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  1. Sheffield Saintie

    St.Midden Away Day

    I was that person, going for more glory on Sat too :-) Nice to meet some old WAP acquaintances today. COYS let’s finish the year on a high.
  2. Sheffield Saintie

    European travel

    My apartment host was recommending Leiciai Aline 80 beers from Lithuanian microbreweries traditional Lithuanian food - stikliu st just off the main Rd down from town hall. the trad food is a dish called Cepelinai which is meat and potato dumplings with a creamy mushroom sauce I believe! anybody else having trouble phoning Lithuanian numbers from their mobile?
  3. Sheffield Saintie

    European travel

    Just booked doncaster/Sheffield Wizz Air £220 mon night, back Friday night if anyone fancies it I can pick them up from Sheff train station and take them to airport for the Mon flight. COYS
  4. Sheffield Saintie

    Tulloch Club Fans Fest

    Would like to Dave, but nobody I know going Wouldn't be much fun on my own. Regards Billy nae Mates
  5. Sheffield Saintie

    Tulloch Club Fans Fest

    Ooh liking the added sophistication of the Camper Bar Co. I think I might toddle along for a pre match swally.
  6. Sheffield Saintie

    Cardiac Risk in the Young Auction

    I'm holding a fundraiser this Friday in Sheffield for Cardiac Risk in the Young to help raise funds for heart screening for 14-35 year olds. There are screenings in Dundee and Perth this month which can be booked online at CRY believe these screenings could dramatically reduce the number of young people who die every week from undiagnosed heart defects. As part of the fundraiser we are having an online Silent Auction that anyone can bid on, finishing at 4pm this Friday. If you're a snooker, golf, rugby or football fan there might be something that catches your eye. There's also jewellery for those loved ones. I'll be in Perth week after so I can bring your winning item with me Have a look here: Happy Bidding !
  7. Sheffield Saintie

    Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    The exiles thread never fails to disappoint I'll go: 1. Joe 2. Liam 3. Foster
  8. Sheffield Saintie

    Car Park Gates on Saturday

    The fact that this is the top topic on the forum and there's no thread for the game this weekend really sums up WAP these days.
  9. Sheffield Saintie

    Seating for Old Firm Home Matches

    Interesting. You would seriously rather be in a lower league sat watching football in crowds of 500-1000 opeople (or less) than give up your seat 3-4 times a year for Saints to stay in the Premiership ? I love my team, but there still has to be a level of entertainment and atmosphere at a game for me to enjoy it.
  10. Sheffield Saintie

    Seating for Old Firm Home Matches

    You're never going to keep everyone happy all of the time. However, people need to get a grip and realise how difficult it is for a club like St Johnstone to keep going with the average gate receipts they get week in week out. There's no Stevie May or O'Halloran fees coming in this year.... where do people think the future quality players are coming from, without money?
  11. Sheffield Saintie

    Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    extra peices of silver, or a contribution towards a decent striker for next season.....
  12. Sheffield Saintie

    Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    I definitely think Saints slipped up there. Not sure how well they advertised their opening hours locally, but I'm surprised they weren't open even for a few hours on the Sat.
  13. Sheffield Saintie

    Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    Eloquently argued RG. Silly me I was forgetting Saints are absolutely rolling in it, and have no need for a few extra hundred thousand pounds a year. I'll just GTF back to my capitalist little world, where funnily I have to maximise the revenue in my business to keep people in jobs and generate a profit for reinvestment.
  14. Sheffield Saintie

    Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    I was surprised at how empty the east stand was yesterday. Where did the extra 700 fans from the Hamilton game go? I know it's been debated before but surely when there's a opportunity to fill the ground and generate more revenue for the club it should be done?
  15. Sheffield Saintie

    Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    Feeling physically sick after that and the love in with Rodgers and the panel. We finally hear from Tommy...