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  1. tucker

    Killie v Saints

    How's booth playing is he an okay addition to the squad
  2. Total agree,need to get shot of the Estonian,booth if he doesn't make an appearance, Callahan and Swanson , loan Duffy out let him get experience in the championship.swanson thought he did well last two times previous but waste of a wage,sign players who are battle harden defenders,like mmm Easton, Anderson and foster,I'm afraid the guys on here who think Tanser is the answer at fullback are wrong,let's get defenders who might not pass the ball fifty yards but defend like there life depends on it.
  3. Said it all season not good enough most of the time,to frightened to put the tackle in,either 3 out of ten or seven most of the time 3 Whole defence piss, thou, time to give booth a chance
  4. Easton man of the match today Hamilton,Tanser will never be able to lace this gentleman's boots,just show's how wrong we were this season getting shot of foster and Easton, time for a change in management
  5. If booth and the Estonian can't lodge they player's at the back, they must be really poor,time for a change in management I'm afraid,
  6. I would imagine if it's not injury wise, he's probably wanting Danny off the wage bill, he's done very little since returning,need defensive reinforcements now,I'd let Swanson,booth Callahan leave and bring in a better right and left back,and yes an experienced centre half.
  7. Just show's how much we are missing Joe,foster and Easton this season
  8. Big January transfer window coming up,I'd let Swanson,the Estonian lad, booth, and Callahan go We need a centre half and a decent left and right backs, Tanser is okay but he's either a seven or a three out of ten,most weeks the lower mark
  9. A new left back as well please,All the guys who think Tanser is the answer must be well drunk by now,Never in the same league as Easton or Callum Davidson
  10. Started the last two wins,so hopefully a third, happy to stick with same winning team,
  11. I actually thought Kane played well when he came on,he actually won headers Heald the ball up bringing others into the game,I know strikers are meant to score goals but Kane does the grafting stuff reall well,May never won any header's until he came on.I would like to see Kane and May see how that's goes
  12. Hopefully two wins on the trot, would stick with the starting eleven against Hamilton if no injuries. Bring on young Hendry with 30mins to go. Hopefully a clean sheet, This will be a hard gritty game I feel both clubs not wanting to lose this one. Still every hopefully we sign some experience free agent to assist the younger players at the back. Think every pundit and journalist has said the same thing, I'd imagine Tommy has been knocking on the chairman's door,we will see Coys let's get us up the league
  13. We are still needing a centre half,well done saints on a good win,if we keep leaking goals like that we are not going to win many games unfortunately.hoping we go for an experienced centre half
  14. Need a new central defender, unfortunately young lads crumble every time, hope I am wrong