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  1. Would love County away on first day.
  2. Inverness on a Friday night. Braw.
  3. United Dundee united I can't help Laughing my head off at you
  4. Last home game, got to be there, am going, looking forward to it.
  5. Hope he stays, but good luck to him wherever goes, he deserves his chance at a bigger club. He might just have made the Scotland squad while at saints if he had purchased a razor blade and some shaving gell.
  6. That's our first 12 points from 4 games from one team in a season in the last 10 years, well done Saints, thanks soap dodgers for being so crap, bye bye for a wee while. enjoy ur wee Derby next year but don't be strangers for too long, would much rather Dundee back up than their neighbours. And now for next week a chance to secure our 2nd 12 points from one team in 10 years, COYSS.
  7. I must be an old stonker now didn't get an invite this year.
  8. Plenty of folk haven't liked us over the years but also seems even more folk don't know us. Question on Pointless at teatime last night including Saints. 100 folk asked which town/City do the following football teams come from: Ajax, Aston Villa, Everton, Fenerbache, Flamengo, Juventus, St Johnstone. Points scored were, Amsterdam 27, Birmingham 51, Liverpool 59, Istanbul 10, Rio De Janeiro 7, Turin 18, Perth 7. Pretty shocking result in 135 years of marketing the team with Perth. Always thought a lot more could be done to link Perth with St Johnstone. We don't have to change the name to Perth St Johnstone but the club and the City could do a lot more together to promote the St Johnstone brand and our home The Fair City. To be honest I was surprised we even got 7, definitely an opportunity here for joint promotion of City and Club. Just wonder if relations between Club and City could be better. As much as I respect our history I would also be very proud to wear Saints casual wear etc that was Perth St Johnstone themed.
  9. Last night's 3 points means we cant finish bottom. That's a relief. Highly unlikely we will finish in the bottom 3. A lot of league position cash to play for berween now and the end of the season. Team will be under pressure to get as many points as possible as bonus money will depend on league position. Currently averaging just one goal a game which is anti entertainment. Ability to score more than once in a game has deserted us. Need to find the net again and regain some confidence as we must not carry current form into next season. Season ticket sales will be brutal unless fans have something to get excited about before the end of the season. There is every chance we could end up being the team to relegate one of the bottom 3 although expect bottom place to come from current bottom 2. 3 months ago the door was open to top 4, door is now open to bottom 4. Saturdays game is massive, we can't control what Hibs do on Friday we just need to keep winning. The situation with our Captain has not been handled well, he should be dropped. Clearly not going to be here next year so stick him in the reserves now and give Gordon a run. The FCU has been a huge loss, could really do with a big vocal backing and decent atmosphere v Dundee next week, average fan age in East Stand has shot up this year, we need to find a way to get the young team back or another generation of supporters will be gone for ever which is soul destroying.
  10. Starting for the reserves this afternoon, hope he comes through it OK.
  11. Still an addiction for me, visit several times a day.
  12. Managed a chefs special with a bum stinging vindaloo sauce after the Hamilton cup game after a few beers in the Royal. Might have to settle for an Egyptian Kebab. The wee shrinking man needs his holidays, will catch up with him next time. Top 6 still a chance but last chance saloon on Saturday. If we don't get there sticking it to Dundee will be braw. I just have a feeling this is turn around game.
  13. Trip down the A9 for this one weather permitting. Feeling confident this is the start of another great run. Kennedy and Watt up front for me. If it all goes tits up there's always the beer and a curry to look forward to.
  14. In 10 years we have scored in the first 10 minutes 32 times and conceded in the first 10, 43 times. ( previously reported as 33 and 44 but on drilling down there were 2 duplicates). So what did these early goals mean. The first analysis is amazing, in the 32 games where we scored first we went on to win 21 of those games, draw 10 and only loose once. The loss was to Kilmarnock on 18/10/14 where Murray scored in 10 minutes and Magennis replied in 19 & 22. This is an incredible achievement. Where we have lost the first goal in 10 minutes we have actually won 5 of those games, drawn 10 and lost 28. Again this in incredible, whereas we have managed to turn around an early goal 5 times all other teams in the top flight have only managed to turn us around once. Games we turned it around were: 15/9/12 Celtic scored in 4 minutes, we scored in 8 and 80. 5/4/14 Killie scored in 5 mins we replied in 31 & 44. 7/11/15 Killie scored in 2 mins and we replied in 23 & 49. 7/5/16 Well scored in 4 mins and we replied in 34 & 45. 16/12/17 New Gers scored in 5 mins and we replied with 3 goals in 10, 61 & 71. This says everything about 10 fantastic years, we can turn it around when we loose an early goal but only once in 10 years have another top flight done a saints to us. Here's looking forward to our next early goal.