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  1. Very lucky to have him, helped alot of players improve,guys like Midge, Davidson etc,he also got us Dubs
  2. I'd imagine Tommy knows who he's keeping and going,time to get the lads signed do that whilst we have plenty time,muzz has extension clause,Liam kane,drey,will all be on the list, Danny,Ando, McMillan will be released
  3. Been saying summer football for years,who wants to go watch saints in cold frostie nights,or beautiful sunny days like the start of the season, won't happen long term, bookies don't want it,we would get better TV deal etc
  4. The way things are looking this might be saints last game of the season,if it even goes ahead
  5. Think Mikey still has alot to offer he was one of better players during our bad spell
  6. Swanson, looked like he was a bit overweight,I can't talk, unfortunately think his time is done
  7. Liam's second yellow dubious, well done saints
  8. I'd imagine so, get him ready for Livingston, muzz can't be far away
  9. Hopefully a great result, have to admit rather worried,what Celtic might do now there out of Europe, hopefully European hangover,but worry Celtic will just bombard us
  10. Can't blame Geoff or Stevie,just hope we get someone to keep the club as well run as the club has been the last 30 years if something does happen
  11. TV said that, Zander got knock so was delayed then saints scored so brought on Liam
  12. McCann struggled to give St Johnstone, compliments,did so through gritted teeth
  13. Swanson was also going to get a run out,then Zander got a knock so he cancelled it was ment to be double sub with Mikey maybe all not lost might see him get more game time
  14. Drey signs it's great,if not team has always found a way to work through it, when Matty left been better team performances,not bothered either way,nice article on BBC sport from booth saying how settled he is now that's a guy who has made a big difference says he's been brought in.
  15. Still unbeaten, maybe time to give Zander a break,well done lads