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  1. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Only for train buffs...
  2. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Dunno what happened to the link !! I'll try it again.
  3. Round 2 - Trakai (a), 6/7/17

    Trakai 3-0 Saints Maksimov 874
  4. Round 1 - Trakai (h), 29/6/17

    Saints 3-1 trakietroosers Macca 5455
  5. Opening Times

    Caledonian bar (auld thistle) will have live music on during the day. Braw pub run by a certain poster on here. Only posting this in this thread incase the club's not open for ya' s
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Ive no idea who the guy is, the post just appeared on my Facebook
  7. Tommy for Rangers

    Me, if it was any of the ugly sisters wanting him then I'd change my opinion. He'll end up down south most probably championship level. We'll still have him for start of the season, but come around Xmas that might change. That's my prediction anywho
  8. Tommy for Rangers

    Aberdeen fans haven't been very complimentary regarding Tommy, slating his style of football as negative etc. If DM was to leave will the AFC board listen to their fans ? Wouldn't be surprised to see Eric Black managing the Dons next season
  9. City Hall

    The saga continues...
  10. Prediction League 2017/18 Suggestions

    I get what you're saying, but I think it was the crowd points that made up most of my score this season
  11. Prediction League 2017/18 Suggestions

    Big point bonus for getting crowd spot on, very very rare occurrence and should be recognised