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  1. So was the Estonian dude signed as a first choice pairing with Kerr or as a squad/cover player? Dropped today which either suggests the latter or that TW has made another howler of a signing?
  2. Ollie Fraser, whoever he is, would actually be a better signing!!
  3. So we sign Ollie Fraser ON LOAN and he can’t even play in our next league game?? This had better be papers getting it wrong again! We were told two or three quality signings before end of the window, this is not that! Raging if this goes ahead
  4. Could be lazy papertalk. Hope so. Regardless, if we have to resort to a loan deal for a key position then at least look at someone from out with Scotland so can play in all fixtures
  5. A signing would be good, though the use of the singular worries me hugely! We genuinely need three to four new faces, all competing for a starting place!
  6. Looks like Craig Wighton going to be out of action with an injury for quite a while......sounds ideal for us!
  7. Let’s be honest, yesterday was brutal! Yes we came back and got a point but second half we were slightly better than first half but still hopeless. Let’s be careful not to paper over the cracks here, yes the team is lacking confidence but biggest issue is lack of quality. All the time people say play it on the deck. The reason we don’t is because our central midfield does not have the ability to do that. This is where our problem lies. A balanced midfield that can open up the game and protect defensively is a must. Livi midfield was simply miles ahead of ours. I don’t know how Livi drew that game.
  8. Geoff needs to get in there and give his laddie a good slapping
  9. Being reported now that May accepted the original deal on offer but Brown offered a reduced deal which May has walked away from. According to R Thompson it’s a dead deal. Who knows what’s going on but this now does sound terminal
  10. Depends how Mr S Brown feels after yesterday’s capitulation
  11. Anyone else thinking that the large amounts of cash required to bring Stevie May back might be better channelled across three maybe four signings? May would have made zero difference yesterday as we are lacking quality in several areas of the team.
  12. No comments from club, player or agent.......would not be surprised if there’s still a twist to come