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  1. Think that was in Craigie, all new houses now.
  2. Come on Chips, we could do with some more great pictures to cheer us all up
  3. There's a statement on their website, nice wee hotel, hope they come out the other side OK.
  4. Totally agree, Lindsays the butchers que out the door yesterday, they had all their usual goodies except stir fry. Seems Facebook playing a part on alerting folk to who's got what and when whuch is pretty handy.
  5. Was in yesterday, shelfs well full of most things,including fresh fruit and veg loads of shelf fillers working. Don't know how the other Perth supermarkets are doing, but M&S seem to have their supply chain working well. No loo roll or kitchen towel or paracetamol. Fair play to them though, good effort thought worth mentioning in case it helps anyone find what they need.
  6. I spoke to the owner yesterday, its the virus, he had come down from Shetland and was just waiting on the last guest arriving to turn them away. We were in the campsite next door which itself has implemented various measures to help stop it spreading. We were booked in 2 nights but only stayed 1.
  7. Hotel at Scone race course just shut due to staff member contracted virus. Its a silent assassin, we all need to be very careful.
  8. Nairn is a fantastic place to live, great community spirit. The team manager Ronnie Sharp is a local roofing contractor with Nairn in the blood, helped me a few times with my lead roof, couldn't be better. The ground is a 5 minute walk from the High Street pubs, closest is Uncle Bob's, a day at the football in Nairn hasn't changed much over the years. Folk all over Scotland will pull together to help each other as much as possible, Nairn is a great example of that.
  9. Craig, Davidson and Swanson, possibly more haven't checked them all. Davidson may have another year on the table but certs8shoeing 31/5 on the transfer site.
  10. 6th should be ours but they may elect to combine the 6 th and 7th money and split it.
  11. Clubs very much relying on the league position payout to keep going. I read somewhere that if more than 75% of games have been played the SPFL can call that a season and award places and prize money. Can anyone confirm this? There's no way that the season can be extended, there are loads of players out of contract on 31st May, they cannot play if they are not registered to a club so teams would be left short of players beyond 31/5, and are highly unlikely to sign new players until their is a clear picture on the way ahead. Postponing the Euros won't make any difference to this. There are 3 options : Season ended now null and void. No trophies awarded and no relegation or promotion. Reconstruction to a bigger league, most likely 14 teams. Or, current positions stand and titles etc awarded. More meetings planned for Thursday re way forward, whatever happens someone is going to be unhappy. Perhaps a combination of options might be the answer or the league could just follow SLF's lead and all get pished. Players going out of contract is going to havd a major bearing on whatever is decided.
  12. There's not enough SPFL official balls in the world to allow for Zanders kicking.
  13. Would be a good time for us who don't already to buy saints lotto either at local outlet or via direct debit. The more cash in the better to get us through this.
  14. Agree cash is only one measure but cash is what is needed just now. I'm sure all business's will be delaying paying their debts to retain cash as long as possible.