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  1. Night Royster, ten to six here, and big day ahead
  2. The level of chances, should’ve been 5 in 5,!!!!!!
  3. You shagging Random guy now? Cheat!!!
  4. Did you expect flags or morse?
  5. 5 am In Phuket, and I’d take a draw at start,but what was Midge doing falling for the worst step over of the season? Kano should’ve buried his chance ,but that’s why he’s here and not Dundee, thought we just about earned the point, but was surrounded by muff, whilst some Aussie spoke to the wife
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    If McKenzie falls through from Killie, I’d look at Templeton at Accies, done well In a poor team, should be in our budget
  7. Dundee v Saints

    Think the Pittodrie one was about them celebrating too much with doors open, so Macca closed it, and put them in their place
  8. Dundee v Saints

    Who doesn’t? We are who we are, not world beaters, and not dross
  9. Dundee v Saints

    Looks like Tanser gets a nick on the ball for a great tackle
  10. Dundee v Saints

    Aye, this week, last month he couldn’t pick his nose, according to you
  11. Dundee v Saints

    Probs best tbh
  12. Dundee v Saints

    Getting a season ticket then?
  13. Dundee v Saints

    Braw! I’m in Phuket or I’d join you coys

    Hope they turn up tomorrow in numbers, but would understand if they can’t be arsed, after the treatment to a good few of their mates
  15. Dundee v Saints

    Hope he does, if he can’t support his team when they need it most