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  1. soupy76

    Help from local business's

    Hi folks. Looking for help from local companies etc. Our team PITFOUR 2006 is looking for a shirt sponsor for the year. We know its too much to ask business's for £300 plus to sponsor our shirt so we are doing it slightly different. We are doing it through buying a team on a football scratch card. Each company/business buys a team on the scratch card and once all the teams are sold the company / business's who chooses the winning team will have their name on the shirts with the possibility of some publicity in the local press. Also each person who buys a team will have their name/logo on our team banner that is displayed on match days regardless if they win the sponsorship or not.
  2. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag

    The 2nd flag will be here middle of the week
  3. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag

    Hi pal.. you were messaging me on my other messenger that I hardly use ") Best message me of Scot Flags pal
  4. soupy76

    Saints Tv

    Its piss poor. I had to call then this morning to tell them they were advertising a Celtic v rangers stream, when infact It was rangers and saints playing.. Embarrassing
  5. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag

  6. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag

    Just waiting on Tam to give me the nod, and i will do it
  7. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag

    Tam, i am hoping this is finalized by tomorrow ( THURSDAY ) i have a load of flags to go away to print and was holding off for this pal and it could be with Josh within a week. Or if you want to wait until next lot then that could be potentially another 4 weeks waiting time it is really up to you lot though
  8. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag

    This is a decent size flag at 10ft x 8ft and lettering and badge etc all in line with the size ")
  9. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag

  10. soupy76

    Old St Johnstone And Muirton Photos

    Size a1 £10
  11. soupy76

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    I'll try put a stream up
  12. soupy76

    Old St Johnstone And Muirton Photos

    Pay Google a visit
  13. soupy76

    Old St Johnstone And Muirton Photos

    This poster takes pride of place on my office wall in the School. Great to start the ball rolling for telling stories about the hood old days.. Nice n big
  14. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag

    Of exiles want a mini version of the final decision then there is a possibility of getting these customed
  15. soupy76

    Saints exiles Flag