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  1. Thanks Paulo enjoyable read much appreciated
  2. The only ballroom you've got is in yer drawers
  3. john.w

    New pub

    Didnae have you doon for a cowboy Tam
  4. only question to be asked, if you get bullshit answer to above then everybody can go home and watch Corrie
  5. I had a wee lie doon I’m ok now I see the light we’ll be ok, your da man Tommy I’ve, no been on the bevy either
  6. Tommy been quoted Lennon could never beat him at Hibs should have kept his trap shut
  7. My pissed offness must be showing the dug is hiding under the sofa
  8. Pains me to say going to be a long feckin day, on a brighter note get this game out the way then move on wie the three strikers Tommy’s got lined up
  9. Your close back five right on, Muzz Liam and Callachan and Mikey and Matty up front
  10. When I told them about the Stevie carry on they went feckin ballistic had to get the mace and the tasers oot to quieten things down