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  1. Use the money to get Hendry and Wright signed up, bring in an experienced centre half and right back I'd be happy with the squad
  2. Happens all the time,your Livingston's Dundee's, Gretna's spend far to much go into adminstration while saints remain a well run team with a chairman who knows that, thankful I for one are very grateful, when I started watching saints we were in the bottom division almost bottom most of the time,now we are established premier League side,top six most seasons,I bet a few of the bigger clubs like caley, and United will go into administration in the near future.once investors leave or promotion is not won
  3. Anyone heard about Swanson to Dundee transfer seen something about that last night somewhere
  4. See Stevie Robinson at Motherwell been accused of hitting his partner, unfortunately this might put him out the running for the Northern Ireland post http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51137769
  5. Prefer Booth, formation is fine,we are in a relegation battle, don't need passengers at the back.done us well last five games
  6. To be honest MOH was our best player start of the season, himself and spoony have been unlucky that Kennedy and Wright have played so well,
  7. Daily record reports Kennedy has agreed pre contact with the dons , getting finalised when they return.mcinnes wants him now going to offer cash and players
  8. Good Luck to Matty if he leaves,deserves it he has always gave 100 percent, football is to short a career.
  9. Happy if we get Hendry,Matty and drey signed up, New centre half experienced Move on the Estonian, Callahan, Swanson and Duffy I'd like a more experienced right back but think Ralston is doing fine but we are one injury away from an unbalanced side.
  10. St mirren now want to talk to Matty,I'd be surprised if that deal happened, Tommy trying to get deal done this week, meeting scheduled so Twitter 1884 quotating
  11. Saints played well, unlucky not to have won,looked the better team all afternoon, happy looked okay at the back,lucky strike
  12. Aberdeen interested in Matty Kennedy,another transfer saga begins
  13. Happy if the lad signs, hopefully not another Swanson Hibs senerio get the lad signed up asap
  14. I thought it was the keeper played for st mirren,I'm bad also forgot to put mark proctor in he was subbed as a sub the day sturrock had he faint at utd
  15. Ian Maxwell Duffy ,Brad McKay,lovering,Euan Donaldson McLaren Bernard Sloan Riordan Iweluno Morgan