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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It's all Geoffs , he owns the shares. If Steve has a free reign on the cash it is not working on the current model. Strikers cost more, strikers that can score cost even more. Off to Vegas next week if the big one comes in we will have a new striker.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Steve just does what he is allowed to do by Geoff. Geoff is the major shareholder so it's his money at stake, 2011 year end accounts Saints had 1.1 million cash in the biscuit tin 2016 year end shows 2.1 million in the tin. Dont see turnover reducing this year but fans need to be entertained and a big part of that in football is scoring goals. Reducing entertainment = reducing attendance. Financially we seem to be in a great position, Macca probably in last year at this level, possibly manage 2, and he is not all out poacher. We need another 2 to replace our underachieving forwards. Come on Saints time for some new blood up front.
  3. Resignation

    Sevco bus now away from Barossa Street and leaving from the City Sports Club . Thats one excuse out of the way for folk not wanting to use Barossa.
  4. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    What we have here!
  5. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Hi Andrew just another example of lack of communication from Saints , it happens over and over again. Parking should continue to be free, that's my opinion, it's free at Parkhead so why not McD where there is a lot more on site space. This penny pinching sounds like the old browner story of threatening to sack one of his joiners for putting the nails in too close to each other. We will never go back to the old days of pitchside parking but charging is in my opinion completely unnecessary.
  6. New Season Fixtures

    Looking at the fixtures for all teams published in yesterday's paper, 4 home games to last seasons top 3 is not too bad and the same as Killie,hibs and hearts. We should pick up more against the big 3 post split. I remember Thistle complaining last season their fixture allocation and affect on revenue being a disadvantage. While it should even itself out over a 2 year period that is not how teams are judged and the distribution of games is just not a level playing field. Dundee, Hamilton, Well, Thistle all likely battling it out for survival. Guaranteed income will allow better investment in players in what has become a handicap race. We have 4 home games, sevco twice plus tic and Dons once. Dundee have lost the Dundee derby income and this year have only 3 home games pre split against sevco, tic and Dons. In contrast Well and Thistle have both Guaranteed 6 each at home against last years top 3. Dundee pre split have 6 trips to sevco, tic and Dons. Suspect Hamilton will be bookies favourite for the drop but playing on a plastic pitch with 5 games guaranteed against big 3 plus Jam tarts and well twice at Hamilton might just give them enough of a financial benefit to stay off bottom. County and Hibs both lost a lot of goals and could struggle. Quite fancy us for top 4 again almost impossible to pick auto relegation place but I wish Scottish Football could find a way to avoid the fixture anomalies and provide an even playing field.
  7. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Andrew that's a very informative post, well done. However, if it was free before and Saints have been compensated for the road going in it should e free now. Also looks like from the comments of people who use this that they were not told in advance of this change. One thing I have learned from all my years of supporting saints is that fans take an interest in all aspects of how the club is run. There have been numerous occasions over the years that have caused endless comments and often criticism from supporters including: Shutting the family section in the Ormond Moving fans from East stand to accommodate O F fans Knocking down the North Stand Shutting supporters club in Dunkeld rd The secret 7 Treatment of the FCU The car park chaos The treatment of home fans compared to OF fans Im sure there are plenty of others. The club gets a lot of criticism for all sorts of issues some justified some not, it has never got communication right and it remains an area where issues that will undoubtedly cause supporters to get their backs up needs to be thought through and communicated in a way that try's to avoid the criticism in the first place, One thing will never change no matter who is in charge, saints fans support each other as well as the team and club.
  8. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Disgusting behaviour, just when we get excited we get another own goal. This is not what we expect from our fan friendly football club. Not many groups left to insult. Whoever came up with this shite should clear their desk, get their coat on and F Off down the road.
  9. New Season Fixtures

    Kippen grew up in Stanley also home to Ray Stewart who went onto play for DUFC , that may have been the reason for supporting Utd or maybe the Stanley arabs were just shit scared of the Stanleys saintees mental mob and thought a more gentile team would be a better option. Whatever the reason one of Perthshire's largest villages has significant Utd support even one of the Luncarty kids football teams plays in Orange, enough to give you the boke.
  10. New Season Fixtures

    Good place to start is Marshall way, look out for Kippens white van with all the advertising in bright Utd Orange. Only chink of light there was Kippen Junior who was rebelling not going to Tana dump and has been seen at McD on European nights.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Bit of a tease today Kyle, hopefully we won't have to wait 4 hours to find out.
  12. New Season Fixtures

    Plenty of devoted saintees in Luncarty just way too many glory hunting DUFC for the size of the place. Has also been home to ex united players who have now moved on. I would like to see them back up as well but would prefer another 2/3 years of medicine before they scrape back up via the play offs.
  13. New Season Fixtures

    Try living in Luncarty for a while and you will come across the most arrogant DUFC twats that walk Gods earth and you will know where I am coming from.
  14. New Season Fixtures

    My wife works on a Saturday so Wednesday night at RC is a Bertie bonus for me.Otherwise I'm stuck with the dog walking. Agree gutted re ICT but hopefully bounce back and keep DUFC down where they belong and it will all be good again next season.
  15. New Season Fixtures

    Pre split away twice to the bigger crowd pullers tic, Dfc,dons and jambos,hope that does not affect tommys budget. a good Euro run will help. Home twice to sevco and hibees. 17 at home 16 away pre split. Pretty sure we will make top 6 and it evens itself out Only 1 trip To the Highlands and that's a Wednesday night in December, looking forward to that one. 2 home games against county,Hammy,thistle,well and hibs pre split ,stick 30 points in the bag from that lot and top 4 is on again.