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  1. Limited options now for the lad, stays in the stand on a good wage or returns to trying to get a new club
  2. Tommy Wright is brilliant at what he does ,I wasn't at the game but it sounds like he gave them a rollicking,then sat down in the dugout worked well,but also told Stevie brown he's is annoyed with the way saints are performing on and off the pitch at moment,did anyone fans start singing Stevie may songs to the board.
  3. No but to be fair, Stevie brown probably now's his opinions are limited and tried his hand, there is room on both sides to get it done, saints and brown to get a striker and number one target and Stevie to get playing again week in week out
  4. I for one wouldn't be surprised if may is signed before Saturday,he must realise now Aberdeen don't want him not even on the bench tonight, always up to the lad he either collects a very good wage in the stand or on the bench,or play's week in week out back at saint's,his opinions are very limited now most teams have there guys now,and to honest every other team who goes for him now realises his first choice was st Johnstone
  5. Tommy always finds a great signing,I for one had never heard of drey Wright or Matty Kennedy until they signed for saints,why worry we finished seventh with the squad almost the same,let the Dundee clubs go and spend, shankland I heard on 9k a week,we support a well run club,who are not in debt etc, United and Dundee will go bust trying to get out the championship on that kind of money, saints will still be doing well in the premiership
  6. tucker

    Betfred Cup

    How did the new centre half play,or jury still out
  7. Just read Jim Spence's article in the courier, virtual blames Mays side not concluding the deal,a week's a long time in football I wouldn't bet on this deal being over, wherever may goes to st Johnstone was the first choice, Tommy play's the media well,
  8. Tommy quotes in the sun that he's looking for a top striker to finish the team he's assembled. Can't imagine to many wholesale changes Think swanson will stay along with easton
  9. Done nothing since celtic game was scared to get hurt by the post,don't think massive lose,he will end up next oconner or riorden I'm afraid all the talent not the mentally thou
  10. Believe ando stays in dunfermline so good move if it did happen.happy to still have him at saints as well
  11. Heard muzz and swanson maybe as well I hope muzz stays lad always gives 110 percent can't see it myself both got contracts for a season or two yet
  12. Can't be far away he has played 4 reserve games I believe
  13. Bring back easton Tanser was poor on.Saturday
  14. Went for danny at least he wasn't scared to take the ball and try all afternoon