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  1. I know a lot of them, and they were Perth guys all together, loyal to each other, that’s what mattered, you won’t understand that, as you’ve no pals , hth
  2. We’ve got McCann Alastair Mccann i just don’t think you’ll understand he’s Tommy Wrights man hes better than Zidane weve got Alistair McCann
  3. Thought you had retired ,amount of time you spend at Stirling training
  4. Gallagher was coming,then we offered a poorer contract,and he went to Motherwell,looks just like what we need,
  5. Had just left, but was it like the 4 on 2 we had at 0-0 and Kano hits first defender,instead of slipping Matty in?
  6. We defend from the front, the midfield have allowed runners to score all season , although the back four have been poor at times, it’s not all their fault
  7. He was injured,said yesterday he was being assessed for today,
  8. Duffy was more than decent today,Jason had one brain fart moment,but was ok mostly,we need a better footballer than Muzz in midfield imo,hoping Holt is that man
  9. Great away point,could’ve had more,mostly positives today
  10. Our usual gotTommy’s first choice forward and midfielder, so I’m cutting him some slack
  11. dave mc

    Free week

    Not going to a match,but going to a march
  12. Freddy Frans leaving dabs,experienced cb,??
  13. Ghosty saying May is injured on banter page, source usually sound