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    Cagey reacted to Indicator in 2018/2019 FINANCIAL FIGURES   
    ...... whilst operating strictly within the rules of Financial Fair Play.
    Rules that clearly don't seem to apply to some other(s).
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    Cagey reacted to Gas Monkey in Killie v Saints   
    Why can’t we just do a deal with Killie and take 3-0 now, saves everyone travelling, protecting the environment?.
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    Cagey reacted to Wendy Saints in 2018/2019 FINANCIAL FIGURES   
    Not at all, but I think folk need a dose of realism... I would love if my team could flash the cheque book to buy themselves out of trouble, however 2 million in the bank, and annual loss of 150 thousand, what kind of player/players do you think you’ll get with what’s left over?
    I take it your a season ticket holder? So you will see how few ‘bums’ are actually sitting on the cold plastic seats on a game day. I doubt the gate receipts would cover the electricity never mind make the club rich.
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    Cagey got a reaction from crieffsaintandy in Player contracts and transfers   
    Agree,we have been in top league for 10 seasons now & our youth policy should have brought through enough players to provide back up rather than bringing in guys on decent wages to sit in the stand.
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    Cagey reacted to Radford 72 in Reserve Cup   
    We are in a five team section and are sitting third and we didn't finish bottom of our (five) team Befred Cup group. 
    Other than that, great post. 
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    Cagey got a reaction from Dave H in Killie v Saints   
    Steven McLean the ref. Wonder if he still gets invited to doo's at rugby park.
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    Cagey reacted to Radford 72 in Taxi for Tommy?   
    This is obviously accurate but who'd have guessed that folk moaning about those things would just find something else to moan about when the time came? Shocker.
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    Cagey got a reaction from tucker in Taxi for Tommy?   
    Booth must be pretty shite if he is no better than Tanser defensively. He looks stronger & I know he is there as back up but the situation we are in it is surely worth a try.
    As for Swanson we might need him when Kennedy & Wright go.
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    Cagey reacted to MrBored in Taxi for Tommy?   
    Wright deserves the opportunity to sort this out. Whether he can or not is the question.
    It is plain to see that our back four cannot defend, but we have known that for some time and they don't seem to be getting any better. We have at least two coaches who were defenders (Cleland & Maybury) but nobody seems to be able to get them to do the basics. How many times will the likes of Ralston & Tanser simply allow crosses into the box and when they come in, we are just far to passive, Tanser in particular).
    We are going to get some amount of 'doings' before the end of the transfer window....we can only hope those around us also lose and we are still within catching distance of them when the window does end.
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    Cagey reacted to Dave H in Killie v Saints   
    Happy birthday when it comes, would suggest ignoring the football on your birthday and get the scores the next day.
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    Cagey reacted to Dave H in Motherwell v St Johnstone November 30th 3pm.   
    That would mark the end of top flight football for some time.. turn into a Thistle? Falkirk? Dunfermline? Dundee?    All utter average at best...  why anyone wishes this is beyond me.  That last time took 10 years, and in that 10 years we nearly went down a league... brutal football, no thanks.  
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    Cagey got a reaction from Johnny B in Motherwell v St Johnstone November 30th 3pm.   
    Never thought I would say we would miss Foster.
    Tommy blaming everyone else except himself. Who signs the players. Who coaches & trains the players . Who ruined a good goalie by stopping him coming off his line.
    Unfortunately there is not a hope in hell of NI or engine else coming in for Tommy so its time for Steavie to dip into his £2 mill & pay him off.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Johnny B in Motherwell v St Johnstone November 30th 3pm.   
    Ach well that didn't work then .
    Looks like we just don't have the players or the coaching staff.
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    Cagey reacted to Shaggy Jenkins in Motherwell v St Johnstone November 30th 3pm.   
    **** paying him off, shipping 4 goal twice in three weeks to non old firm teams should be considered grounds for gross misconduct 
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    Cagey reacted to SconeSaintees in Motherwell v St Johnstone November 30th 3pm.   
    Needs a clear out top to bottom forget all the sentimental shite you get on here and get it chamged now so new guy can assess and change in January otherwise we are fckued
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    Cagey reacted to Widge in Motherwell v St Johnstone November 30th 3pm.   
    Wotherspoon over Kennedy I’ll give you, but no chance O’Halloran is better than Wright. As for the wide players being the problem, we’re losing so many balls from crosses into the box and not stopping at the source that I’d be inclined to disagree. The wide men have to take some responsibility for that as well as the fullbacks. 
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    Cagey got a reaction from Norsaint in Motherwell v St Johnstone November 30th 3pm.   
    Tommy,hopefully you saw what happened on Saturday when you put 2 men up front.The players looked like they were up for it & got the fans behind them.
    Please try it at the start of the game & not in last 20mins when we are chasing the game.
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    Cagey reacted to HOODLUM65 in Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.   
    9 men....we only need 9 men...and a useless Ref.
    Dons fouled repeatedly throughout, which had Saints fans off their seats appealing for free kicks and Clancy shaking his head indicating NO.
    Loudest cheer ( well almost) when he agreed and awarded free kicks a couple of times.
    Brilliant move for Kennedy's goal, expertly put away.
    Must play 2 up front.
    Spirit of the team lifted with  the fans backing.
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    Cagey reacted to sleepless in Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.   
    well, that was mad. Got to be happy with a point with nine men.
    Indiscipline my arse - just shows the guys are determined to get stuck in and pull us up the table.
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    Cagey reacted to Cleveland-Saint in Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.   
    i may be the sole voice on this forum, (especially if they lose this), but I thought saints fought hard second half, got back in it until the wheels came off with bad tackles. I also thought aberdeen were pretty dirty all game and the ref gave them a pass... elbows, holding, shoving and we got nothing. 
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    Cagey reacted to sixties saintee in Scotland   
    So broon has hinted he wants to come back if Scotland qualify, tell him to get to feck.
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    Cagey reacted to cristo in Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.   
    A win here we climb three places and sit in just behind Livi on goal difference. Anything else keeps us bottom but by no means cut off.
    The important thing is to stop conceding the stupid early goal.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Havana Saint in Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.   
    Tommy in his newsletter mention twice the game is Saturday. Hopefully he is not preparing the team for Saturday & all the team are available for Sunday.
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    Cagey reacted to south inch in Managerial Merry-Go-Round   
    Tommy misses out on another job.
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    Cagey reacted to Saint Paul in Player contracts and transfers   
    If Ambrose is a free agent, why do we have to wait till January to sign him ?  I was under the impression that free agents could be signed at any point, as long as their previous contracts had been terminated before the end of the transfer window.
    This makes me think that this is all a bit of a smokescreen, as if we really wanted him, we could just sign him now and get him fit before January.