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  1. Any hobbies?

    Ed, the bloody Great North Run has scuppered our night in Newcastle on Saturday. Can't get a hotel for Saturday night, so post City Games (some class athletes running) we're heading down to York for 2 nights. No particular reason, except I'm on holiday for 2 weeks and fancy seeing York. I'm a bit of a cycler too, if you know of anyone selling a cheap (not stolen!) ladies road bike, let me know! Also, the Great North Run is for wimps. The real hardcore runners do the Great North 5k!!! Haha. Enjoy your trip!!
  2. Any hobbies?

    Any other runners on here heading to Newcastle this weekend for the Great North Run or Great North 5k? I'm doing the 5k and my Saints shirt is going too!
  3. 208 boozer

    I was in Perth yesterday and I see it's demolished.
  4. Dons-G.M-S

    As someone who runs and enters races semi seriously I do not understand why people like GMS can't just spend a few years living sensibly and after their fairly short career, THEN go on the piss.
  5. What's everyone doing right now?

    Don't always behave like one! But yes.
  6. What's everyone doing right now?

    No I didn't. But I did see his Dad. He started the kilt race.
  7. Paul Paton

    I posted on here when he signed that my then Arab gaffer said that he was a fantastic signing and a brilliant passer. He and I have been proven right.
  8. What's everyone doing right now?

    At Crieff Games, with a cider at the front of the music stage. Ran in the kilt dash this morning and I was the 3rd placed lady! Won ten quid! Happy days!
  9. The obligatory 'What Music Are You Listening To?' Thread

    You can't beat a bit of Elvis. One of the few singers that genuinely didn't do a bad song.
  10. Friendlies

    Sleepless, the banking on the town side makes it a great spot for viewing. Almost as good as the Laggan Park in Comrie. Almost. Obviously someone from Comrie will never admit that anything in Crieff is better!!
  11. Friendlies

    Had a lovely afternoon at the Market Park. Great sitting in the sun with my g n t that I brought myself. Some cracking goals. Braw
  12. Friendlies

    The Under 20's have a friendly in Crieff this Sunday against The Vale of Earn. Kick off is 2pm at the Market Park.
  13. What's everyone doing right now?

    On the train back up to Glasgow from London Euston after U2 last night at Twickenham. Had a fantastic time. Free digs at my friends in Kingston upon Thames was a bonus. Offy at Euston was wanting £4.79 for one can of pre mized g n t. Fook that. Bought a 70cl for £22. Cheers!
  14. What's everyone doing right now?

    Getting myself packed in preparation for heading to London tomorrow. Got tickets for U2 at Twickenham on Sunday. Got a cheap deal on first class train tickets from Glasgow Central to Euston. Happy days!
  15. FK Trakai (A) - Europa League Round 1 - 06/07/17

    Enjoy your steaks in the strip bar - bunch of pervy bastards !!!!