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  1. Friendlies

    Sleepless, the banking on the town side makes it a great spot for viewing. Almost as good as the Laggan Park in Comrie. Almost. Obviously someone from Comrie will never admit that anything in Crieff is better!!
  2. Friendlies

    Had a lovely afternoon at the Market Park. Great sitting in the sun with my g n t that I brought myself. Some cracking goals. Braw
  3. Friendlies

    The Under 20's have a friendly in Crieff this Sunday against The Vale of Earn. Kick off is 2pm at the Market Park.
  4. What's everyone doing right now?

    On the train back up to Glasgow from London Euston after U2 last night at Twickenham. Had a fantastic time. Free digs at my friends in Kingston upon Thames was a bonus. Offy at Euston was wanting £4.79 for one can of pre mized g n t. Fook that. Bought a 70cl for £22. Cheers!
  5. What's everyone doing right now?

    Getting myself packed in preparation for heading to London tomorrow. Got tickets for U2 at Twickenham on Sunday. Got a cheap deal on first class train tickets from Glasgow Central to Euston. Happy days!
  6. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    Enjoy your steaks in the strip bar - bunch of pervy bastards !!!!
  7. European travel

    My European travel is the Virgin East Coast at 5.20 on Thursday from Stirling up to Perth. Not quite as fun as the rest of you guys. Wish I was going. Any other Saintees on my train on Thursday, I'll be in the bar!!
  8. Rise of the Tories...........

    I wasn't the only person who thought Tasmina was useless.
  9. Rise of the Tories...........

    Alleged wrongdoing with regards the funds of a vulnerable client of her law firm, that's what's being investigated.
  10. Rise of the Tories...........

    Mainstand, I'll give you my view on Tasmina. I live in Ochil and South Perthshire and she is useless. She is hardly ever seen in the constituency. She doesn't live here, she lives in Glasgow. Not a peep from Tasmina on issues like the possible closure of Ward 1 at Crieff Cottage Hospital. She's too busy being Fat Eck's lap dog to worry about the poor old folk that might have to be moved if the dementia ward is shut. And no, she shouldn't be standing whilst under investigation.
  11. Friendlies

    Saints under 20's are playing Vale of Earn on Sunday the 16th of July at the Market Park in Crieff. Kick off time yet to be announced, I'll post it on here when I find out. Classed as a friendly, the teams will be competing for The Bill Tracey Memorial Shield. Am going.
  12. The Cathro Conundrum

    I've made a bet with someone at work that if Cathro is still in his job this time next year, then I will run a 10k wearing Dundee shirt. Surely not!!
  13. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    I wasn't there today because I was doing the Great Stirling 5K this morning. Glad that my last game of the season was Hearts on Wednesday, it's a better way to sign off the season than being beaten by "them". Thanks Tommy for another great season. See you all again in Europe!! BTW I was 86th out of 500 and the 30th female home, well chuffed!
  14. Our New Council

    Yes, Cagey you're right in saying that Ninewells covers most of Tayside. But if like me you live in West Perthshire it's a long bloody way to go in an emergency or to go and visit a loved one who's been admitted, especially if you have to go there every day for a period of time.
  15. Our New Council

    700 houses proposed for Scone and the development at Bertha Park but no word of expanding PRI? It's struggling to cope as it is without increasing the population even more.