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  1. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Didn't know that the original was wood. Brilliant wee bit of Perth history, hats off Chips.
  2. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Found the answer 1959/61 built by Wimpey
  3. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    I would never have got that one, when were the flats built?
  4. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    I remember that my dad used to deliver letters there when he worked for the PO I wonder how many years it was there.
  5. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Come on chips, nights are drawing in, we need some more Perthshire's photos. Look forward to seeing a few more.
  6. M.b.s

    That could only mean one thing! Roy visiting The Himalaya for his tea.
  7. The invincible Celtic v the always underestimated St.Johnstone 26/8/17

    SPFL table looks perfect.
  8. The invincible Celtic v the always underestimated St.Johnstone 26/8/17

    It's a £4,000,000 TV pot shared equally by the other teams in tics league, huge extra windfall for all spfl clubs. Shows how important it is financially to be in the top league.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The 4 plus games per year against our nearest and dearest is financially beneficial if and when they are in the top league and doing ok otherwise their support at McD Is pretty shite. DUFC have gone from filling both ends at McDairmid to filling half one end, DFC not much better. I would much prefer a period of Tayside domination where Saints were top dogs and the people of Errol invergowrie Cupar Angus Luncarty and Blairgowrie saw Perth as the place to watch top flight football which helps create a long time Perthshire legacy and much bigger home crowds. Would happily settle for a few cup games against the D teams which would be far more juicy than the repetitive kak we have to endure just now. Interestingly in our row at McD out of 14 season ticket holders, 13 were from out of Perth and I didn't know about the 14th. Would be great to see off Plastic pitch Bregade but let's replace them with away days at Dunfermline and Falkirk.
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Tic Chams Lge qualification confirmed at £365,000 for each of the other SPFL clubs. No way this windfall is in saints budget , Tuesday qualification of the Tic must give Tommy the wiggle room to bring in the fire power to be back in Europe next year. Icing on the cake = Dundee clubs swapping Leagues. Cherry on the top of the cake = Only one team in Tayside in top flight and not based in Dundee. Dunfermline or Raith Rovers would be a braw new addition to the top league.
  11. Saints v Partick Thistle 19/8/17

    Let's all do a Leicester Lets all do a Leicester na na na na na na na na
  12. Motherwell (H) Premiership - 12 August 2017

    2nd top on our own, looking like a 2 horse race for the title.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It's all Geoffs , he owns the shares. If Steve has a free reign on the cash it is not working on the current model. Strikers cost more, strikers that can score cost even more. Off to Vegas next week if the big one comes in we will have a new striker.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Steve just does what he is allowed to do by Geoff. Geoff is the major shareholder so it's his money at stake, 2011 year end accounts Saints had 1.1 million cash in the biscuit tin 2016 year end shows 2.1 million in the tin. Dont see turnover reducing this year but fans need to be entertained and a big part of that in football is scoring goals. Reducing entertainment = reducing attendance. Financially we seem to be in a great position, Macca probably in last year at this level, possibly manage 2, and he is not all out poacher. We need another 2 to replace our underachieving forwards. Come on Saints time for some new blood up front.
  15. Resignation

    Sevco bus now away from Barossa Street and leaving from the City Sports Club . Thats one excuse out of the way for folk not wanting to use Barossa.