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  1. Let’s get 3 pts today I’ll probably find out the score from a hospital bed in Edmonton, I was having dizzy spells so they figure it’s a pacemaker for me. COYS
  2. Less of the auld yin I’ll set Tam on you
  3. That was another clink result, saints have a good record when Im working
  4. Ok as long as I don’t drink American beer, I’ll get my coat
  5. My dog team told me ! Were no hauling your fat erse that far!
  6. Remember going to Hamilton on one straight fae work
  7. Down here in Yellowknife for ct scan on my wing, surgeon says it’s healing just a bit of stiffness that’s all and nae snide remarks regarding stiffness fae the peanut gallery
  8. I’m going for a shift at the clink in half an hour COYS send me in happy
  9. I wis feeling great and Cagey burst my balloon wie his last sentence, you little ray of sunshine you are
  10. Only justice for that bollocks of a penalty decision great three points
  11. Wifey from Kilmarnock maybe shut it down to save money
  12. Reporter on the Beeb waxing lyrical about Tanser's cross for Ali to score
  13. I fractured my left arm 29th of October and it’s still not right I start physio on 5th Feb. But canny really use that for a guideline cos I’m an old fecker
  14. What was the situation wie Mikeys effort cleared of the line
  15. Since all the rest of the games finished not a bloody update on saints game
  16. Fell better now! reporter on BBC Davidson puts Saint Johnstone ahead feckin clown
  17. Classified, just like news out of McD