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  1. Round 31 - Ross County (H), 24/02/18

    Saints 0 - 3 County Schalk 2443
  2. Round 30 - Celtic (A), 18/02/18

    Celtic 6-0 Saints McGregor 56433
  3. Round 29 - Hearts (A), 10/02/18

    Hearts 2-3 Saints Kane 17104
  4. Round 28 - Motherwell (A), 06/02/18

    Motherwell 1-3 Saints Cifti 3367
  5. Goalkeeper

    Nuh no believing that !!
  6. Round 27 - Hearts (A), 03/02/18

    Hearts 2-3 Saints Kane 16844
  7. Round 26 - Albion R. (A), 29/01/18

    Albion 2-3 Saints Muzz 1122
  8. Round 25 - Partick (H), 27/01/18

    Saints 1-3 Partick Storey 3188
  9. Winter shut down

    Maybe take a holiday, unlike Tommy cause he's no allowed !
  10. Ibrox latest...

    From BBC football..... Bookmakers suspend betting on Rangers to be relegated this season after a flurry of activity, claiming it was because of social media rumours that the Ibrox side were facing administration.
  11. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Has that same question no been getting asked since the kick off to season 2015-16 ??
  12. Violence at Football

    Theres a basterd that turns up every week, has no interest in football and always seems tae be at the centre of most incidents, he's a right horrible c*nt ... We call him the referee
  13. Ibrox latest...

    Any money they did have was all invested into Pedro who was given something around £10m to put them back where they think they belong, top of the league and blitzing through Europe. Pedro came at the recommendation of one of their major board members, typical underhand tactics that backfired. I actually believe they are in need of next season's money just to get through to the end of this season ! Them living in hope for a massive share point investment shows they have learnt nothing over the last few years
  14. Michael O'Halloran

    No worth a new thread but good to see MoH (goal against Killie) and Alstons (goal at Ibrox) getting nominated as goals of the season so far by two of the BBC pundits...