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  1. Matt Allwright from Housing Enforcers spotted in town to day doing filming on the High Street, anyone know about it, or when it's on TV? Might of just hallucinated it as do smoke a lot of weed.
  2. Great post, cos we are really banging then in at the moment, then Tommy goes and tries to sign yet another attacking player, Grrrrr
  3. Thanks, will give one of the two a try.
  4. Anyone know a bar in Perth where I can watch the game that wont be very busy as I don't like people?
  5. HAHA, pay to watch junior football, you must be outta your mind.
  6. I see it happening next season, once we have lost Stevie May we've had it
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  8. Mannus Mackay Davidson Davidson Scobbie Cregg Abeid Edwards Doughty Vine Hasselbaink Like to see May return to, can't be any worse up front than what we have got.
  9. Plus on loan Saintee Mark Durnan was playing.
  10. Great result today. It seems we play a lot better without a target man as the goals went in after he went off.