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  1. Development Squad News 2017/18

  2. Dundee v Saints

    Dundee Slapper
  3. St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    Just as well we don’t have our old sponsors Low & Bonar on our shirts any more that would be to much to take for Gardyne. No chance Ross County getting Macrae & d*** as a sponsor. It will be bad enough, if he gets to play on Saturday that we are advertising Alan Stotter Cars!
  4. St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    Owen Coyle quote “ once we’ve got to the bones of it there will be something to say” Think he had spelled “ bones” incorrectly!
  5. The Forrest

    We have a new Star of the small screen alive and kicking in Barossa Street. Well done BAZM who appeared in last nights episode of The Forrest, looked like you were having a ball apart from maybe the sing song at the end. Had to do a double take to make sure it was you but your RAB clothing advert gave it away!
  6. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    He left school about 1974. He worked in the place just across from the City Hall, was that Humes or G & S? I remember visiting him at work but it is so long ago I It could have been either.
  7. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Hi 70saint have sent you a pm with the name.
  8. Best Saints songs ever

    Anyone fancy counting them?
  9. Tommy for Rangers

    O’Neill offered a 6 year contract by NI to stay, hope he takes it.
  10. Tommy for Rangers

  11. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Even killie Ross co
  12. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Hearts hibs Motherwell hammy looking good
  13. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Saints v Albion rovers away
  14. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    We are number 31