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  1. Arsene Wenger - Stay or Leave?

    Stay, just so we can enjoy the seethe from the Arsenal fans.
  2. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    You're not surprised that Rangers have released a statement saying their management team have resigned but the management team deny all knowledge of it? You need to take up a career as a fortune teller if you saw that one coming! ;-)
  3. Estate Agents

    We recently sold and bought through Aberdein and Considine, who were really good. They were more helpful and efficient than any of the other estate agents we dealt with, whether it was to arrange viewings or if it was relating to the sale of our flat. Next Home seem to be really popular but that was to their detriment in some ways as they've that many people doing everything so you rarely deal with the same person twice, or you have to wait ages for them to get back to you. Aberdein and Considine only have a couple of people in the office so they pretty much know you by your voice before you even say who's calling!
  4. Tommy for Scotland

    Is Rodgers a "proper Scottish coach" in your opinion?
  5. Tommy for Scotland

    I'm not sure that well known Scotsman Brendan Rodgers would be willing to take on the job.
  6. Tommy for Scotland

    Tommy is exactly the type of manager Scotland need, however I don't think he's a big enough name for the SFA to consider him. If they did offer him the job, I'd be very surprised if he turned it down. He'd get a much higher salary and he's probably achieved as much as he's ever going to achieve at Saints so this would be a much bigger challenge for him.
  7. Flags and Human rights are provocative

    Have Scotland ever worn a poppy on their shirts before? I genuinely don't know the answer but would assume the fact that they've never been punished for it means they haven't. Which makes me wonder why has it just become an issue this year? Why are the SFA so desparate to wear one this time round? Is it just because England want to wear one so they feel they should follow suit? I see FIFA have started disciplinary proceedings against Ireland for having a logo commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, after the FA and SFA had used that as an example of why the poppy should be allowed. It seems they've inadvertently grassed up the FAI!
  8. Scotland Squad

    Snoddy should be fit apparently - injury not as bad as first feared. If Broon carries his Sellick form into the Scotland game he'll be a big boost, unfortunately we'll need a lot more than that to get anything from the game though.
  9. Scotland tickets

    I'm pretty sure the cut off was prior to the Malta game and it was only available to SSC members.
  10. Oliver Burke

    I don't think he'll start but could be an option off the bench if the usual happens and we can't break down a defensive side. The price tag doesn't mean he'll get a start - McCormack cost £1m less and isn't even in the squad!
  11. BBC Website incompetence continues

    The BBC cannae win in some folks eyes. There's been plenty of occasions when people have been pissed off with them (and other media outlets) for not mentioning these songs in their reports, yet when they do they still get criticized. I think it's fairly obvious by the tone of that sentence that they're condemning the "songbook".
  12. Fantasy Football

    You'd think after about 10 years of University education Harry would be able to figure out the code, but it appears not. It's 1627056-398476
  13. Fantasy Football

    Yes, there is.
  14. Fantasy Football

    Dear Alan Thank you for your enquiry. I am pleased to inform you the Fantasy Football league for 2016/17 has been reactivated. I hope you continue to enjoy your Fantasy Football experience. Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me on the usual details. Yours in (fantasy) football Kevin
  15. Malta v Scotland

    Depending on how many tickets we get for Wembley there might be enough for some folk on 0 points to get one. Some people on 1 point got a ticket for Malta and we only got just over 4k tickets, so yer laddie might get one for Wembley if he's quick off the mark.