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  1. Is Liam Gordon injured
  2. Cheeky bass, mine had the big wheel at the back that way you always thought you were goin downhill
  3. Used to be Campbell the grocers I wis a message laddie there, thats how I became the adonis I am today cycling all over Perth
  4. Basketball, don't listen to nethy
  5. Probably get here around September
  6. Oh I wondered where ours went
  7. I do feel sorry for the fans of our nearest rivals, I know what Nethy says is tongue in cheek but I feel for Smarmy and Gort as I would be gutted if it was Saints in that position
  8. Bit early for you Tam, did you no go to Balhousie
  9. Killie immediately threw his hat to feck
  10. Is that a fancy way of saying !! Jacked or got the bullet!!
  11. One time one of the RCMP constables dididnae latch a door properly, I couldnae see the prisoner on CCTV I looked down the hallway she was standing looking at me, I managed to sweet talk her back in the cell and lock the door
  12. Up earlier than usual this morning, another shift at the clink beckons. Have a good day fellow saintees
  13. everybody get one of their mates still in Perth to stand in for them