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  1. Feckin magic I started a shift at 4;30 am at the clink and just came home and saw the result COYS
  2. Tommy for Rangers

    Braw wee toon LAUGH OUT LOUD
  3. Ibrox latest...

    See the three bears and King have to get in their piggy banks again
  4. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Take some doing about 10 hours flying time from here, but I will be there in spirit. COYS
  5. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Have the clocks changed there already?
  6. Your Favourite Place in the UK


    I think Geddes used to be in Scott St remember all the others mentioned
  8. Saints v Ross County

    you can probably relate to that Ed
  9. Saints v Ross County

    I can see Tommy"s post match interview now, well what did you think of the performance tonight Tommy? !! Well we kept a clean sheet and had a few chances got to be more clinical, the goals will come!! aye right about as much chance off that as a week going by without Abernethy posting on here.
  10. Saints v Ross County

    Tommy must be delitit
  11. Saints v Ross County

    who did he pull it off must be sair
  12. Saints v Ross County

    Must be utter dross not a boo on here
  13. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Murrayfield Hotel braw place stayed there when I was back
  14. Another shop bites the dust...

    Was in it when I was back, one off Perth's born and bred Asian community owns it
  15. Slovenia v Scotland

    getting it live on satellite up here Captain