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  1. Better win it’s my 80th birthday
  2. Those defenders sitting on the bench and up in the stand must be hellish if they can’t get a game before the sh&t on the park
  3. I get special dispensation from King Jimmy when saints play on a sunday
  4. Geez what a way to start a Sunday
  5. Some parts of life just pass us by, shows you nevever listened to your auld teachers !! pay attention that boy!!
  6. Don’t give me shet for posting this here but I watched the video of the Sons of the Rock, about the group of young people getting behind their team. During the course of the video there was shots of some miserable old gits who didn’t seem to be enjoying the young teams exuberance, but all club members including the manager thought it was great so I hope the boys are not discouraged by the sweetie paper rustlers
  7. the health centre called me yesterday got a fractured bone in my arm, going back for a cast
  8. In the BBC gossip column this morning one sentence says Fir park boss and Tommy in the frame and another source says NI want Tommy
  9. don't think Craigie had a BB company, Im thinking St Stephens church, the 14th was up the Glens
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    Paddy comes home from work walks into the kitchen the wife has two bricks under one side of the washing machine, Paddy says Mary what you doing Mary says ya daft bar steward it says the clothes have to be washed at 30 degrees
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    Hoodlum said a mouthful there
  12. Scottish love a good queue they don't know how to queue over here more of a rugger scrum
  13. Had to phone Tommy canna play tonight fell down some stairs yesterday afternoon, had to go to our local heath centre nothing broken nurse noticed something in X-ray to get checked by doc
  14. They also said Spoony cracked a shot of Zander,s crossbar, feckin muppets
  15. I went and folded laundry for the wife came back to check score,saints scored there’s another load coming out the dryer in a few minutes
  16. According the beeb Big Eck is sifting through all the job offers from England and abroad before he picks his next one.
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    We’re back
  18. Excellent from the team. keep battling Hannah