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  1. Time to get an experienced centre half, during the international break,as Robert Thomson has just quoted went from going for Declan Gallagher to going to a guy who's never played a game in his life
  2. Saints destroyed county with that formation in the first 30ins of the Betfred cup should of been four or five up, think we have a chance,
  3. Hopefully a win for saints,think Danny will start
  4. Zander Ralston Kerr booth Tanser Muzz Holt Wright. Spoony. Swanson May Swanson was the only one interested in the Motherwell defeat let's see if he can spark something like he use to
  5. There must be a free agent out there desperate for game time I bet,who could help out at the moment,we all can see we need a centre half
  6. Ralston Kerr Gordon Tanser Compare to Cuptie Frazier Ando Easton All promising youngster's but all at same time is bad management Thought Ralston looked the best of the lot yesterday, Tanser either plays okay or complete shit Tommy has bought to many wingers Play Swanson from the start against county,at least wants to play For county I'd play booth as well
  7. Lack leader's as explained above
  8. Lack of experience at the back at the moment is destroying the young lads,I would maybe consider playing booth at centre half take pressure of the others , unfortunately we are missing experience,rangers fan at work said saints did well in the first half,but saints should never have lost the first goal, happening ever week silly mistakes, how I wish we had a cuptie or dubbery at the moment,I think Tommy might have to get someone of that experience to assist the younger generation,all are cracking players but playing all at the same time isn't working
  9. Hopefully I good win for saints, needing a lift to start a good run until the international break, hopefully dray Wright starts my team would be Zander Ralston Kerr Gordon Tanser Mickey Holt Davidson Wright Hendry May Change it about a bit maybe Kennedy instead of hendry, hopefully the back four will cut out the silly mistakes,how I wish we had a cuptie, or dubbery to assist these talented young defence
  10. Let's be honest,one win almost puts us in the top six, saints will come good,I'm betting,Wright starts on Saturday
  11. 100 percent midfielder who give everything all the time
  12. Would always have muzz someplace in the team and Wright needs game time good thirty minutes from the end sub till the end of the month
  13. Hopefully wanting nice away win, think it'll be learning season for the younger players to blossom I would play Zander Ralston Kerr Gordon Tanser Mikey spoony Holt Kennedy Muzz May The couple of times muzz has been pushed more forward saints have played well,he grafts and creates chances, think first half against county saints played well until spoony got injured Anyway hopefully another good win up at Aberdeen COYS
  14. Ando to Raith for the season, thank you Mr st Johnstone for the memories, you were the best one on one tackler I have seen at saint's in thirty years of supporting, unfortunately saints are now really lacking experience at the back,see how it works out
  15. McMillan was never given a proper run,the only time he played was when watt arrived and played number ten role, until Kennedy took over, thought the lad was never given a ten game run like Kane,we will never know now, hope he goes to Falkirk and smashes it,if Tommy doesn't like you,no chance unfortunately