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  1. Ok, put your mortgage on relegation too, if it makes you feel better,long way until window closes
  2. That form was compounded by 3 straight games against Celtic, not arguing we need a couple of players, but my mortgage won’t be going on us going down, but good luck if you do
  3. So losing 3 goal Watt and big Joe has turned into relegation candidates, really? Liam Gordon will be as good as Joe after new year
  4. Saints started the 7-0 game really well, were unlucky to go behind, then Kano got sent off and that was that
  5. Shankland nor Megginson have scored a top league goal in nearly 40 games between them
  6. Early train with the bold Mr K,horseshoe bar ,meeting Mr S,bevvy,lets do this Saints!
  7. Wanted the number 9 off Kano, surely ?
  8. Sun and record going with him coming to us on three year deal,and anEstonian cb coming on loan
  9. He was in Loft with striker last night,and Paddy Cregg
  10. Apex is halfway between St Madoes and Stevie hoose
  11. dave mc

    Euro Memories

    Turkey is my favourite for atmosphere before the game, Rosenberg favourite result,and Lucerne my favourite location, followed by Vilnius
  12. More than McMillan and Hendry then