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  1. I 'm speechless Hannah, what an amazing surprise you must have got. All the best.
  2. Sad day, I was lucky enough to meet him, fantastic drummer and quite a loon.
  3. Watched the shoot in warm up, ball in the net left right and centre except for Kane who put it over the bar, exactly what he did in the game. No more Kane please unless there's a complete transformation to a goal machine. Murray will be kicking himself for the needless foul that gave them the free kick they scored from. Game was entertaining for different reasons, defence was very nervous for first half hour, Ando appears past it at our level but just got player of the month so we may have missed a trick. But overall great effort and McCann looks a player. Danny is a winner, most skilful player on the park. Great goals from Stevie and Matty. Great support for saints and fair play to county fans, so many more than we can muster at a home game. As for the wanker that played Amy Mcdonald at half time. What a d*** for being so predictable.
  4. Perfect day would be : Getting to the tuck shop before the haggis pies run out. Danny and Matty in starting 11. Stevie scoring. Saints win. And a rendition of: Richard Fosters wife's a Bore Richard Fosters wife's a Bore Richard Foster, Richard Foster, Richard Foster's wife's a Bore And she talks a lot of shite.
  5. Do something different. Charge the bigot brothers £100 per ticket, half a million a game for us if they sell out, if they boycott we win but some will pay it regardless.
  6. And you wake up in the morning and somethings not right So you go on the radio and you talk a lot of shite Amy Macdonald talks a lot of shite She talks a lot of, Do do do, do do do Do do do, do do do Do do do do, she talks a lot of shite She talks a lot of Do do do, do do do do
  7. Mind it's only 5 in your five a side team.
  8. That's a stroke of genius Gav, love your thinking, if I only had a penny for every time we started with 12 players!
  9. It's very easy, hold an event, promote it before and after. It's not rocket science, it's just how PR works.
  10. The event was advertised on saints website. Since it took place it has not been mentioned. To keep the PR moving along from the event all the club needed to do was issue a general statement about who represented the club. how many attended, a favour for the topics discussed and when the next one is planned etc. No details required to be given on financial matters, Paulo Perth was giving the inside track from a fans point of view, there has been silence from the club as if the event did not take place. That's just not good enough.
  11. How much do saints get paid for having players called up for international squads?
  12. Agree it has been beneficial but that's been down to Pauloperth's great reporting. Have saints issued anything at all post event? I am not aware but am not in the email loop. Brown obviously did us proud at the end of the transfer window but unless I have missed some press release from Brown re the event none of us would be any the wiser if it had not been reported on by Pauloperth. I hope there are more of these and I hope they are also open to non season ticket holders.
  13. Yes should have been Wright. Hopefully Brown way to busy to be on TV.