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    Cagey got a reaction from crieffsaintandy in Player contracts and transfers   
    Give it a break. Bringing back one has been back hasn't worked so lets not try another one
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    Cagey reacted to Pat McGroin in St. Johnstone V Ross County- Sunday 29th   
    Maybe because the team were set up well to dominate possession, everyone else played well and Country were piss poor? 3 possible answers 
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    Cagey reacted to Abernethy Saint in Seasons Greetings   
    They should have the break in the summer. There’s no football then anyway.
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    Cagey reacted to RandomGuy in Player contracts and transfers   
    "Shaughnessy picked up the injury during Sunday's 1-0 defeat at Dover Athletic in the first round of the FA Cup."
    At least he got that big move he was desperate for...
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    Cagey got a reaction from south inch in Managerial Merry-Go-Round   
    Showing your age . Most guys on here won't know him as its too non PC to be shown on Dave.
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    Cagey got a reaction from south inch in St. Johnstone V Ross County- Sunday 29th   
    Results didn't go for us but it would have been worse if we got beat.
    Now any two of bottom 6 could go down.
    By the way we would be deep in relegation trouble without Hendry goals.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Abernethy Saint in Player contracts and transfers   
    Think we should loan out May to Alloa or Dumbarton in the hope that he can find some confidence ,goal scoring form & fitness.
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    Cagey reacted to sleepless in St. Johnstone V Ross County- Sunday 29th   
    Guess it's encouraging that I'm disappointed with that result. A few weeks ago we'd have taken that without question.
    Onwards and upwards
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    Cagey reacted to SconeSaintees in St. Johnstone V Ross County- Sunday 29th   
    Hopefully we can keep this recent run going finish this forgettable year on a positive high and kick on in the new year. Would be great if we got a performance as well with a few goals and another clean sheet would set up the hogmanay celebrations perfectly 
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    Cagey reacted to Dave H in The next five...   
    Those 2 games in hand, add those 6 points on our tally.  Forget goal difference 2 wins from the games in hand and we're smokin!   old firm will rest players v us.
    Frustrating played OF once and -11 goal difference, we could be a lot neater otherwise.
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    Cagey got a reaction from tucker in Hamilton V St.Johnstone - Boxing day   
    Probably a bit of a shitfest with Tommy's new mantra of not wanting to lose.
    Same defence but hopefully McCann & Kane back. Would also like to see Craig as holding midfielder & probably Spoony as long as he is played on left.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Johnny B in Player contracts and transfers   
    He could have clause in his contact to be released if we get relegated.
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    Cagey got a reaction from garydavidson in Player contracts and transfers   
    We need a striker just as much as a centre half. Getting a big one,good in the air is probably impossible for Saints.
    Tommy is pals with Lennon. I wonder if we could get Griffiths on loan for rest of season.
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    Cagey reacted to SaintJet in Player contracts and transfers   
    Over time I have deduced that you are a fairly savvy gentleman and your posts are well worth reading.
     I can only surmise that because of the time of year you have been on the sauce all day and so I'm willing to give you a pass on this ludicrous suggestion.
    However, it is the festive period and so I wish you salutations of the season good Sir.
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    Cagey got a reaction from dunkeldneil in St.Johnstone V St.MIrren - Saturday 21st December   
    Good news. A few St Mirren fans on P&B were concerned. Hopefully Random can pass on news.
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    Cagey reacted to supersaintee in St.Johnstone V St.MIrren - Saturday 21st December   
    It's my daughter that left on a stretcher, thanks for the good wishes. She's in Ninewells getting treatment just now, we're hoping to have her home for Christmas. Thank you to the staff who helped her yesterday. 
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    Cagey reacted to Tranmere Saintee in Youth Academy News   
    Good win for the youngsters in the cup 4-2 over United
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    Cagey reacted to akuram in Hearts V St.Johnstone - Saturday 14th December   
    Wonderful win saints. Looks like Booth and Gordon have steadied the defence. I take back my previous comments about being too small and weak. Now looking much better with four points from the last two away games.
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    Cagey reacted to Shaggy Jenkins in Hearts V St.Johnstone - Saturday 14th December   
    Not if we only play one up top. It needs someone like Kane or Henry to be the spearhead and bring the two wide players into it. I would be tempted to play him one of the wide positions but at the expense of MOH, kennedy and Wright? .  However that is just treading the same ground as Aberdeen.
    At present he really does not fit in the team  
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    Cagey got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in Ali McCann   
    I thought they got a trophy .
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    Cagey reacted to RandomGuy in 2018/2019 FINANCIAL FIGURES   
    Try and attract people to buy season tickets. 
    We had 15,000 fans at the Cup Final, thousands at the parade, you have over 6000 coming to every European game. At all that, I never once seen anyone be handed a form for season tickets.
    Theres still not a database for fans, I buy online tickets and it doesnt store your information, I always click to revieve offers etc. through my email, again, nothing. Half season tickets advertised on FB, surely me as a online ticket buyer who is giving them my email address every week and asking to recieve offers is a prime candidate to be told about that? Not a single email.
    Our transfer strategy, and how its implemented, is still a disaster. This Summer simply forced into the spotlight how it works, in terms of scouting/negotiating. A competent club doesnt lose, arguably four, first team defenders in one window and replace them with a kid who's never played a senior game, and a loanee the manager has watched once. A lot of our players have been signed through the same agency, and most aren't found by scouting, just by tip offs from agents (Drey Wright, for example, was through Allan Preston).
    Financially, you cannot fault the club, but it's wrong to be suggesting they're succeeding at other parts. We've been a top flight side for a decade now, and in terms of cash at the bank are in the top three in the entire country, we seem on course to whittle that all away.
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    Cagey reacted to RandomGuy in Ali McCann   
    Yes, but this allows us to negotiate our own fee and sell on clause. 
    St Mirren have received £1.3m from John McGinn, simply through sell on fees.
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    Cagey reacted to Indicator in 2018/2019 FINANCIAL FIGURES   
    ...... whilst operating strictly within the rules of Financial Fair Play.
    Rules that clearly don't seem to apply to some other(s).
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    Cagey reacted to Gas Monkey in Killie v Saints   
    Why can’t we just do a deal with Killie and take 3-0 now, saves everyone travelling, protecting the environment?.
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    Cagey reacted to Wendy Saints in 2018/2019 FINANCIAL FIGURES   
    Not at all, but I think folk need a dose of realism... I would love if my team could flash the cheque book to buy themselves out of trouble, however 2 million in the bank, and annual loss of 150 thousand, what kind of player/players do you think you’ll get with what’s left over?
    I take it your a season ticket holder? So you will see how few ‘bums’ are actually sitting on the cold plastic seats on a game day. I doubt the gate receipts would cover the electricity never mind make the club rich.