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  1. duncan08

    Aberdeen v Saints 30/9/17

    Working till 1330 then heading along, will no doubt grab a couple of pints on the way. Billy nae mates that I am
  2. duncan08

    Aberdeen Saints (Supporters Club)

    Think there is enough interest to get this off the ground, does anyone know a saints-friendly pub in Aberdeen? Or indeed a local pub that we can make our own?
  3. duncan08

    Aberdeen Saints (Supporters Club)

    Right, I'm now back up in Aberdeen for at least a couple of months. Anyone fancy a pint? #northeastsaints #granitesainties
  4. duncan08

    St Johnstone Fan Fined

    Undoubtedly post of the year.
  5. duncan08

    Saints v Hearts 5/4/17

    Any appeal would completely undermine any punishment handed to the pair. And I would doubt they'd be allowed to play while suspended by the club anyway.
  6. duncan08

    Accies away!

    Exactly. Heat of the moment incident. Neither is "too big" for us. Neither think they are too big for St Johnstone. Yes this was embarrassing. Will we forget about it if we win on Wednesday? ****ing right we will. St Johnstone is the priority. Then now and always.
  7. duncan08

    Accies away!

    No. Which is exactly my point.
  8. duncan08

    Accies away!

    Fighting with a teammate is not the same as taking drugs though is it? I'm not saying this is acceptable, just been blown a bit out of proportion with folk calling for both to be sacked whilst knowing nothing about why this happened. Like I've said if this was brewing beforehand it'll be found out, and I can't imagine we'd see either in a Saints shirt again.
  9. duncan08

    Accies away!

    It's not like Foster was cutting the drugs for Swanson to take on the byeline though is it.. Totally different situations, not comparable
  10. duncan08

    Accies away!

    Club choosing to make it public isn't really relevant, both happened... Is two folk getting involved in handbags in the heat of the moment worse than taking drugs? If it's more than heat of the moment then I'm sure it'll be dealt with swiftly by the club. If, as seems likely, it's escalated from nothing and got out of hand, big slaps on each wrist, move on and focus on Wednesday. St Johnstone is bigger than these two, we were here before them, we'll be here after them. This will surely turn out to be nothing more than a blip on our road to yet another European adventure.
  11. duncan08

    Accies away!

    Yeah cause taking illegal drugs is the same as fighting
  12. duncan08

    Run in for Europe

    I'm almost certain the computer would have had us top six, as it expects the top six to stay the same. Rangers should have taken over Dundee Utds fixtures and so them, Motherwell and Ross County contribute to the problem. Would be perfect 19/19 split for everyone if Rangers had finished bottom six, with top six remaining the same.
  13. duncan08

    The Spare Seats Thread

    I can see this thread took off. I'm driving up to the game tomorrow from Livingston, leaving at about 11. I'm not driving back after the game however, as i'm going to the pub. If anyone needs a one way lift then give me a shout
  14. duncan08

    Saints Kit 2017/18

    Have a look at @awaykitwatch on twitter, an account solely to have a go at the unnecessary use of away/third kits
  15. duncan08

    Saints v Celtic 4th February

    Isn't it that the clubs sign up to have up to 4 games shown, but not a strict maximum of 4? Seem to recall hibs rejecting TV for the play off final as they'd had 4 on and wanted more folk in the ground instead of watching on telly.