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  1. New Kit launched

    Great , fancy the home one for my hols in Vegas in July, however like the away one as well, mmmm decisions decisions oh well decided, will have one of each.
  2. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    Dochertys bus at Nairn golf club yesterday, thought Ghostie had come to get you out!
  3. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    Where have you been hiding SLF? was on jury Duty in snekkie last week and no sign of any saintees in the dock, where have you been?????
  4. Run in for Europe

    Last yrs payments were euros 215,000 rd 1, 225k rd 2, 235k rd 3 and 245k if eliminated at play off round. Decent draw and this could be a big earner for saints.Hopefully at least 1 round without having to hire a private plane. Add takings from each home game of in excess of 100 k Hopefully TW will be able to make some decent signings.
  5. Run in for Europe

    Are we seeded for round 2? From what I can see looks good Sevco not seeded even better.
  6. I Wouldn't Give Tommy Money Either

    Don't think there is any "probably" about it, this is undoubtedly our best ever. Glad they kept the naming of the East Stand reserved for The Tommy Wright stand. If saints can get the marketing Wright, it will be a potentially significant earner by renaming as The Tommy Wright SSE Stand, University of the Highlands Stand, Aviva Stand , Stagecoach's Stand etc Partner with our winning manager, set a minimum bid , 50k minimum, and invite all appropriate local businesses to send in 3 year deal sealed bids. Sealed bids to
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Would like to see Billy McKay in a saints top would be a good fit with Macca
  8. Thank you

    Well done BSS lots of effort to make these things happen. Hopefully more and more saintees will make use of the club.
  9. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Thinking back he had a boat and caravan on Loch Long , did a weekend or two sea fishing when I was 16, certainly was a tinnie or two involved. When helping out in the shop at Christmas one of my jobs was decanting the Sherry from the barrel into bottles and putting labels on them, don't remember ever sampling it though. The Old Ship Inn was one of the places we got served when we were underage. If I remember rightly the owner was called Andy, despite being in the Skinnergate he never served anyone from Skinnergate house. My uncle and his fishing buddy Skip were always good for a pint and a natter and a game of darts, happy memories.
  10. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    O.M.G just found this post, my uncle was David Campbell who ran the shop at the bottom of the old High Street for many years. I have some recollection of my Grandfather who lived in the Glasgow Road. My mother drove the Grocery van for her father when she was 13. I used to help out my uncle in the shop at Christmas, David was a mad keen fisherman and drank in the Old Ship Inn.
  11. Perth Characters who are now deid!

    That's a shame, bought a few things from Wilkies over the years. Bill did a lot of the accordion and piano sales Billy Coburn who I think was married to Bills daughter was the drum man. Great shop in its day and supported and supported by Perthshire musicians, largely thanks to the legandary Wilkies card!
  12. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Coming back to me it was on the right hand side when you came out the back food of M&S.
  13. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Is that the old Concorde music shop on the left? They moved to Scott Street into the shop that was once the Perth Wimpy,
  14. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Brilliant Royal Bar on the corner and traffic facing up South Street, sandaza would have liked that.
  15. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Saturday 15th April 2017

    Zimmers here Zimmers there