I would go with the same formation on Wednesday. We are expected to get beat & we have lost a lot of goals to them by sitting back & letting them do what they do best,attack. County have shown that their defence is suspect so please Tommy,entertain us.
  3. Think we /Ms Robertson should offer Booth a 2 year contract.
  4. Something like his time at Saints. There but never noticed.
  5. Maybe we should have gone for Jason the Hand after all. 10 mins on the field & he scores 2.
  6. Cagey

    For sale?

    Geoff also made money on that one player.
  7. They have a big debt but they are sitting in the play off slot so will they risk letting another centre half go for 20\30 grand.
  8. Started with 3 at the back which I had a feeling we would given problems we have. We did OK with that formation & we changed it to a back 4 after Wright went off & still dominated. Not convinced by Ralston even as a half wingback/fullback. Ralston unavailable for Celtic so hopefully Wright fit as I think we will play with back 5. Who needs Kennedy when we have Tanser.
  9. Cagey

    For sale?

    Yeah, I am sure Geoff has said he was willing to sell. The problem is not even asset strippers are not interested. The value of the land the stadium stands on is probably worth a fortune but I doubt you would get planning permission. I am afraid we are stuck with SB & he is stuck with us.
  10. Our midfield dominated their well lauded midfield of Power & Dicker. McCann & Spoony were immense but not impressed by Holt. Ali McCann is so comfortable on the ball & is never rushed & has great vision. Have never such a good youngster with Saints since the Ormond days. He won't be with us next season.
  11. You could see from east stand it wasn't a pen. Killie are shite & if they didn't dive & fool the ref every time they lost the ball we would have won more convincingly. World is a better place tonight.
  12. Danny in squad. Tommy must be desperate or Tommy not picking team.
  13. Tommy needn't worry. There will be loads of agents on the phone this week offering players. It's worked before with Wright & Matty. Surely over the last 10 windows we got lucky with others. Didn't we ?.
  14. Courier says £75 grand plus add ons. Wonder what the add ons are. Hopefully sell on fee. Maybe a loan.
  15. Looks like it. If I was in his position I would tell them to stuff it.
  16. Police Scotland. Probably no Perth police there. Police brought through from Glasgow on double time.
  17. More like 4/5 signings a season that have contributed nothing.
  18. Around. £70 grand they say. I would think probably less than 70.
  19. Now is not the time to put the breaks on Tommy as it looks like the rewards next season will be greater. Yes over the last 4 or 5 seasons Tommy has wasted thousands on players that have contributed SFA but we have to strengthen the squad after the loss of Muzz,Callaghan & Kennedy.
  20. Danny hasn't even been on the subs bench since St Mirren away ages ago. Can only assume he isn't in Tommy's plans since hasn't even been mentioned for last 2 games Can only assume there was a fall out as Tommy has always rated Danny.
  21. Muzz a huge miss as was shown last night . WithTommy writing off Swanson & Callaghan we have little left in midfield. Liiam hasn't played much football this season & I like Spoony wide left but he is poor in midfield. So its Wednesdays midfield & hope there are no more injuries. We can't afford to lose this game.
  22. Anyone know if it was Duffy or Vihmann on the bench.
  23. Respect to the 267 Saints fans. Only 873 home fans. Winter break is designed for OF. No advantage to anyone else especially fans or clubs finances.
  24. Trawled through BBC live text & only one mention of May"he wins a foul". Also I assume we went 3 at the back when we put on 3 subs on 70 mins.