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  1. The wee bints Twitter post "before" her drivelling pish on Off the ball... she said it ᗩᗰY ᗰᗩᑕᗪOᑎᗩᒪᗪ @Amy__Macdonald I’m on ‘Off the Ball’ on BBC Radio Scotland from 1230pm. More than likely talking a lot of shite 12:19 PM · Sep 14, 2019·Twitter for iPhone
  2. Saints in training.. looks approx 1960s .. where was the trading ground ?
  3. Ffs this just won't go away.... Eric Nicolson in today's @courier_footy says "Don't rule out a happy ending to the Stevie May on/off/on/off saga just yet." #StJohnstone #SJFC
  4. Cannae beat a bit of social media...some more Twitter posts again claiming Tommy has walked, announcement to be made today (Friday) at 12.00 A lot of "in the know" posts getting made, more so over last few weeks but I've yet to see one that has been bang on the money.
  5. I've always had the opinion he was doing a stern job of steering the ship, but if the reports are true then this really is a major f**k up in many ways. TW must be close to breaking point as well as a chunk of the fans, we're really turning into a laughing stock.
  6. Fecking brutal shenanigans going on with Saints just now, can see Tommy giving up the ghost and deciding to call his own taxi. Wouldn't blame him either
  7. chips


    Very very late but freebie if you still want it Dunk..
  8. Need to do this until we actually get a decent striker...
  9. Just saying,Vine still cutting about the toon earlier today. Should have shoved him through the fooking bookies window !!!!
  10. Jim Spence... @courier_dundee Both parties, Chairman and Agent should have another sit down and get this fixed. Manager wants the player...I think the player wants to be back where he played his best football....compromise is the key in football as in life. Would this be worth pursuing again ?? Spending so much time chasing May might actually compromise any other potential targets.
  11. Jim Spence... Stevie May’s on-off transfer to St Johnstone highlights the issue of how vexatious the movement of players can be in football. May’s deal with Saints was all agreed with the medical passed, wages agreed, training kit sorted, and his old squad number allocated, but it fell after an abortive attempt to introduce new conditions. Often deals will stall over things like relocation expenses, or length of contract, but they are usually negotiable with each party conceding a bit of ground. Knowing the Saints chairman Steve Brown, I suspect his no-nonsense negotiating style baulked at the attempted introduction of the late clauses to a deal he thought he was sealed. Then it was all bets off. Football players are sensible to have a good agent who knows the game and their client’s value in it, but occasionally they over indulge their demands, and then they do a disservice to the player. Players have to be in charge of their agents not the other way around. If a player is relatively satisfied with a deal on offer, he needs to be strong enough to tell his representative that. No-one gets everything they want in any deal and football is no exception to that rule. May looked a good fit for his old club where he started his career and played his best football. It was a calculated gamble for Saints, given May’s form in recent times hasn’t exactly set the heather on fire, and a gamble which sadly won’t now pay out.
  12. The end of the old post office.. sold just before it was demolished..