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  1. tucker

    Manager of the Month

    Tommy has signed new contract until 2022 great news
  2. tucker

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    Hope mcmillIan plays lad played well don't understand why he has dropped below kane in the pecking order.maybe time to drop watt as he is on a scoring draught try something different
  3. tucker

    Drey Wright

    Shame been outstanding since joining,people who think scougall is the answer must be off your head, the lad is no where near the level Wright has played at week in week out,would play kennedy and swanson on the wings with mcmillIan number ten role.
  4. tucker

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Great team performance, struggling to name a man of the match. , even subs played there part looking forward to some really nice football this season well done lads
  5. tucker

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Think muzz has to start if fit,believe he only had a bug last week
  6. tucker

    Stefan Scougall

    I can't believe we are still discussing this subject. , seems a nice lad but has never produced in games last season. , the guys on the park are doing a great job to a higher standard. , waste of a wage at the moment and will never be as good as Chris Millar who performed week after week season after season let the lad go in January and be done with it
  7. tucker

    Round 18 - Hibs (A), 03/11/18

    Hibs 0 saints 1 Swanson penalty
  8. tucker

    Motherwell v Saints 20-10-18 K-O 3pm

    What's the latest news on brian easton not heard anything for a while
  9. tucker

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Does anyone know what is happening to Brian Easton at the moment. Very little coming out the club.simliar to when cuptie was injured and unfortunately had to give it up
  10. tucker

    MOTM Game 10 Saints 1 v 1 Aberdeen

    Few candidates went for foster pushed everyone hard natural born winner great team performance,once we gel even more as a team, going to give some right thumping very soon
  11. tucker

    St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Thought Liam and Blair did well together again,missed Liam's organisation in the second half, thought foster did really well organising the team,born winner doesn't want to lose anything,have to say mcginns goal was top notch,
  12. tucker

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I will be surprised if anything happens to be honest if anything I think scougal will get realised,no players in live in hope thou
  13. tucker

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Personal would rather give the lads McLean and McCann a chance,rather than give some other team player game time,has worked in the past but not always, from what I read on hear young Kyle has been doing really well in the reserves,got shot of Chris Millar a season to early now Murray injured
  14. tucker

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Last night even a hearts fan at work wondered why we never kept midge for another season, always going to support the eleven guys on the park,just hope we play better football this season,more entertaining,I wonder if Tommy is trying to push Liam out the door to bring in another player I would he is on a good wage,
  15. tucker

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Probably What's needed well said mate,hendry might be needed if we pick up injuries up front, would do the lad the world of good getting game time thou