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  1. Macron confirmed in Teaser on Facebook,yellow away top,
  2. Not the whisper I heard,but it’s not 100% to be honest
  3. Any threat from Killie coming in? They’re quoted as wanting experience,and there’s none more so in our league. Heard we might be getting another in in coaching staff,but not wanting TW to leave
  4. dave mc

    Betfred Cup

    The seeds get second seeds at home iirc
  5. dave mc

    Jason Kerr

    Berra was outstanding today
  6. dave mc

    Season Tickets

    I got a thank you in mines! Valid for two Betfred ties again too,so good deal imo
  7. He seemed to enjoy himself in amongst his pals yesterday at Hamilton,hope he finds a good move
  8. Watching the equaliser from behind the goal,Liam Gordon holds his hands up ,accepting his man ran off him,still great performances from both ch’s
  9. Motherwell signed Polwarth on pca,looks like they’re listening to TW,s wishlist,then getting them before us
  10. You’ve been guilty often of slagging his ability, there was one recently on p&b that I can’t quite remember the adjective you used, but it wasn’t complimentary, I’m not saying Arran is affected or reads the sites, but I don’t think it’d do anyone any good to be publicly lambasted, as any apprentice in any job will tell you,
  11. Fair comment in your opinion,but you’re talking about abusing seasoned pro’s not youngsters making their first strides into football, there’s no place in any work place for abuse to employees,that’s a given,nor abusing young players on social media,that invariably will see it,imo
  12. Probably why Utd got rid,not good enough,for their level at the time