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  1. Well, Scougall may have made a more effective contribution than Swanson did.
  2. & Swanson made a great contribution in today's match by picking up a stupid red card.
  3. Scougall will probably be leaving in the next window unfortunately.
  4. It is true. He was going out on loan in the last window as he wasn't guaranteed regular first team football but it fell through. The signing of Swanson gives him even less chance of getting as regular game.
  5. Heard there's been a fallout with Scougall & that we're trying to put him out on loan (possibly to Motherwell). Hope it isn't true.
  6. Personally I think what Wed night's game showed is that the financial gap between us & teams like Aberdeen, Hibs & Hearts is growing which is making it increasingly difficult for us to compete with them. We have the 10th largest budget in the league & while our budget may be growing it isn't growing fast enough to ensure we can continue to challenge these teams over the course of a season. We can still achieve a surprise result against these teams but we no longer have the strength in depth in our squad to match theirs particularly when we lose key players through injury or suspension or simply loss of form. Our core fan base has stuck at 2500-3000 even after we won the cup & that just isn't enough to bring in the revenue required to keep up with these clubs. Even Dundee have a top 6 budget which so far hasn't produced the required results.
  7. Perhaps they've fallen out as Millar keeps insisting he's fit. With Muzz out I'd like to see him at least getting 60 mins. Craig often backs off & Spoony disappeared on Saturday.
  8. If Muzz is not fit Millar should be in central midfield. TW should bite the bullet & give him a chance.
  9. McCann quoted as saying "Without being disrepectful SJFC are a modest club with a modest squad". No Neil you're not being disrespectful at all you pr*ck!
  10. Er, & we've just given him a contract extension.
  11. Leaving him up front alone competing for high balls is hopeless. They simply give possession straight back to the opposition. Even with Johnstone beside him Hibs were winning tthe ball easily. McGinn was running straight through us. We were extremely fortunate to hold on for a draw. As for Midge,if he's fit he should be on the bench as we don't exactly have many guys who can come on & make a difference.
  12. Aberdeen only got May by offering him a 4 yr deal to make up for the lower wages they're paying him. Even then they'll be payiing him much higher wages than we could offer MOH. I think a full season on loan is the very best we could hope for & even that is probably beyond us if he keeps playing as well as he is now.
  13. Pedro says MOH isn't his type of player & judging by some of the duffers he's signed Pedro is correct!
  14. sorry to see Midge go but how many games is Craig going to start this season? I can't belileve he was given a 2 yr extension.
  15. Apparently he scored 2 goals in 32 appearances in his 1st season at Colchester & also suffered a cruciate ligament injury. Were the 32 appeances during the period he was on crutches?