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  1. Goals...
  2. Funny enough was talking about Ian Gibson today , I'm involved in a football memories group (through my work) and have an old saint's scout called Bill Walker involved in this. He suffers from early dementia but his recollection of his scouting days with saints gives me a laugh. Bill told me today he actually left saints because of Gibson, when Gibson got the player/manager gig, he told Bill that he had a good mate who was a scout at Dundee Utd and was interested in bringing him to Saints. Bill told him tae ram it and quit there and then, still recalls Gibson was as crap a manager as he was a player ... (Bill says the best player he ever got to sign for saints was the great Don McVicar)
  3. This picture from WW1 had a few folk scratching their heads to where they can find this building in Perth..
  4. 1979 just before Marks and Spencer's officially opened their new store...
  5. There's a chippy right where that fish restaurant sign is
  6. When Sandemans was a library... I'm sure I've had many a pint at this table recently..
  7. Bridgend "coffin" house getting demolished c1975
  8. 1948 with the Black Watch 2nd Battalion marching along York Place, Perth, led by three pipers in highland dress. Possibly leaving for Germany