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  1. Dundee United have year by year Hall of fame inductees under the history section on their website. A great read for any United supporter and easily put together to celebrate the inductees achievement's. If a championship club can do it then surely the big team in Tayside should be celebrating our proud history.
  2. The only tiny minor disappointment from 17/5/2014, was that it was not at Hampden, got a feeling this could be the year to put that right.
  3. I would shut the family stand for a start off, go back to the old way, access free for kids being lifted over with a full paying adult. The kids will feel much more part of things in the east or mainstands and more likely to want to come back.
  4. Haven't missed it, just can't find anything on the official website to celebrate it, which is not good enough and needs addressing.
  5. We should have enough quality to get through and with a decent last 8 draw we might be going to Hampden.
  6. It's not just the FCU that worries me, I am concerned that there's a lack of fans of a similar age to the FCU guys at MCD. I'm sure the power of communication on social media will have something to do with this. Saints need to come up with initiatives to attract fans of all age groups.
  7. We are due a kind draw after the last couple of years, nice easy pass to the last 8.
  8. We had our season ticket seats in the red section not far from the FCU. Some of those guys had been going to saints games for years I am sure the majority of the FCU would have been saints fan's.
  9. Aberdeen launched the red shed yesterday and had over 1500 take part in creating an away atmosphere at home. Aberdeen admitted they hadn't been listening to fans so are now trialling this at Cup games with the possibility of making it permanent at league games next season. Should saints try something similar?
  10. Seems like we could do with something happening to attract the FCU type age group back to MCD Park. Do the FCU still exist? I think there was some sort of invitation to them to talk about coming back sometime after their section was shut in 2017 but don't know what happened if anything. Our away support continues to be vocal but we could do with a couple of hundred loons signing there heads off at home. What can be done to improve the atmosphere at home games.
  11. Struggling to find anything on the official site re this. Does a hall of fame exist in any physical form? I would have thought there should be a section on the official site re what it's about and detailed info on each inducte. I could be missing something but just can't find it. Surely there should be something physical in the stadium that folk could look at. Thoughts turned to this following the sad passing of one of our best ever managers who in my book should have been in the hall of fame long before Roddy Grant. Not meaning to Diss Roddy for his valuable contribution but I would have had Bobby Brown in there first. Can't remember how the nominations worked so suspect it was fan driven so more likely to see Roddy in there first because of that. However, the hall of fame should be easily found on the official site and preferably in some physical form at the ground. Maybe it is I am am just missing it.
  12. Browsing official site came across a section on boot and glove sponsorship under the player sponsorship thread. Seems like all players available, don't know when this was put on the thread and don't recall ever seeing anything to advertise it, anyone else come across this? Seems like a good idea but only if it is made public.
  13. Sorry, for those old enough to remember, it's 110 years of failure for the darkest of blues. FAILED DFC, he haw Scottish cup ribbons at dens Park.
  14. Would have swapped utd at home for dee at home but guess what over 100 years of Scottish cup bad habits from the smelly mob down the river.