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  1. St Johnstone 1 Hamilton 0 O'Halloran 2150
  2. St Mirren 1 St Johnstone 3 Swanson 4450
  3. Ross County 2 St Johnstone 0 Stewart 3350
  4. St Johnstone 2 Motherwell 1 Polworth 2850
  5. Aberdeen 2 St Johnstone 0 Cosgrove 13350
  6. Always support all our players - on form or struggling!! Good luck to the lad!!
  7. St Johnstone 1 Kilmarnock 0 Kennedy 3250
  8. Money aside, surely he also gets some enjoyment out of owning and running a football club too. And the prestige of being part of the SPFL 'club' of owners. I dont think it all necessarily boils down to money - or even success. Without Saints he would just be another local business owner. With Saints he is in the news regularly, being talked about, and part of the Scottish football community. I would think that's a big deal for him and possibly something he would not want to give up.
  9. St Johnstone 2 Livingston 0 O'Halloran 2350
  10. Celtic 4 St Johnstone 0 Forrest 56500
  11. Elementary my dear Watson.....