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  1. What's everyone doing right now?

    Need a wee bit of info on laundrettes locations in Perth, I know of the ones in Craigie and the Fair City one any others
  2. What's everyone doing right now?

    Finally got here yesterday around 8 pm got 2 suitcases now sitting here waiting on a courier delivering 3rd one. There was an ad pop up on my iPad Air Canada voted best airline they’ve just fecked me out of three days holidays
  3. What's everyone doing right now?

    Air Canada have a plan for something like this they hide
  4. What's everyone doing right now?

    Presently sitting in a 2 star hotel at the end of one of Heathrow runways, our flight left Edmonton apbout 3 hours late then had to land at Montreal due to weather in Toronto. Arrived in Toronto too late for our flight to Glasgow, got rebooked left Toronto Tuesday bound for Heathrow flight left Toronto late missed our BA connection to Glasgow. They rebooked us to leave here 4 o clock today hence us being ensconced in this palatial palace and to beat that don’t have a feckin clue where our luggage is so everybody have a good day
  5. What's everyone doing right now?

    In Perth from 17th till 22nddown to the smoke from 23rd till 26th then touring about out of Perth till Aug 6th
  6. What's everyone doing right now?

    Spending a couple of days in Edmonton, head to Toronto on Monday morning then leave Toronto about 6 pm for weegieland
  7. Berwick away

    Touch of auld age thought the game was last night or there was a psychic on the forum
  8. Berwick away

    What was the score?
  9. Yes Jordan W is my son great job done mate

    cheers John .W

  10. Exiles Potys

    Great stuff a fantastic job by everybody concerned, Captain was probably watching today thinking what a bunch of reprobates scattered all over the world but forever Saintees. RIP Captain
  11. Exiles Potys

    Sorry I won't be back in time, I hope Saintees turn up and give the Captain a fitting sendoff. I am going to give your grandad John a shout when Im back
  12. World Cup 2018

    Talk about very fitting there is an ad for suitcases that pops up featuring Ronaldo on this forum
  13. World Cup 2018

    Almost fell asleep watching the passes to nowhere
  14. World Cup 2018

  15. World Cup 2018

    Spain ticky tacked all the way home