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  1. Tommy quotes in the sun that he's looking for a top striker to finish the team he's assembled. Can't imagine to many wholesale changes Think swanson will stay along with easton
  2. Done nothing since celtic game was scared to get hurt by the post,don't think massive lose,he will end up next oconner or riorden I'm afraid all the talent not the mentally thou
  3. Believe ando stays in dunfermline so good move if it did happen.happy to still have him at saints as well
  4. Heard muzz and swanson maybe as well I hope muzz stays lad always gives 110 percent can't see it myself both got contracts for a season or two yet
  5. Can't be far away he has played 4 reserve games I believe
  6. Bring back easton Tanser was poor on.Saturday
  7. Went for danny at least he wasn't scared to take the ball and try all afternoon
  8. Unfortunately watt is not the answer wished we had kept McMillan proven goal scorer bit slow unlucky with injuries.hendry should be getting game time as well,
  9. Think mcmillIan will show a few people how good he is,probably most natural finisher saints have at the moment.just unlucky with injuries etc
  10. What's kane injury not heard
  11. Hopefully see Easton in the team
  12. Believe easton is doing well in training no set backs should be back soon last report I seen,would love to see him back playing well again ,
  13. Thought mcmillIan tried in poor conditions lad gets one game after a couple of months on the bench after starting the season well,game was poor still think mcmillIan will be a great asset to the club and will score a barrel load of goals
  14. Tommy has signed new contract until 2022 great news
  15. Hope mcmillIan plays lad played well don't understand why he has dropped below kane in the pecking order.maybe time to drop watt as he is on a scoring draught try something different