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  1. john.w


    Played well according to all the well known sages present
  2. john.w

    Saints exiles Flag

    Click on the paperclip bottom left corner when your adding a comment, you auld geezer
  3. Ormiston still got a team Primrose if my memory is still working, got cousins in Ormiston
  4. john.w


    Mcginn out now, players getting stick fae some of the oldtimers, Joe Jordan says they never would have turned down a chance to play for Scotland
  5. john.w

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Tommy had some taxi ride, there is a notice on Facebook for the Baptist Church in Tuktoyaktuk, Pastor Featherstone and Tommy Wright will be at the church tonight
  6. john.w

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Biscuits digging the knife in about the crowd 2225 says Saints are playing great but crowd is shet, c'mon Perth get behind the team and respect to the punters that follow them through thick and thin
  7. john.w

    Zander Clark

    Earlier they were saying it was because of the two goals he let in at Pittodrie, feckin pundits change their stories mair than they change their drawers
  8. john.w

    Zander Clark

    Couldnae make it up Mcleish picks McDonald Clarke drops him this week
  9. john.w

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Im with you Roy
  10. john.w

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    If you look under my left arm there is a garbage bin that is about 10 feet from edge of ocean, ocean froze later this year and it is a concern up here. to make this post legal for the forum polis COYS cheers John
  11. john.w

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    It did but it froze
  12. john.w

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    You should see me when we get beat even the polar bears leave town
  13. john.w

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    It’s minus -15c I’ve seen you punters walking aboot Perth in yir quilted jaikets and your rabbit skin hats in July so less o the Jessie
  14. john.w

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    You leave Stanley Saints family out of it, and get yirself on google nae feckin penguins up here just polar bears