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  1. How about this for a money spinner Mr Chairman. Get planning permission, knock down the Ormond stand and replace it with flats. 2 deep, half facing pitch other half facing car park. About one third of the cost of a new build is the land. Saints own the land so the profit per unit sold would be enormous, possibly 50k plus profit per unit. Build across and 5 high to about the height of the top of the Ormond and you could be looking at 120 min flats possibly up to 160. Profit between 6 and 8 million for the club to invest in the team East Stand gets split. Two thirds home 1 third away. Overnight fantastic atmosphere created with saints fans all together. East Stand can be all saints as and when required. Loss of about 800 seats for old firm fans but that is nothing compared to millions extra in the bank. Potential 3oo plus folk on site could see the bar open say Wednesday through Sunday and possibly restaurant 1 or 2 nights creating extra revenue. Bulletproof glass or see through fencing erected behind goal. No idea about how feasible this would be but sure flats would sell with both saints fans and SSE staff just down the road interested.
  2. How often do you think you should communicate with the support through the media?
  3. Have you ever taken on a job that you are not qualified for?
  4. Is there anyone within SJFC that the fans respect that could be the spokesperson to unite and motivate the support?
  5. FCU have left the building, other similar sized clubs seem to have a loyal and vocal teenager support what is your plan to attract the next generation of supporters?
  6. Is there a way you could engage with Stuart Cosgrove to improve SJFC public relations?
  7. What special qualities do you posses to keep Tommy Wright motivated?
  8. Any truth in the rummour that Roddy Grant attended a course at Perth Highlands and Islands University on how to work a calculator?
  9. What is the largest sponsorship deal you have secured excluding GS Brown connections and how much is it worth.
  10. What mistakes have you made since becoming Chairman?
  11. I would recommend SJFC purchase and develop Barossa Street club to give fans a base in town from which functions can take place, strips etc can sold and busses to away games can be run. This could develop into a significant income stream
  12. How do you encourage other spokespersons within SJFC to provide clear messages to the fan base on the development of Tommy Wrights rebel army.
  13. Are there other revenue streams that SJFC could create income from if the right media structure was in place?
  14. Questions will likely be in writing and censored before they get anywhere near Brown.
  15. I thought that as well but registration is first come first accepted through Bev so would hope first 80 that registrar do get to go.
  16. Open Forum at Mcd on 29th Aug for season ticket holders. If you had a chance to ask a question to Brown, what would it be. I would kick off with: On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is excellent, where would you place yourself on the scale if asked " How do you perceive yourself performing as the public relations head of St Johnstone FC" What would you want to ask?
  17. Brown should appoint Paul Smith as club spokesperson providing weekly updates across all media channels on all aspects of the club. Simple solution to our crap P R that would make a huge difference.
  18. Lucky enough to have been in the Royal tonight, plenty of saintees there that I have known for years and all totally disoriented with Brown's leadership (or in reality lack of leadership). Fan ownership is so far away and more chance of a Tayside Derby on the moon than Brown finding a investor or buyer. Bless Tommy Wright what a leader, as for Brown, I would probably be banned from the forum if I posted how bad I feel about his Chairmanship. It hurts to be in this situation and the only person that can fix it does not communicate with the support. Mr Brown, PR is not difficult you must improve dramatically or our fan base will continue to diminish until you get this right or walk away. There is still some goodwill there with some fans but you have lost respect from many and it is getting worse and worse. There are many of us who have given a lifetime of dedication support and love for SJFC, get if sorted and become a leader.
  19. Fans being treated with utter disrespect, the club belongs to the fans not the browns. No idea what's going on as our Chairman is a silent partner and even when he does speak he puts his foot in it. I voted No and don't think Brown will ever change. Absolutely fed up with head in sand Brown, the support needs a Chairman to lead us not treat us like we don't matter. Mr Brown at least try and put things right as it stands there will be less and less paying customers as folk have had enough of this constant lack of leadership and communication.
  20. Yee of little faith, Duffy is a whanker, Tommy is the king, I want to go home, I want to go home, Dundee' a shit hole I want to go home. Oops I canny go home, we don't play them anymore so we don't have to go there. Duffy up yours.
  21. 3 nil saints goals from Davidson, Swandon and A Tanser penalty. Big Zander man of the match. Lennon sent to the stand. Top of the league. Europe here we come.
  22. Oh dear, maybe he's a jellied eel addict.