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  1. Buffalo gold slot machine, bring on the gold coins.
  2. Pretty sad here also, I'm watching for the wee red dot on flash scores, glad it's half time.
  3. Only game without a goal, come on ye saints.
  4. There's plenty of money been spent, its just not been distributed evenly across the 3 areas of the team, defence, midfield and attack. Don't know if that's browns fault or Tommy's fault or both but current mix is imbalanced and it has got us in the mess we are in. Needs sorted in January transfer window but we must try and find another 7 or 8 points before then.
  5. Tommy identifies the targets, brown does the contract negotiating and signing off the new recruits. We have signed players that are not good enough and that is largely down to Tommy but the wider picture on the balance and make up of the squad overall is as much down to brown as it is Tommy. Tommy is the best man for the job, brown needs to work with him in the transfer window to make sure we finish no worse than 10th which is still very achievable. If brown can't get this right he needs to move on as much as Tommy.
  6. Not going to be easy to recruit quality in Jan when we are bottom of the league. Can't see browner offering any more than 6 months on spfl money. The war chest is going to have to be raided.
  7. Clueless defending and no bite up front, as it stands would settle for play off spot against the mighty dark blues from doon the river.
  8. Can't see us going another 45 minutes without scoring against this shower of shite, but not sure we will get 3.
  9. The world will be a safer place.
  10. Zero play contracts on the horizon, but Nicola might not agree.
  11. Hibs next for a roggering, 9pts out of 9 for the super saints.
  12. Up to 8th in league, that would be great at the end of tonight's fixtures