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  1. Tommy for Rangers

    Didn't we have 7 first team players unable to play due to injuries ? Hence the strange line up
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Look at the power of abuse he was getting on social media when it became apparent that he was signing for The Rangers, and that was from the knuckle draggers. Him and his family were subject to all manner of bigoted abuse (and still does apparently) Never stopped him going though, so money talks. I'd like to see him back, and Tommys just the man to get him playing again
  3. Prediction League Latest

    Well done Abernethy and thanks Steve for the work and time you put into this comp. As for myself, my predictions have struggled this season and actually doubted I would break the 100 mark. Hopefully this will continue next season where I'm hoping for a better performance
  4. Perth Characters who are now deid!

    Nae worries bud, as I said I was told he had died too. I nearly announced it on here myself until I seen your post
  5. Perth Characters who are now deid!

    Just to let yous know, Gaga is still in hospital. I was led to believe he had passed away too, I was working with a support worker last night who has been up visiting him. Gaga suffered a stroke and spent a few days in a coma state, but is aware of his surroundings now. Although not out of the woods yet he is moving in the right direction
  6. Round 46 - Rangers (H), 21/5/17

    2-2 Foster 6755
  7. HAPPY MAY 17!

    I was a wreck !!!
  8. HAPPY MAY 17!

  9. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 17/05/17

    I thought it was a nutmeg at first, someone posted up the goal on fb, it's in slow mo and camera angle is behind the keeper. So maybe I need to pay Specsavers a visit tae !
  10. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 17/05/17

    Ball slotted past the keepers left side
  11. Round 45 - Hearts (H), 17/5/17

    1-1 Macca 3422
  12. Prediction League Latest

    2-0 ?????
  13. Round 44 - Partick (H), 13/5/17

    Saints 3-1 Thistle Swanson 3328
  14. Perth Characters who are now deid!

    Not that I know of, was related to Con,Jumbo,Mick Kelly etc
  15. Round 43 - Celtic (A), 6/5/17

    2-2 Paton 43556