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    Lived in Perth all my life "emigrated" to Dundee to live with my now Wife. Stay about 10 mins walk from Dens Park, nightmare.......
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  1. Mike180279

    Stevie May Fund

    a contract extension hardly constitutes living outside of means. Stevie signing an extension is a business strategy.
  2. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    I would like to hope so. Me wanted to stay, how much risk would SB be potentially underwriting in reality??? Not a lot. 800k is an absolute joke.
  3. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    they should of learned when they about lost may last season. They are completely hopeless.
  4. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    sounds like one of the old rangers deals
  5. Mike180279

    Is Steve Brown Qualified / Should He Go

    The only time I can recall fan pressure influencing the boards thoughts was during the rangers saga when season ticket renewals were held. The club made all the right noises following the cup win, and season ticket application postage. Mmmmmm, wonder if this was always the plan. Had the fans not stood up, we would of let rangers in the league. No doubt about it. Would of been an embarrassment then and selling May for 800k is an embarrassment now.
  6. Mike180279

    Bus From Bratislava To The Game And Back Same Day

    no need for the commentary. I can recite the sky sports one word for word
  7. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    his dad did when he shelled out 500k for dodds to keep us in the league. We didn't but still made a 500k profit. Come on Steve brown, step up or forever walk in dad's footsteps
  8. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    money does talk but some, very few admittedly, have ambition. Boy hood team, nothing more than a dog fight. League one next season in all probability, this ain't it
  9. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    I think you have hit the nail on the head perfectly. Championship prices are inflated, but even without this the reported 800k is well below what many would consider even a fair market price. St Johnstone suffer as an u fashionable club in our media, in media in the uk and even despite our cup win, our stars still get nowhere near the comparative price of a similiar player down the road at Dundee United. Many around here are in total disbelief at the saga. We all expected Stevie to leave at some point, just for a heck of a lot more money. But with all that said, I don't believe he will be with you.
  10. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    he's not going to you mate. Keep dreaming.
  11. Mike180279

    What Price Stevie May

    800k takes the piss. We ain't going to be in a position to buy a player so will be banking on a loan, a free or even worse, not strengthen. Without serious reinforcement, or stevie. We will finish bottom six. No debate on this as far as I am concerned.
  12. Mike180279

    What Price Stevie May

    Stevie is worth far more than 800k. I would be confident in saying that as things stand, he is capable of getting us at least 3 places in the league. That alone, over a season is worth 200k minimum. Then factor in cup runs, potential passage iin Europe this week, domestic cup games. Oh, and even if we don't sell him we still get a development fee which I reckon could still be around 300k mark? Especially if he gets capped this season. If our board really are that short sighted, I worry. The above figures still don't scratch the surface about the damage this whole affair has done. Time for the SB to pull his head out is arse and realise what's going on!
  13. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    I had a heart breaking moment yesterday. My 7 year son asked for stevie may on his birthday cake 15th August. Had to say no.
  14. Mike180279

    Ticket Required For Spartak Game On Thursday

    I'm sure if you phone the club they will bring it with them
  15. Mike180279

    Stevie May

    straight to the point as always